Chasing Melody

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Luke’s POV

All I ever have known is that my mother was killed by a she-wolf and not just any she-wolf but an alpha. She and her pack ravaged through my family’s pack and she killed her leaving me all alone in the world.

Could fate be so cruel to mate me with the daughter of my mother’s killer?

Apparently, it can.

Melody stands with her pack, that bloodthirsty pack. She is a new wolf and can decide which side she wants to be on. Her mate’s side or her killer of a mother’s side.

From what I’ve heard Melany preyed over my mother as she tried to protect her offspring, me. Her teeth sank into her as all I was able to do was watch. Watched as my mother screamed for someone to help her, little did she know that the Moonless pack and Crimson Moon pack were hunting down the rest of our pack.

That is how I became a wanderer. A rogue is kicked out of their pack or simply decides that they want to leave. I was the lone survivor of the Crescent Moon pack leaving me to wander the forest on my own for a week before a woman found me.

Lady Betty as she was known to the town’s people found me at the edge of the forest shivering and crying for my mother. My tiny hands clasping the locket she gave me. Her name engraved into it, Sandra.

Betty took my five-year-old self into her home raising me as her own. When I was a teenager I rebelled against her. She wanted me to go to school when all I wanted to do was get out of there.

People hate anything that is different. I was different. I was faster, stronger, and in some situations smarter than the best at this school. No one understood me, no one even tried but Betty was my anchor.

Anger flooded through me quickly and violent like a tsunami but Betty seemed to calm the animal in me. She made me feels loved and as if I belonged. She never hid that I was not her son but she loved me like any mother would love their own child.

When I finally turned sixteen, Betty was seventy-four, I fell ill and Betty stayed by my side trying to help me. That night I shifted for the first time giving Betty a heart attack, which in the end killed her. Not knowing what was happening I ran out of the house and to the next thing that felt like home, the forest.

I stayed in my wolf form for weeks after that. I attended Betty’s funeral in my wolf form covered under the shadows of the trees. My heart ached for the woman that looked care of me when she could have brushed me off like the rest of the town’s people.

There was a search party out looking for me. From what I was able to find out the police believe that Betty walked into a gruesome murder, thus giving her a heart attack. When I shifted a rampaged through the house making it appear as if I was fighting someone off and in the process cutting myself and leaving blood behind.

In the end, everyone just assumed I was dead, ending the search party.

I came across Ivan when I was still in my wolf form. When our eyes locked he said the strangest thing, “Sandra.”

With that one word, he manages to pull me out of my wolf form. A naked and confused boy stood before him. Ivan connected the dots and knew right away that my mother had given birth to his son.

Ivan heard about the fight and hoped that it was a lie, that my mother was still alive. I told him that I watched her die before me before running for my life.

He knew exactly who killed her and he was seeking revenge. He gave me my mother’s killers name Melany Blake now Melany Hunter. He told me that I could kill her, but he wanted her offspring.

Finally finding my father I decided that I would side with him and kill off this Alpha. He can have the child I want her to feel the pain that she inflicted upon me.

Now the tables have turned. Melany has the upper hand here. Her pack is here and Ivan’s prey of choice is my mate. Can I let him get his revenge killing a part of me as well?

Hunter is with them making it two alphas against us.

Melody, you need to give me a sign that if this ends badly you will still give me a chance. I did not you, you were chosen for me. My perfect half, my missing puzzle piece, my soul mate in all sense of the word.

Melody pushes away from her pack making my heart erupt, “Wanderer," she does not call me by my name, “I might be your mate...” my wolf stirs deep within me.

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