Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

What's happening to me?

In pain,

Melody Hunter

Everyone seems to have their eyes glued to me.

Some are worried.

Others are more concerned with what this little girl is going to do to their pack.

“Fúck!” Ken slams his fist on my parents' desk as my body molds into the chair before him. “How did this happen?” He hisses and I can faintly make out Andrew asking Ken to calm down.

“How are you feeling?” Chase is kneeling beside me the back of his hand press against my forehead. “Your fever seems to be going down.”

A cold shiver runs down my spine as I try to curl up and retain some of my body heat. Chase moves away from me for a second when a warm blanket drapes over my body.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the infirmary?” Andrew asks me sweetly as I cling onto the blanket for dear life.

“No,” I groan as I push myself away from my seat. “All I want is for my mother to be back home and my father to get better.”

“We’re working on it but we need an alpha to lead us,” Ken vanishes from my sight.

“You have an alpha!” Mathew barks at Ken, “and if she’s not able to fulfill her duty I will happily take charge. I want my goddaughter back here as soon as possible.”

“Alpha Mathew I think that Melody can handle this. She is the one that walked into the rogues land and was allowed to go to our alpha.” Chase's eyes are trained on me as I relax back into the chair.

“You’re right. I am fine with her being alpha as long as she thinks she can handle it.” His voice seems assertive.

“I can do this,” I sigh, “I want my mother back tonight. Somehow I gain this power and I know that I am lacking a wolf but I can do this.”

“Then tonight we walk onto their land and get back what belongs to us.” Mathew grip encloses my shoulder, “and we’ll make those mongrels pay.”

To convince Chase that I am capable of being alone for an hour is not an easy task but after I promise to stay in my room he gives in. Being alone makes me feels somewhat normal as I shower and get into some clean clothes.

My combat boots fit snug as I lace them up and then open my door, my hour is up. The soft snoring drops my gaze to the ground where a sleeping Chase resides. His head is press against the wall as his mouth hangs open. He appears more exhausted than I feel.

I lower down close to him, “Chase.” My hand grips his shoulder as I shake him with ease.

“Hm,” he rolls his head away from me.

“Chase,” I whisper trying not to scare the poor guy.

“Yes,” he hisses out the s.

“Get up, someone might trip over you,” I rise and Chase rolls his head back as his sleepy eyes land on me.

“Sorry,” he yawns loudly and his eyes grow droopy, “I’m just so darn tired,” his tongue darts out and he licks his lips.

“Come, you can take a nap on my bed.” He stretches his body as he groans, “you deserve a nap, or two.” Chase manages to get to his feet but his sways worse than a drunk person.

“I can’t leave you alone,” he begins.

“I’m in a house full of werewolves what can happen?” I try to lighten his mood.

“Your mother was in a house full of werewolves,” he whispers as his eyes close.

I know. “Take a nap Chase,” he takes a step forward and my hands wrap around his upper arm. If he would fall all my grip would do is take me down with him. There is a part of me that wants to...what? Keep him safe?

Chase is out cold the second his head hits my pillow. “Night,” I walk out and head straight into the kitchen.

“Melany,” a man is leaning against the island and his eyes lock on mine.

“Excuse me?” My chest tightens at the mention of my mother’s name.

“A million apologies,” the man grins at me, “you could be your mother’s doppelganger now that I take a real good look at you but then again you have so much of your father in you.”

“No disrespect but,” my gaze turns hard as my lip sets in a stern line, “who the hell are you?”

“I’m such a ─ ,” he smacks his head, “Gary, Gary Powler. Miss. Hunter, I am one of your mother’s pack members.” His buzz cut haircut and built body are fit for the military. A small part of me thinks I would have remembered him but then again my parents have a huge pack.

“Sorry if I’m coming off strong but under the circumstances you ─ ,” Gary cuts me off.

“I completely understand,” he gives me a wavering smile.

“Ohkay,” he stands there staring at me as if waiting for more conversation to come his way.

“How old are you?” His question deters me.

You’re too old buddy.

“I’m going to make myself a sandwich.” I walk past him and head straight to the fridge. As I open it up the light spills on me as I try to locate all the ingredients.

“So you’re going to ignore my question?” I have my back to him but I can feel his eyes on me.

“You want me to spell it out for you don’tcha. I don’t want to or have to answer you. Now excuse me but I’m hungry,” I mumble the last part.

“You teenagers I swear you act so childish at times. You’re supposed to be the new alpha I bet you can’t even measure up to your mother.”

My hand grasps the mayonnaise as his words sink in. “You don’t know shít about me,” turning around my arm swings around with mayo jar in my hand. The loud crash and glass breaking echoed in my ears. Shock is written on his face as a lump of mayo slides down his head and lands on his shoulder with a soft blop.

“You ─” his face turns crimson with anger.

“Me what?” I growl at him and his eyes widen. A warm feeling fills my body as I stare at this man.

“My apologies alpha,” his head drops.

“I’ve only known you for five minutes and you managed to pissed me off and apologize a million times,” my body vibrates with adrenaline and my hands clench into fists. “I don’t ask you to respect me like you do my parents because that is earned not asked for but I do ask you to back off,” the back door swings open and Ken walks in.

“What’s going on?” He looks at me then Gary and his eyes take in the white mess.

“I’m suddenly not so hungry,” I close the fridge and walk away.

“Bloody hell that girl is fast,” Gary says.

“You better clean this up. You must have pissed her off, what did you do?”

“Asked for her age.”

“Melody hates when strangers ask her personal questions and you have cut the wrong wire with her. Age is a no-no with women I thought everyone knew that.”

I climb up the stairs and make my way to my room. The hallways are so quiet that it is as if no is on this floor. I open the door to my bedroom and find Chase hugging one of my pillows as his face is buried into it.

“Are you still asleep?” He takes a deep breath and then a low moan rumbled in his throat. Chase pulls the pillow closer to him, “I swear if you put your face any closer to the pillow you’re going to suffocate yourself.” He pulls his face away from it and looks at me with wide eyes.

“I fell asleep!” I nod, “Why did you let me?” He throws the pillow to the side and he pushes himself off my bed. His eyes scan our surrounding area. “Why am I in your room?” His hands slam onto his chest then his legs as he grips his fabric.

“You needed to sleep.” I shrug, “plus I decided that tonight’s the night we attack the rogues. No more waiting.”

“Okay if that's what you want,” he agrees, “um one question what’s the white stuff on your sleeve?”

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