Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

I am not sure if the lion is sleeping or just playing coy? Who should I fear the pride or the pack? At the moment I rather face a pride of lions than my alpha.

A doe caught in between two predators,

Melody Hunter

My mother gestures for me to take a seat and I do not fight her like I usually would, I take a seat. Crossing my ankles I sit with my back straight just like she taught me as a little girl.

This room scared me as a child. Now it terrifies me to my very core.

My mother clears her throat and her grey eyes stare straight into mine. Her stare can break any man and at the moment she has hers set on me.

“Melody,” she breathes in making me nervous, “I have something that I need to talk to you about.” Her lower lip goes into the captivity of her teeth as she tries to hide her nervousness.

Some might take her nerves as a display of weakness. I, on the other hand, prepare for the worse.

“What is it?” I whisper I want to sound tough but being in the presence of an alpha sort of brings down anyone’s toughness.

Her eyes close slowly and I know that Silver is putting up a fight. Her wolf and her are not in agreement with something.

“Your father and I have concluded that you are of need of a new shadow,” she tilts her head to the side waiting for my reaction.

I stare at her as my chest tightens, “A-a new shadow?” I question and my mother nods slowly as if afraid to move to quickly around me. “You’re firing Chase!”

“Sweetie, he couldn’t protect you when you needed him and that is his most important job. We knew that he was young but we thought that he would be able to handle being around you. Someone closer to your age could have been better suited for you. Now we think that that was a mistake,” she starts as my eyes fill with tears. Damn you tears. Tears of anger are still tears nonetheless.

“Then fire me! Disown me! Do whatever you have to but do it to me. I am the reason he couldn’t do his job. I’m the reason that I got hurt. He tried to keep me safe and I hurt him so that I could see what was going on.” I cannot control the anger that courses through me.

“Yes Melody, I know but he has a job that he cannot uphold.” She says calmly she knows that she cannot go all alpha on me because my wolf has yet to make an appearance.

“If Chase would have brought me back Madison might have gotten killed!” I scream at her as my feet stomp loudly at the ground as I press my feet hard on the ground. At the moment any pain that I feel is drowned out by my anger for her.

“Melody, you’re not suppose to be saving anyone!” She hisses at me then lowers her head into her hands rubbing her temples trying to keep a headache from getting worse. "Madison and Chase can look out for themselves. His job was to take care of you. You're not supposed to be looking out for other people."

“I bet my father and uncle beg to differ!” I snap at her, “Madison is alive because of me. I have a cousin and you have a niece because I can handle wolfsbane and they can’t. If you want to punish Chase for my actions go ahead but I will raise you hell.” I glare at my mother and she should know me well enough to know that that is not an empty threat.

She stands up and I copy her movements. “Melody,” she hisses.

“You’ve been warned!” I hiss at her and turn around.

“Melody! Sit down!” She orders and I do not listen instead I pull the door wide open and turn to give her one last glance, her angry gaze locks on mine. I slam the door shut and without waiting for her to come after me I run down the hallway to the staircase.

Why do people have to punished for my stupid mistakes? I saved someone’s life and this is the thanks I get? I lose the best shadow that I have ever had.

I fight back the tears as I run to my bedroom. Running inside I make sure to slam my door extra hard so that she can hear it. My fingers wrap around the locks on my doors and I twist them knowing that they would buy me some time.

Running to my closet I grab some clean clothes and start changing. Chase will be here any minute now and I want to make an escape, escape from my hellish reality.

As I pull down my hoodie there is a knock on my window Chase is there peeking into my room. He opens up my window and jumps inside.

“Are you ready?” He asks once he is inside of my room.

“I guess so,” I shrug, I’m not sure what I need since he hasn’t said where we are going in the first place.

“Melody,” there is a knock on my door, “Melody. This is Joyce. The alpha has summoned you,” she says, Chase gives me a puzzled look.

I nod my head to the window and his eyes go hard for a moment but follows me to the only way out of here. Peering down my window my body fills with panic.

“I can’t jump off,” I whisper to Chase. He shakes his head his hands are quick as he grabs me and hauls me onto his back. My legs wrap around him and my arms lock around his neck.

“Hold on,” he whispers as his cheek brushes against mine. My arms and legs cling tighter around him. Chase climb over my window with ease as if I were nothing more than a backpack. He flings his body forward as the gush of air whips my hair back I press my face against his neck. Force of his landing pushes my body closer to his.

“Are we on the ground?” I ask as I try to catch my breath.

“Yup. Come on,” he does not put me down instead he starts running towards the trees.

“You’re running the entire time?” I want to get off but I also do not want to go through the embarrassment of falling down.

“No, I have a car waiting,” he looks back at me with a grin on his face. He rushes through the trees my eyes searching and I spot the his car. He slows to a walk and lets me slide off.

“No motorcycle?” He chuckles as he shakes his head.

“Nope. I have someone else to pick up as well.”


Is he picking up Brooke?

This overwhelming feeling rushes through me.

“It’s a surprise,” biting my lip I stare at him, “for you.”

Chase grabs my hand and pulls me to the car, “you don’t want to take my car? If my mother finds out that I left with you...” she’ll probably banish you.

“I’ll take whatever she throws at me,” he smirks as he opens the passenger door.

What if I cant? I need to tell him. My mother’s being irrational. She wants to fire you for my mistakes. Sadness grips my body as Chase holds out his hand to help me inside. Maybe I shouldn’t hang out with him.

“What’s eating you?” He asks when I take his hand and he helps me inside.

I shake my head as his eyes narrow but he decides not to push it for now. Chase gets in and drives me down a very familiar path.

“Why are we going to my house?” Did someone put him up to this?

“Someone has missed you terribly,” he says as he parks in front of my house. Something comes bursting through the trees making me throw my body back into the seat.

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