Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

My body aches.

My mind is numb, but that is not the worst part.

My heart feels as if it might just stop. I can take any physical pain but not this...

My mother is gone and my father is lost in his pain.

A heartbroken,

Melody Hunter

The soothing humming makes the drowsiness lift from my body and it is as if my body is surfacing from a pool. The relief that grips me when my eyes flutter open and the blurriness is a welcomed sign.

“Where am I?” I roll my head to the side and it lands on soft material.

“Your bedroom,” his voice somehow makes my body relax. If he is close by I know I’m safe.

“Chase,” I yawn out as my body stretches.

“Yes,” my eyes start to gain their focus and I take him in. He is sitting on my bedroom floor his back resting against my dresser. Opening my eyes wide I look at him.

“Why are you on the floor?” I ask suddenly feeling the pain on my neck.

“Where else am I suppose to sit?” He says as his dark eyes finally look up at me. He looks tired. As if he hasn’t slept in a week. His clothes are wrinkled and his five o'clock shadow makes him look a bit older. His disheveled hair is about to become wilder as his hand rises and his fingers run over his scalp.

“You could have gone home,” I say quietly.

“And break yet another promise.” He nearly growls he pulls his thighs closer to his chest as he rests his head on his knees.

“Do I want to know what happened while I was under?” I whisper.

I have so many questions.

How’s my father?

Any word on my mother?

Is our pack going to be okay?

“I don’t think that I am the right one to tell you anything Mel,” he sighs out and my breath gets caught in my throat. No one calls me Mel. No one dares to call me that because that is my mother’s name. That is what my father calls my mother when they are having their moment.

Even though my mother and I hardly ever saw eye to eye I knew that she made my father happy, happier than anyone could ever make him. I have been nearby when my father would call out to my mother and I swear it was all too lovey-dovey for my taste so I would leave them alone.

“Don’t call me that,” I whisper to him trying to hide the pain in my voice. Chase looks at me confused with what he said.

“Don’t call you what?” He ponders over what he said.

“That!” I yell at him as my hands clutch at the air.

“What?” He asks again this time a bit louder. Chase seems as frustrated as I feel.

Groaning loudly I turn away from him pressing my cheek against my pillow, “don’t call me Mel, okay! There is only one Mel in this pack and she has been kidnapped if you don’t remember.” Mel is the name of the alpha, not of the weak link in the pack.

A frustrated noise gets caught in his throat as he tries to find the right words to say.

“Your mother! Is that too hard for you to say? Hey, Chase, do you mind not calling me Mel since it is my mother’s name!” He mocks my anger. He does not understand.

“Can you stop!” I yell at him as my face pressed against my pillow. All this talk about my mother is making my heartache for her. Even though she was the alpha if anything were to happen to me I know that she would drop everything and rush to my aide. This is what is killing me because I cannot do that for her. “I’m just a weak piece of crap human!” The words rush out before I can stop them.

“Melody,” Chase gasps. I shrug but there is no way in the world that I am going to look at him.

“Why would you say that?” Why would I say that? Perhaps because there is no way to hide it. I cannot protect myself or my mother.

“Because it’s true,” I sigh into my pillow.

“No, it’s not! You’re the daughter of the two greatest alpha’s to walk the earth.”

“Yeah, the daughter that falls short in every aspect of their life. They cast huge shadows that I will never be able to fill.”

“Melody look at me,” I shake my head, “your parents don’t want you to fill their shoes. They want you to go down your path and live your life.”

“What greeting card did you read that off of? Because I know my parents and I know my mother and she wants me to be just like her.”

“I guess you don’t,” he stops abruptly and the rustling noise makes me lift my head and I spot Chase by my window his eyebrows pull together as his eyes dart in every direction as if he were trying to solve a very hard math problem. “Is there any chance that if I asked you to stay here you would listen?”

“Fat chance, why are you leaving? Did they find my mother?” My heart quickens and my body at its own will pushes me out of bed and onto my feet.

My body feels like as a feather I take a couple of clumsy steps forward. My knees give out beneath me but Chase’s capable arms wrap around me before I hurt myself.

“They didn’t find your mother but they may have found a lead to where she might be. I need to help them but if you fight me I swear I will chain you to this bed and lose the key.” He threatens.

“She’s my mother,” I hiss at him pushing him away from me, “don’t take me I can take myself.” I glare at him as my body sways.

What was I injected with?

“You’re not well enough yet. There’s too much danger and I’m not going to allow you to get hurt for my incompetence!” His eyes darken and his lips set in a stern line. “Do you want to test me, Melody?” His eyes are pitch black and I know that Chase and his wolf are both in agreement, I should stay put.

“Put yourself in my shoes,” I try to reason with him. “Put yourself in my shoes and tell me you wouldn’t go!” I yell at him hoping that he would see what I’m going through.

“You don’t know me well enough do you.” His words confuse me.

“What?” I feel my body sagging as if it knows I already lost this battle.

“I’ve been in your shoes and I’m not doing the same mistakes twice.”

“What?” Chase swallows down and his eyes soften.

“Please don’t hate me,” he whispers.

“Why would I?” He sighs and then his body moves quickly, he runs to the door. “Chase,” my body moves so much slower than a werewolf by the time I react the clicking of the door locking rings in my ears.

“I’ll be back to get you!” He promises.

I run to the door grabbing the door handle it will not budge. My hand skims the door handle looking for the lock but there is none. “Chase,” my palm slams onto my door. “Chase, please I need to go!” I yell.

“I need you to be safe, I’m sorry. I promise I will be back in an hour,” my eyes dart to my wall clock, 6:37. I’ve been out for god knows how long that I do not even know if it is morning or night.

“Don’t leave me,” I beg as my chest tightens. I can hear his soft whimper but it is soon followed by his footsteps. I need to get out of here. Turning around my eyes lock on my window.

Hope consumes my body like fire. There is my way out. I run to my window pulling my curtains to the side. The dark sky comes into view but my heart drops. All hope vanishes like the light in a rogue's eyes.

The metal bars drives a knife at my heart. I’m caged in my room. Caged like a bird that all they want is to be free.

There is no way out. I’m always going to be left behind.

I’m the weak link in the pack.

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