Chasing Melody

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The ocean breeze makes me stop for a moment and truly appreciate what Chase has given me today. A small taste of freedom but at what cost? My mother has most likely already found out who made it easy for me to escape. Walking back to the car Chase seems preoccupied, lost in his thoughts.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I ask as I look him over and his eyes stay locked up ahead.

He sighs and shakes his head a bit, “I find it extremely weird that you have to ask,” he chuckles.

“Why is that?” I stare at Trevin it seems as if he wants to make one last run towards the water.

“Well, when you’re part of a pack they can eavesdrop on your thoughts whenever they want if your guard is down.”

Biting my lip I avert my eyes away from him, “And your guard is down now?”

“Yeah, it seems like it is always down when you’re around.” I am not sure what to make of that. Is it down because he trusts me or because he knows that I can’t read his thoughts?

“Hmm interesting,” is all I say as I walk faster to the car. Trevin is waiting by the door. I am about to grab the door handle when Chase beats me to it and opens it up for me. “Erm, thanks,” I give him a small smile and climb in.

Why do I feel like he is trying to tell me something?

Chase does not take long to get to his side and start up the car, “Where to?”

“I want to do some shopping if you don’t mind.” Chase shakes his head.

“I am here to fill your heart’s desire,” I gulp down and the feeling in the pit of my stomach makes me look out the passenger window as Chase pulls out and starts driving down a winding road. I take a chance and look over at Chase even though his mind seems far away his control over the wheel is impressive. He doesn’t swerve at all, as if he were one with the car.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Chase says bringing me out of my trance.

I decide to be honest, “I’m jealous,” I shrug and sink into my seat, “you pay no attention to the road and you don’t lose control. It’s like you’re one with the car!” I look at him as his eyes stare into mine I wait for him to laugh or even snicker at my remark but I am left waiting.

“I don’t have to worry about the road since my wolf is on the surface,” he whispers, “he controls my body while my mind wanders.”

“Like there are two of you,” the words come out hushed, “aren’t you scared that your wolf might want to take over your body one day.”

Silence falls upon us, the tires speeding on concrete is all the noise that fills the car. His hooded eyes stay locked on the road and suddenly I feel like I crossed a line with him.

“You seem to know my worse nightmares,” he finally breaks the silence and sighs heavily making me bite my lip as I stare up ahead.

Do I know his worse nightmares?

“Melody,” his voice is husky. There is so much curiosity packed into that one word.

“Hmm,” I force myself not to look over, the trees rush past as the yellow line of the road breaks and the grey sky seems to cast an infinite shadow upon the road.

“What is your worse nightmare?” His question makes my body fall back as I swallow down my surprise. I should not be surprised since we are on the subject.

“I have too many nightmares but I can tell you about one.” The one that constantly haunts my dreams and thoughts.

“I’ll take it.”

I breathe out a chuckle, “my nightmare,” even saying it terrifies me my body shivers in response and goosebumps fill my body, “never getting my wolf.”

“Why would you think that?” Rolling my head back I rest my head on the headrest and stare up at the sunroof.

“Because I know things my parents don’t want me to know, namely my mother.” The car slows down a bit but he does not stop.

“What would that be? If you don’t mind me asking.”

How could I mind? I pry into his life and rarely take into consideration if he would mind or not.

“There is nothing known about two alpha’s offspring but an Alpha and Luna’s child is not like the norm. Their child tends to be a bit faster, stronger, and all-around better wolves. They usually don’t turn at sixteen they turn at a younger age.” Breathing in deeply my chest heaves forward.

“You’re almost sixteen.”

I nod, “My parents ran a blood test on me when I was about eight and when the blood work came back it devastated them.”

There is a tug at the steering wheel and he quickly straightens it, “What happened?”

“Werewolf blood is not like human blood. It’s thicker and our red and white blood cells move more rapidly than of a human. So being the daughter of two powerful alphas they thought my blood might come back...different.”

“And?” Chase practically hisses at me frustrated with all the wait.

Biting the tip of my tongue I have not ever spoken these words out loud. Of course, they wreaked havoc on my mind but they have not made their way to the surface.

“My blood is more human than anything. There is no sign of me being a wolf at all.” My body slams hard into the seatbelt as my hands shoot out grabbing the dashboard. The air in me gushes out making me gasp for air. The screeching of tires and the smell of burning rubber fill my senses.

"No way." The shock in his voice only makes me wish I did not say it.

“For the love of god I just told I was human can you stop trying to kill me!” My hand pulls the seatbelt away from my chest as I stare at him with bewildered eyes.

“Is that why you’re so hell-bent on getting yourself in danger with the rogues.” There is a twinkle in his eyes as he just connected all the dots.

“You know that your wolf will surface if you have a wolf when you are in danger because of a werewolf.” I glare at him as I adjust the seatbelt.

“But you know that your wolf might not come so you might end up killing yourself,” he growls and his eyes darken. If I get into some serious trouble that does not guarantee that my wolf will come to my safety.

“I’m tired of leaving everything to chance,” I yell at him as my anger rises and forgotten Trevin whines in the back.

“Melody, are you crazy?” He leans closer to me his face inches away from mine. His eyebrows pulled together as his anger comes off of him in waves. I have to huff out a breath.

“Put yourself in my shoes, Chase,” I lean closer to him showing him that he does not intimidate me. “The pressure of fulfilling these legends. Being watched by everyone that knows who you are. All the pressure of your parents to be someone that they deem fit to be part of their pack and falling short on every level. Fighting with yourself to find a part of yourself that might not even exist.”

Chase is the one that pulls away from me his frown lines visible as he tries to find the right words to tell me.

There is nothing that he can say that will change my reality, nothing at all. “So please just let me have today to be Melody Hunter. A normal girl. A human.”

“I didn't know.” My hand rises my fingertips skim over his frown lines.

“I know,” his eyes soften as my hand cups his cheek, “you’re the only one that I’ve ever told.”

“Why is that?” His eyes flutter shut as he breathes in from his nose.

“I’m positive that you're not blind." I roll my eyes, "But that is a detail that I neglected I am sorry. You're the only person that I am around most of the time. Who do I talk to that I would possibly say this too?"

He shrugs. There is no one.

"Chase, you're the closest thing I have to a friend. Well, a human friend. When I’m with you I feel safe and for the most part, accepted.” Wow, I never told him this either.

“Funny with you I feel like I’m on alert all the time but accepted as well,” he opens his eyes and his wolf is not on the surface anymore. This is Chase, just him.

I smile at him lowering my hand and sighing contently when suddenly a pressure appears at my chest.

When I get back I might lose him? My mother doesn’t want him as my shadow anymore.

“Chase,” I can’t wimp out I look at him dead in the eyes, “I have to tell you something.” Arching an eyebrow he looks at me and I mentally prepare myself for the words that are about to leave my lips. Opening my mouth the phone rings loudly in the phone cradle.

“Give me a moment,” Chase says as he glances at the number grabbing it before I could even see who it is. “Hello,” his voice is stern as his eyes wander to the driver's side window. His body stiffens and his free hand grips the steering wheel, his grip tightens as the leather protests. “My god!”

“Chase,” I feel uncertain his demeanor is nerve-wracking. His knuckles bulge out as his grip gets tighter.

“She’s with me,” my breathing stops and the voice on the other end faintly makes its way to me.

"This is not a drill. The queen has been taken and the king has fallen."

Chase swallowing is loud in the quiet car. His hand moves too fast for my eyes to register. My body is thrown back as Chase starts the car and presses the gas all the way.

"I'm on my way," he states, "Get the Betas ready! I'm bringing her with me."

“Chase, what’s happening?” There is no hiding the shaking in my voice. The knot in my stomach is making me feel nauseated.

"It's your parents..."

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