Chasing Melody

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Melany’ POV

“But father,” Wanderer’s hands grip my daughter and all I want to do is rip them off, “you can’t. She’s my mate.”

“Who needs a mate?” Ivan hisses, “they only weaken you as a person and wolf. What kind of wolf are you going to be when someone can rip you apart emotionally and physically.”

“I do,” he states and Floyd’s arms tighten around me avoiding the chains, “you said rogues don’t have mates let alone wanderers and yet here she is,” his darkening eyes lock on his father’s and Ivan rolls his eyes.

“Luke, why did you come seeking me in the first place,” Luke’s head drops and his shoulders tense up.

“I came here seeking revenge,” he whispers.

“Revenge?” Her quiet voice makes me steal a glance at her. Melody is confused as am I.

This boy wants revenge against who?

“Tell her, tell her everything you went through.” Ivan bellows at Luke as I glare at him, his aged eyes land on me and they harden.

This boy does not like me. He makes that much clear.

“I need your mother to be dead, a wolf for a wolf. She killed my family and I need to repay the favor,” Luke raises his head and his red eyes blazed with anger, “I was planning on killing her offspring but it seems that I won’t be able to,” his eyes dart to me and a menacing fingers points at me, “you killed my mother for no reason.”

His mother?

Melany, he is being controlled by Ivan just like Derek once was.

He says that I killed his mother. Silver, remember when Melody was a baby.

Do you think that’s him?

Who else would it be?

“Luke,” I start but his snarl stops me. I inhale through my nose and try again, “I never meant to kill your mother.”

“So you are not denying it then,” his voice is overtaken by a growl.

“No, I am not. To be honest I would do it again in a heartbeat.” He loses it. He is no longer his wolf leader now he is at his wolf’s mercy.

“Mom,” her whimper makes Silver burst through me. Melody pushes past Luke and runs straight at Floyd and me.

“You stupid dog,” Floyd growls at her and tries to lunge at her.

“That’s my daughter,” I growl and whip my arms around him. The chains ring loud in my ears as they clash down on his extended neck, “and you will not touch a single hair on her head,” his screams of agony rip through the air.

Melody rushes to him and grabs the keys from his pocket. Her hands make quick work of the locks and she pulls the chains away from me.

My free hand shoves Melody away as my other hand tightens it’s grip on the chains and twist them. Floyd’s head snaps and his body slumps onto the ground.

My eyes drift to Melody I never wanted her to see this, “I’m sorry,” is all that I can think of saying.

“My god,” the pity in her eyes makes something inside of me surface that is foreign. “They hurt you,” her grey eyes lock on mine. My hand goes to her cheek wiping the fresh tears from her flush cheeks.

“There is so much of me in you.”

“Kill her and you can run away with your mate,” Ivan yells once again.

Ivan will kill Melody the second he can get her hands on her.

“Over my dead body,” can we shift?

No, the wolfsbane has weakened our connection.

“Fine,” pushing Melody behind me I get into a defensive position.

“No one gets to my daughter as long as I am breathing,” I growl at them.

“Mom,” her voice sends pain shooting through my chest. This pain is so familiar since I have felt it so many times before.

“Melody,” I groan through the pain. My body tries to absorb as much of her pain as possible but her wolf seems to be more powerful than anyone before her.

Silver tries to weaken her wolf for both our sakes summoning her to bow down before her alpha but Melody’s wolf won’t budge. She wants her presence known and felt.

Melody's body gives in to her pain sending me down with her.

Melany, you’re a sitting duck like this.

Hunter, I need you.

I’m coming, love.

His voice is faint but I can sense him close by.

Andrew, I need my pack.

With that Andrew’s wolf burst through the trees with Ken close by. My eyes lock on a shocked Ivan as he tries to summon his wolf.

White fur burst through his skin in patches and his fingernails elongate but he is still mostly human.

Ken and Andrew pace around Ivan and Wanderer's claws digging into the dirt and teeth-baring at them.

Hunter burst through from behind us. His body radiating heat from the fever he is experiencing and the air around him steaming making him appear even more menacing.

Luke being outnumbered and his life facing its impending doom his wolf burst through.

A black with a silver spot surrounding his right eye wolf faces us. Luke eyes Ken waiting to see if and when he will attack, Ivan does the same with Andrew.

Hunter makes his way to Melody and sniffs at her making sure that she is fine. Her body is slump on the ground but her breathing is slowing to a normal pace as the pain in my chest starts to lighten.

Luke sees Hunter close to Melody and his eyes darken as a rumble erupts in his just.

Hunter’s head snaps up and his eyes lock on Luke.

You might be her mate but she will always be my daughter!

With that Ken and Andrew bow their heads showing Luke and Ivan that even though Hunter is not a hundred percent he is still their alpha.

Madison, Hector, oh Carl!

Andrew wants to help them out of the nets they are but it’s laced with wolfsbane.

“Dad,” Melody's facelifts up from the ground. Hunter lowers down and licks his daughter on the cheek, “you’re okay.” My heart constricts at the thought of the pain she must have gone through.

“Ivan, my brother, was it too much to ask for a postcard to know that you were still alive.” Mathew makes his way towards us in his human form.

Derek trails behind him, his eyes darkening when he sees his father.

“Why would I do that? So you could send more of your men after me,” Ivan snarls.

Mathew smirks and I rise to my feet Melody’s pain completely evaporating from my body. A howl burst through the trees. We all freeze this howl is does not belong to either pack.

The rustling of dirt and grass seeps into my ears when a growl rumbles through. Ivan appears to be the skittish one wanting to run away to a safer distance.

“Who is that?” I mumble pushing myself to Melody and Hunter’s side.

The things blur past us and Ivan drops to the ground howling as the furred being snarls and bites him.

Trevin wants to sink his teeth into him. Ivan manages to claw at Trevin’s face and he whimpers back in pain I can see the Trevin has three long gashes on his face as he slowly moves away from Ivan.

“Get back here Trevin,” I order and even though he might not be a werewolf he listens and backs to our side.

“He hurt Trevin,” Melody eyes darken from a beautiful grey to pitch black in a matter of seconds, “he dared to touch my wolf,” she growls.

“Melody, stop he’s fine,” my hands wrap around her arm but she pushes away with so much force that she sends me stumbling forward. “Hunter, what’s wrong with her?”


Hunter does not know either. With our wolf, our body changes everything except for our eyes, except if you are a rogue, they are a glimpse into our soul. Melody’s eyes exert no light, no emotion, only darkness.

Ivan gets to his feet, Luke is ready for anything, and my pack is waiting on the order to attack.

Do I dare to kill off my daughter’s mate?

Kill my friend's brother and father?

It’s history repeating itself!

I chose to lose Marcus, in the end, this is going to be Melody’s decision. I take a step back and let our packs know that the one in charge at the moment is Melody.

To my surprise, Mathew falls back as well.

Ivan might have hurt Hunter and I but he wanted this to draw out my daughter. She has her wolf now she can protect herself but I will always have her back.

Melody’s eyes stay locked on Luke.

“Wanderer,” her voice is monotone, “I might be your mate...”

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