Chasing Melody

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Chase’s POV

There is so much that is running through my mind at the moment but I have to shake them out and concentrate on my one job.

Melody needs to get back home safely.

Those rogues had no idea what they were looking for was on their land. She was right in front of them.

Damn it, Melody was there and if she would have said something there would be a full out war on our hands at the moment.

Driving back to our territory is easy since my wolf is in control. The trees rush past us as we speed onto Moonless territory. My white knuckles bulge out as my grip tightens on the steering wheel.

Chase! Ken is the first to break through my mind. He is followed by others.

Did you find the alpha?

Where the hell did you go?

Is our alpha back?

I’ve been looking for you!

A flood of voices come crashing down like a wave in my mind, the last on being Brooke.

What the hell do you want? My irritation with her clinging onto every word, she should just leave me alone.

I was worried you vanished when the packhouse was attacked. I thought you were taken or even worse hurt.

Well that is none of your business, is it now. Now leave me alone Brooke I have some business to attend to.

Her wolf snarls at me but she makes herself vanish.

Ken! We’re back.

I’m holding a pack meeting in a little bit, our usual spot.

Got it!

The packhouse comes into view and I slowly brake not wanting to wake her. My wolf and I do not have to look back to know that she is fast asleep. She needs this if we are going to go up against that pack she needs to be on her A-game.

What if we keep her out of this?

Are you insane? I yell at my wolf, I can’t do that to her. She trusts me and if I leave her behind I violate that trust and she will go back to her cold shoulder antics.

But she’ll be safe.

Nothing is going to happen to her. I will have to be dead before anything happens to her.

The heat in my stomach erupts and the memory of Melody seeing Luke for the first time is embedded in my mind. Her surprise and lack of anger towards him makes me uneasy.

Yes, she was annoyed with him but does she have it in her to kill him if he stands between her and her mother?

You don’t want her to kill anyone.

I know she’s still human and if by chance she doesn’t get her wolf killing someone will eat at her.

Let’s get her inside.

Getting out of the car I head to the backseat. Opening the door my eyes fall on an unconscious Melody. Her chest rises and falls and that sight makes my body relax. Gently I wrap my arms around her.

“Melody, we’re here.” I coax her to wake up but her beautiful eyes remain closed.

“Chase?” His voice makes me pull Melody closer to my chest.

“Carl,” I sigh, I should not be so possessive over her. She can be around whoever she likes. There is no fighting what I am feeling at the moment. I stare at Carl, he is her cousin for Pete’s sakes, I need to cool it down with him.

“Is that Melody?” He peeks over my shoulder and looks down at his little cousin.

“Yes," I lift her higher making her head roll to my shoulder.

“She looks horrible,” he states and I take in her beaten state. “Pack meeting in five," He pats me back, "are you bringing her?” Looking down at her once again she looks so peaceful in her slumber.

“She is a fighter, I’ll come back and get her once Ken decides what we should do.” Carl nods and heads off into the trees.

Making my way through the house I get to Melody’s room with ease and gently lay her down. My body hovers over her as I pull my lips close to her ear, “Sleep tight.”

The pack is all out in the forest waiting on Ken to show. Pushing through the crowd I can see Andrew and his family huddled together. My eyes lock on Carl and he gives me a small smile. The circle breaks from the other side as Ken makes his way through the crowd.

The hushed whispers seize as Ken's aura radiates authority.

He does not waste any time clearing his throat, “one of our own has been able to locate our alpha.” The gasps and hush whispers hit me like a tidal wave. “She has been captured by the rogues and is enduring torture at the hands of those malicious dogs.” The throat wrenching growl sends my eyes flying to Andrew who is now on his knees.

Melany is more than his alpha, she’s his friend, ally, and most important she’s part of his family. His fingers dig into the ground as his body trembles.

“Dad,” Madison drops to her father’s side and consoles him as Angie wraps her arms around her sons trying to console her mate's pain as it washes over her.

“I have decided to take the spot of our alphas.” Ken’s eyes go to Andrew and his family, “I have less to lose if I come face to face with death tonight.”

The howl that erupts just behind the trees makes everyone stiffen and look behind Ken.

What is he doing here?

The silhouettes of three wolves marching down towards us and a man walks amongst them.

Bow down to the Alpha of Alphas!

Ken’s voice radiates with the alpha’s aura that my wolf makes me drop to my knees and bow my head along with the rest of the pack.

The wolves shift and my eyes lock on the blue-eyed omega. He seems to be agitated by his surroundings at the moment.

“Where’s Adrian Hunter?” Mathew growls at Ken. Ken looks up at the alpha of alphas.

“He’s chained to his bed. His wolf side is taking over and he is more wolf now than human.” Ken rises to his feet, “I was passed down the status of alpha momentarily until we get our alphas back.”

“If you’re the so-called alpha then why didn’t you call me the second my goddaughter was taken.” Mathew hisses at Ken and he steps back, “Andrew should be alpha he knows what has to be done.”

“I apologize I was going to call you once we pinpointed Alpha Melany’s whereabouts and that’s ─”

“You went and found her yourself?” Mathew glares at Ken's eyes gaze drops.

“Erm, no I send someone else.” Mathew’s eyes are smoldering on our so-called alpha.

“You should step down,” Mathew hisses and Ken grabs his head as is someone is invading his mind.

“You can’t take my alpha title,” he groans and drops to his knees. Mathew’s blue eyes soften.

“I’m not doing anything. I can’t take your alpha title unless we battle for it all I was asking was for you to let it go.” Ken groans and the vein on his temple protrudes.

With a heavy sigh, his body drops to the ground and his heartbeat slows to a normal pace. “I’m not the alpha anymore.”

“Who’s the alpha now?” Mathew scans the pack as if waiting for someone to speak up.

What the hell is happening?

Who's the new alpha?

The crunching leaves direct our attention to the girl that is a younger version of Melany ─Melody.

She stands before us. Her chest and face glistening with sweat and her pale face makes her look far too ill to be out here with us. Even in her weakened state, her body radiates the alpha aura, a true alpha’s aura. Like the aura that both her parents have

“I’m the alpha now!” Her voice is strained and hoarse.

“What?” A few people gasp as we take in this little girl before us.

“She’s just a baby.” A woman whispers.

She’s the alpha’s daughter!

Melody is Melany’s daughter I always thought Madison was.

My wolf wants to link minds with her.

It is as my wolf hits a brick wall as I try my hardest to communicate with her. All I want to do is make sure that she is okay.

"Melody!" I shout just as my wolf tries to reach out to her. Her tired eyes meet mine through the crowd as I rise to my feet.

"Chase," she whimpers.

Chase, I don't think we can mind link her.

I don't think we can either because it appears that she does not have a wolf.

Melody is a human alpha?

“A human alpha?” I whisper mostly to myself.

This girl is full of surprises.

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