Chasing Melody

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The trees moving so fast past me makes me ill. Chase refuses to look at me at all. Something happened and Chase is either still processing it or he has decided to leave me in the dark.

Chase speeds back in the direction that we came from. His phone lost somewhere at his feet. He seems to be fighting his wolf his eyes are darkening with every passing mile.

“Damn it, Chase, what’s happening?” I know deep down that I do not want to know. There is a pain in the pit of my stomach as Chase rushes us back to my parents' territory.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I wasn’t your shadow anymore?” He hisses at me. The change of direction sends my body hurling towards the passenger side window. Chase has decided that the road path is not a good choice.

“How did you know?” My hands clamp down on the sides of my seat as the path turns bumpy.

“Your mother hired a new shadow and...” he does not want to finish the sentence he leaves the words hanging in the air.

“Chase, please, don’t leave me in the dark,” I beg I know that something is wrong. “I’m always in the dark.”

“Your new shadow infiltrated the packhouse,” a stranger walked into our home. A place where we are supposed to be safe.

“No.” The word barely makes it through the dryness of my throat.

“Your mother was caught off guard.” Chase's breathing turns shallow as he swerves through the trees. The car revving through unfamiliar territory.

“My mother,” I gasp.

“She was running down the hall when the infiltrator shot her with a dart,” his words sink in.

“Where was she running to?” If something running something bad must be happening.

“She was on the second level,” is all he says.

“She was running to my room. She was going to check up on me when I ran from her office, the queen was taken. They have my mother.”

Chase’s eyes stay on the path but he gives me a small nod.

“But if that’s right that also means,” I can’t stop the tears from welling up, “my father! The king has fallen. Does that mean that my father...” I cannot bring myself to bring the words to the surface.

“No,” Chase finally turns to look at me, “Melody! You know that your parents are connected by the mating bond. You know that. That means whatever your mother goes through your father will feel it.”

“He isn’t her mate Chase!” I yell at him as the tears stream down my cheeks.

“I know but they were able to have a child because there is a connection there so if your mother is passed out so is your father. He has fallen meaning that we have no alpha to take orders from at the moment.” He yells at me it appears as if he were trying to convince himself as well.

“Chase, what's going to happen? I need to get to my father,” the pain in my throat makes it hard for me to talk out loud but Chase can hear me.

“I’m going.”

“We need to find my mother.” I know that our relationship is not perfect but if anything were to happen to her I would not know what to do. “We need to find her,” a sob escapes me as I say the last word.

I have dreamed about this. I screamed my lungs out thinking that I would be the reason someone I love would get hurt. The strange part is that I never did imagine my mother being the one. She has always been the strong one, the one to never back away from a fight.

Once when my father was out of town meeting up with other alphas another pack, the Moonlight pack, appeared on our land. They are a pack further down south they thought since my father was not in town that they could come here and take over part of our territory. My mother made sure that I was well looked after and went after them. I am not sure of what happened but I never heard of that pack again.

“She’s going to be fine. She is a strong woman,” he tries to comfort me.

“Get me home,” Trevin is now between us as he releases a terrifying howl.

“I know,” Chase says to no one in particular.

“Who are you talking to?” I ask wiping away my tears that keep streaming down my cheeks.

“I’m talking to my wolf. He thinks something is wrong and that Trevin feels it.”

“And you agree with him?”

“There is a disorder at the packhouse.” I can feel the car speed up, “I can mind link the pack now. My wolf wants me to tell you everything that is going on but it is up to you. It’s not pretty,” he sighs.

“I don’t care, tell me.” He swallows down as his eyes darken.

His wolf is surfacing his breathing is becoming harsher, ”There is no way that a wolf would be able to sneak into the packhouse without detection,” his voice is much huskier and mature than Chase’s voice. ”Wolves are running around that we have no idea who they are.”

“How is the house? My father!”

“Your father is protected by his and your mother’s beta. Your father’s beta is taking over the alpha spot momentarily.”

“My uncle Ken,” I feel a bit better. There is no hiding it Andrew is my favorite uncle but Ken is like a friend that no matter what happens he will always have your back. “I need to see him.”

Chase drives me home quickly I make it to the front door in record time. I jump out of the car with Chase right behind me. Trevin rushes to my side as Chase grabs my arm turning me to face him.

“Melody, I just told you that some crazed wolf grabbed your mother and you’re going to just jump out of the car,” his voice is agitated.

“Chase, you don’t have to worry about me anymore,” I pull away from him, “you’re not my shadow anymore and I suggest you stay away from me. I’m more trouble than I’m worth,” I turn and run up the steps. Grabbing the door handle I pull it open when the door is pushed away from me and slam shut.

“God you need to stop with that.” Chase is before me with darkening eyes and the protruding vein on the side of his head makes me lean back. “I’m going to protect you no matter what Melody! You’re part of this pack. My pack!”

“I don’t want to get you into more trouble so please,” I beg. I want him to get as far away as possible.

“I’m staying,” without another word he opens the door grabbing my arm he pulls me inside with him.

“Melody,” Ken’s voice makes its way down the stairs to me and I look up at my uncle.

“Thank god you’re here,” Chase releases me as I run up the stairs into my uncle's arms.

“Oh sweetie you had me worried,” he whispers to me as I bury my face into his chest. “Are you okay,” he pulls me away and looks me over as my tears start streaming once again.

“Yes. I’m fine,” I sob. “It’s all my fault if I hadn’t fought with my mother this wouldn’t have happened.” My bottom lip goes between my teeth as I try to stop my sobs but my soft whimper escapes me.

Chase’s arms embrace me and I let myself sink into him finding his touch warm and homey. He makes me feel safe.

My uncle notices but does not say a word about it. “You’re the shadow?”

“Ex shadow,” he sighs.

“As of right now I’m the alpha and I see that Melody trusts you so I will allow you to continue to be her shadow. That’s if you want to.” I glance up at Chase and he is looking at my uncle.

“Yes of course but I want to be included in helping to find Alpha Hunter,” he adds.

“We need as many men on our side as possible. Whoever managed to get into the packhouse must be working with others so we need to be prepared.” My uncle runs his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Uncle Ken,” his anxious eyes fall on me softening as they take me in, “I want to see my father.” His eyebrows pull together the turmoil that surfaces in his brown eyes make me want to take back my request.

“I’m not sure your father would want you to see him like this.” He sighs in defeat, “but you are his daughter and you will do as you please.” He is allowing me to make the decision.

I turn to Chase, “will you come with me?” I know I want Chase to stay away from me because I know it is the best for him but not for me.

“Of course.” My uncle nods his head signaling that he is upstairs and that we should follow. We head upstairs and when we make it to the second floor I know where my father is.

“He’s in my mother’s childhood bedroom,” I say before my uncle could continue down the hall.

“Even though your father was suffering from your mother’s absences he went there to feel closer to her. Even with his back to us, I can hear the pain in his voice.

“You can head to the office I know you need to get as many alliances down here as soon as possible. I can take it from here,” my uncle looks at me and he suddenly seems older. He once told me that he did not want to be alpha but he loved being by my father’s side, his best friend, too much to quit. Now the faith of two packs falls on his shoulder hopefully he can handle and not let it crush him.

“Call me if anything happens,” I nod as he leaves Chase and me by the door.

Staring at the door my head starts feeling light as if not enough oxygen is making it to my brain. My clammy hand grips the cold door handle. It takes me three tries to twist it open Chase tried to do it for me but I didn’t let him.

The door creaks open and my eyes fall on the bed before me. My father lays there his wrists and ankles chained to the bedposts.

“Dad,” a whimper escapes me. My father hands clench into fists as he growls out in pain. “Oh god,” my body feels unbalanced but Chase is there to hold me up as my father yells out in pain his golden eyes darkening and his fangs protrude. “He’s in pain,” I cling onto Chase as I only get a glimpse of what my father is going through.

“Shhh, breathe Melody,” Chase is taking deep breaths by my ear making my body follow his lead.

“Is that what my mother is going through?” Staring into Chase’s eyes I can see that he would not lie to me.

“Yes,” he whispers.

“Where is she?” Her voice catches me by surprise before my mind can register that Dr. Graham is here with us a stinging sensation on my thigh shocks me.

“Honey your body is going into shock we need you to rest,” the edges of my vision start blurring and her voice appears to be far away.

“Stay with me please,” I cling onto Chase before my eyes start to get too heavy and my mind starts getting foggy.

“I’m not leaving you,” I’m not sure if that is what he says or if my mind is letting me hear what I want to hear but at the moment I’m happy with that answer.

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