Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

I don't know what to do.

Feeling Hopeless,

Melody Hunter

My back is press against my wall my last hope sitting above me, the window might as well be made of steel since I cannot escape through it. The darkroom makes me feel like a lost child needing someone to come and comfort them.

The quiet house brings little comfort to me but when the front door slams shut my heart leaps to my throat.

Who can that be?

Getting to my feet quickly I search my room for anything that can be used as a weapon anything that can protect me.

I would live in a house full of fighters and be left alone for less than an hour and a killer would break-in.

My eyes frantically scan the room and they land on a chair. Would I even be able to lift it high enough to hurt them? I doubt it. My eyes fall on my bag on the floor. Anyone that grabs it asks me if I have bricks in there.

Running to my bag I grab it and throw my body against the wall next to my door. My breath is erratic thinking about the person roaming through the house.

Uncle Ken, Uncle Andrew where are you? I mentally beg for one of them to enter the house at any moment. I know for sure that it is not then since they did not yell for me.

If my mother or father were here they wouldn’t allow me to be consumed by panic. They would be here to protect me.

I’m such a wimp. I need mommy and daddy to protect me. I can’t even keep myself safe. I mind stops reeling about how pathetic I am as one word truly sinks into my mind.


Holy mother of crap!

“Dad,” I whimper. He is in his room alone and defenseless. What if the person is after him? My hand wraps around my door handle and I twist with all my might but it would not budge.

“Fucking Chase!” I mutter under my breath, I need to protect my father. Moving back a bit I run at my door and my body collides with the door sending my body stumbling back.

An animalistic groan rumbles through my throat as anger courses through me.

I need to get out!

Taking a couple of steps back I run at the door but this time my feet land with more force and my mind does not hesitate as I near the door. Lifting my leg my foot connects with the door with a solid thump. The vibration stuns me for a moment. The door does not open but it pushed back a bit.

I can do this! I can do this!

Pushing myself away from the door I do it again and this time I push my body with all my force. Turning my side collides with the door and the cracking invades the quiet house. My body lands hard on top of the door pushing the air in my lungs out.

Flipping my body around I see the gaping hole in the wall where my door once was. The pain of my fall radiates through my entire body but I do not let stop me. Getting to my feet I rush down the dark hallway. So many years of running down this hall I do not need the lights to know where I am going.

The slamming and footsteps on the level underneath me push me to run faster. Running to my parent’s room I haul myself inside closing the door as gently as I can.

Turning I see my father laying on his bed. The moonlight lights up his room enough that I can see the shadow that his eyelashes cast down his cheeks. My heart tightens.

His face is set in a grimace and my eyes follow his outstretched arm. His wrists are handcuffed to the bedposts. His body is glistening in sweat and his muscles tense up as his jaw clenches down on his scream.

“Dad,” the word leaves my lips like a prayer. The footsteps echo in the room and my body tenses up.

They know where we are. My hand slams against my side and when it comes in contact with my jeans I mentally groan.

I must’ve left my bag in my room.

The protesting floorboards drive my hands over my mouth trying to quiet my breathing. Frantically searching appears that my mind wants to stay looking at my father.

His ankles are also cuffed to the bedposts. He’s an alpha. Yet at this moment he is nothing more than broken. His head hangs to the side as if he has given up, he or my mother has lost hope.

“Please stay with me,” I whisper hoping beyond hope that he hears me.

The door handle jiggles and the creaking makes my breath get caught in my throat.

How the fuck did you not lock the door? I mentally punch myself as the door opens up slowly. I have nothing to fight them off with!

The dark figure steps inside his body towering over mine but he does not see me instead their face is facing my father. The figure takes a step towards my father and my body tenses up.

Breathing in deeply I tighten my stomach, “Get away from him,” I scream at the top of my lungs as if I were the freaking banshee. The man turns in my direction. With the scream, I hope someone, anyone, nearby would hear me and come help me.

His eyes are hooded when they look at me.

“Stay away from him or so help me god,” the man seems to be wavering his stance not firm.

He takes a clumsy step forward toward my father. Something inside of me snaps, anger consumes my body.

How dare he go after someone that can’t fight back? How dare he think I would let him go after my father?

Releasing a frustrated groan I let my body tighten as I run at the man. His attention then solely turns to me. Bending my knees I push myself up jumping on the man. My arms wrap around his neck as my legs wrap around his waist.

“Leave now!” I yell at him. My fist slams hard on his hard head. His knees buckle and his body collapses onto the floor landing on top of me.

His weight pinning me to the floor beneath him, “chill.” He groans as he huffs a breath.


“God, it’s me.” His voice is like an angel's call.

“Chase?” Pushing myself out from beneath him I take a hard look at him in the moonlight and his facial feature final register in my eyes. “What the fuck, Chase?” I give his head a shove as I make my way out of under him. He props up on his elbows.

“Stop!” He hisses, “my head is pounding.”

“Are you drunk?” Instinctively I take a deep breath there is no alcohol scent around him.

“No, but I might need a drink after this is over.” He drops his body to the ground as his hands grip his head.

“What’s the matter?” I sit up and look over him. There is no blood no sign of a fight other than our little whatever you call it.

“We’re leaving,” he groans finally pushing himself off the ground. He somehow manages to get to his feet but I would not doubt if I give him a push he would be on the floor again.

“You look awful.” I push myself to my feet as well. He shrugs and takes a couple of breaths as if that would make him feel better.

“Who knew that wolf’s bane can fuck you up so bad with such a tiny prick?” He walks over to the wall closest to the door and flicks the light switch. The light fills the room I feel safer with the lights off.

“Wolf’s bane!” I stare at him wide-eyed. He shrugs.

“It’s no big deal. Come we need to go. Your uncle can only keep the pack out of the house for so long.” Chase glances at the door as if waiting for someone to come burling through.


“Melody, we need to go,” his hand wraps around my wrist, “you want to get your mother back, right?”

His eyes are smoldering urging me to stop fighting him and believe him. “My mother.” He nods.

“I think we might be able to find her but we have to go,” I stare at him sadness engulfing me.

“Why do you need me? I’m just a human.”

“You’re her daughter,” he smiles at me, “you’re going to surprise the world just like she did. Now let’s go.”

“Hold on,” pulling my hand away from him I put a finger up gesturing for him to give me a minute.

Turning to face my father I slowly make my way to him. His face is so peaceful I can make myself believe that he is asleep.

I need to stop being the little girl that my father raised me to be and become the woman that my mother wanted me to be. A fighter!

“I’m going to bring her back to you. I promise you.” Bending down I plant a soft kiss on his forehead. “I love you!” I murmur against his skin. My eyes well up with tears, it feels as if I might not ever get this chance again.

Pulling away I wipe the tears away with the back of my hand. The heat that radiates off of Chase makes me sob, I might not have known him for so long but he makes me feel safe. Turning to face him Chase is right there. Wrapping his arms around me he pulls me close to him.

“You know that I won’t let anything happen to you.” I know but am I going to let you get hurt for me?

Sniffling I pull away looking up I give him a sad smile, “let’s go.”

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