Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

Hell is about to break loose...

Ready or not,

Melody Hunter

The thunderous boom erupts in my ears followed by the screams and curses of the people around me.

Everyone starts pushing and shoving trying to make their way away from whatever was coming our way and with all the distraction I see the man before my mother grabs her by her red hair and yank her towards the steps of the platform.

My hand flies to the zipper of the jacket as I pull it down getting ready for whatever might happen.

He will not hurt my mother as long as I am breathing.

“Get out of my way,” I shove past the people in front of me. Two strong hands wrap around my forearm pulling back away from my mother.

“Where do you think you’re going?” A blonde hair, blue-eyed, boy stares at me. He is one of them and my body pushes away from him but he has a good grip.

“Let go before you make me do something that we’ll regret,” his cerulean eyes flash red before me reminding me that I am not dealing with a regular wolf but a rogue instead.

I have heard stories that made monsters under your bed seem like pets and his eyes only remind me of the fear I had of them.

“And what is a measly human going to do?” He growls as I yank my arm away from him stammering back a couple of steps.


The boy before me lunges and Chase’s training flood into my mind as I duck and roll out of his way. His feet skid to a stop as my body stays in its crouching position. His eyes are no longer blue as they lock their crimson gaze on mine.

My hand automatically goes to my gun holster that Chase latched to my belt on my lower back and point it right in between his eyes. “I can either kill you or you back off, your choice.”

He does not seem to take me seriously as he inches closer and the people around are still running away from the invisible threat.

“You think that a bullet can kill me,” his venom laced voice sends a shiver down my spine.

“Not a normal bullet but a wolfsbane laced bullet can,” his steps falter as he stares down at the barrel of the gun. He seems unsure if I am bluffing or if he should take my threat seriously. “Back off pup, you don’t want to know the pain of wolfsbane in your system.”

“I don’t believe you,” he snaps and his sudden aggression makes my arms pull back as the boy lunges at me once again.

“The alpha’s pack is ambushing us,” the words reach me before the wolf does.

Good, they can help my mother when the pup takes me out.

With shaky hands, my finger pulls on the trigger and the trajectory of the bullet is ridiculously off that the rogue just stares at it with a smug look on his face.

“You, a wolf hunter? More like a tree hunter,” he laughs returning his gaze to me.

Fuck my life! Calm down, you can do this.

He takes his steps with more confidence now and this time when I pull the trigger my hands are steady and the bullet rips through his right shoulder. The howl of pain and snarls weaken my knees sending me plummeting to the ground.

The boy bursts through his seams and fur flies in all directions as his body shakes.

Fight him off.

My arms slide out of Chase’s jacket easily as I shove the gun back into the holster and grab ahold of the swords handle.

I can take him with a sword since I am not as scared of it.

The screams and yelps fill my ears as the wolf angry gazes lands on me. When the stare of the being that can kill you with one bite of its powerful jaw settles on its prey it does something to your body.

There is a snap-in my mind as the wolf takes a step towards me. The sound of metal scraping against metal makes the wolf’s ears perk up and stare at my movements as the sword slowly makes its way in front of me.

“Your move,” the sound does not settle well in my ears. I know that the words left my lips but the voice is so much more demanding and confident than my own.

The wolf rolls back its lips and scrunches up his nose exposing his canines. He lunges and my hands tighten their grip on the leather handle of the sword.

There are no words to describe this other than an out of body experience. I float in the pool of my mind as someone else takes over my body and the scary part is that my body seems to go into paralysis and drowning has always scared me.

The wolf stands on his hind legs and my body takes its chance and plunges the sword deep into his chest. Its body sinks the sword until his head is a few inches away from mine, “Think twice before attacking an alpha.”

“She’s not human,” he hisses out his last breath and the gleam in his eyes vanishes.


I have waited so long for my wolf and now that I have her, I’m terrified of her.

You took over my body.

Melody, were you prepared to do what I just did?

No, I wasn’t.

The sensation of floating brings me back to the surface. The warmth pouring over my hands makes me look down and the crimson liquid pouring out of the wolf. I repress my gag reflex as my body recoil releasing the sword and the lifeless body hits the ground.

Hey, are you still there? I mentally talk to myself trying to get a response out of her but all I feel is emptiness. Where did she go?

“Ivan you bastard,” hearing her voice brings so much joy to me, she is alive.

Her voice directs my vision as the man, Luke, and Floyd as they drag my mother into the trees.

The heavy breathing and footsteps make me pull my knife out of my side pouch and a dark chocolate wolf appears before me. His head bows down and he whimpers at me as if he were trying to communicate. His warm eyes rise and I know instantly who it is.


He gives me a wolfy grin and then an identical wolf bursts from the trees to my right, that must be Hector. His green eyes lock on mine and the brown strip on his iris brings me relief.

A lighter brown wolf runs in behind him and even though I have never seen Madison’s wolf the way it carries herself I know it is her.

“The gang is all here,” I stare at the three of them, “my mother,” I gulp down a breath, “they are taking,” it appears that I cannot explain so I point in her direction.

The triplets are about to run when they stop in their tracks and all three heads snap to the side.

A black wolf steps out of the trees and their dark eyes capture mine. He is bigger than the triplets in height and body size. My eyes soften when I realize who it is, Chase.

Madison seems to be annoyed with something that Chase said when she growls at him. Chase steps up to her and Madison backs off.

“Stop fighting,” I snap, “that man has my mother!” Chase and Madison stare at each other for another moment and they both nod.

Chase’s wolf makes its way to my side and lowers down. He grunts and with his head gestures for me to get on I do not fight him I climb on with ease and then he hauls his body forward as he runs through the trees.

My fingers grip Chase’s fur tightly as a pain in my chest erupts, “ah,” I gasp.

Watch out! My body trembles as my head feels as if it is splitting into two and my consciousness dwindles.

“Watch ou-” I gasp through my breaths.

The boom and yelps slow Chase down and then my body flings to the side as Chase is shoved away from me.

One second my hands grip his fur and the next second my fingernails scrape dirt as I try to ease my pain. My body temperature starts rising as my eyes fight to find the triplets and Chase. There are four heaps of fur balled up in nets as Luke and Floyd stand ahead of me holding two net guns.

“Grab the girl,” the old man yells and a few seconds later two strong hands grab my upper arms and they lift me.

He’s so dead!

My wolf is back but suddenly she stays frozen in my mind when my eyes lock on Luke. His eyes widen as his eyebrows pull together and he shakes his head as if making sure his eyes are not deceiving him.

“What is this human to you,” the man hisses at my mother.

“Run Melody,” she screams.

“Melody,” this is the first time that Luke has heard my name. “Melody,” he whispers, “you’re my mate.” The thrashing and howling from behind me sends a shiver down my spine.

“Son,” the man yells at Luke, “kill her. Kill her and grow into a more powerful wolf!”


My wolf is lost in her battle dragging me down with her, something is not adding up.

“Kill me and get this over with!” My mother snaps at the man.

“I want your offspring,” he hisses, “it will be a pure alpha. Killing it will make me the strongest creature to roam this world!”

He wants me.

“I am what you’re looking for,” the man enraged gaze falls on me, “I am the daughter of Adrian Hunter and Melany Blake, Melody Hunter,” the menacing smirk on his lips makes me sick to my stomach.

"No," my mother groans out as her head falls in defeat.

“Of course how could anyone be so blind. We were all certain she had a son and faked his death but now that I see you,” he steps away from my mother and makes his way towards me, “I will do the honors son.” This man is Luke’s father and soon to be his mate’s murderer.

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