Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

Life can be a bitch if you let it.


Melody Hunter

All eyes and attention are on me. I hate this. I hate what I have to do but it has to be done.

“Wanderer, I might be your mate...” the feeling of having another being inside me, inside my mind, and body is terrifying.

My wolf did not bow down to my mother or her wolf even when my human form dropped to her knees.

You are more powerful than they will give you credit for.

Her voice rings loud in my head, you’re his mate.

“But you’re not mine,” our voices collide as we tell him the truth.

I can sense my mother and father coming closer to me, “what do you mean?” Luke’s hurt expression hurts me more than it should.

My wolf surfaces and takes over, “The moon goddess somehow made her your mate but she is not connected to you in any way, shape, or form.” The flash in his eyes brings his wolf to the surface.

“You’re lying she’s my mate and mine alone,” angers pools at the pit of my stomach and if I do not take over this wolf will surely kill him.

When your wolf takes over the experience is as if you are seeing everything unfold through a glass window. You see everything but you cannot break through until you are strong enough.

Let me surface.

My wolf knows her rightful place and sinks back into me letting my spirit float to the surface, “Sorry Luke.”

There is nothing that I feel towards him. Our feelings are not mutual and he can see that.

He releases a growl, “you’re rejecting me,” he hisses and I can see him losing it before me his eyes fighting between his human eyes and wolf eyes.

“I am not rejecting you I am just letting you know that you are not my mate,” gulping down my hand clams down on the gun holster it is a reflex since I have my wolf now I do not need my weapon.

“What kind of sick joke is this? Do you think that it’s funny to play with my emotions?” His jaw clenches and he breathes out of his nose. His bewildered eyes dart to everyone on my side as if assessing who he wants to attack first.

“I did not choose this,” his eyes settle to my left and I step into his line of vision and he shakes his head looking for someone else and with every decision, I stand before him.

Frustration radiates off of him in waves. He wants to hurt me the same way that I am hurting him.

“I won’t let you attack any of my pack members. You want revenge against my mother,” I pause and he nods his head as if waiting for me to grant it to him, “you will have to go through me.” My body pushes forward and I can hear the surprise from the wolves behind me.

My legs push me closer to Luke and from the corner of my eye, I can see Ivan smile at my stupidity. One against two the odds are not in my favor. Trevin howls and his snarls burst in my ears.

Melody exert all your power!

My wolf’s words confuse me but I concentrate hard. I concentrate on the built-un my stomach as if I am about to scream at the top of my lungs. The build-up starts hurting me when relief washes over me and Luke is before me his fist flying straight at my face.

Everything that Chase taught me is fresh in my minds and I roll with his punch my body falls back as his punch merely grazes my skin. With my wolf my human form is stronger with that strength I am able to pull myself back into a straight position.

“You want to hit me,” I growl and my hand balls into a fist and pull my arm up uppercutting him under his chin.

Hey, what now?

My wolf is nowhere to be found.

My mind searches for her. My wolf is nowhere to be found. She is no longer with me. Panic grips me as I stare at Luke.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Luke apparently recovers from my punch and throws his body forward colliding with me. Our bodies hit the ground hard as I lay there stunned. Not stunned because he managed to throw me to the ground but the fact that there is something in the forest.

The glowing eyes from the trees are a grim reminder that Ivan has more wolves up his sleeve and my mother and father have more enemies than I could count. Wolf upon wolf appears through the trees and I can hear my pack shifting behind me.

“Melody shift!” My mother screams before her howl breaks through the air.

“I can’t,” I pull my legs close to me and push Luke off of me. He is cringing as his wolf surfaces and it appears as if he has not managed to control his pain.

My hands push me off the ground as I run through bodies full of fur and I see that Trevin is trying to rip through Chase’s net. The wolves push past me running towards the threat as I run against the crowd making my way towards them.

“Trevin, I’m coming,” the knife by my thigh is the fastest weapon that I can reach and once I am before them I drop to my knees and I can hear them whimpering as the wolfsbane contacts their skin.

The sawlike knife is put to work quickly as I mentally prepare myself for the pain. I grab the net and saw through the thick rope using all my strength. The thin strings of the ropes start to rip but for all the work I am putting in there is little progress.

Trevin nips at the rope trying his best to rip through it as well but we are not doing much. Trevin whimpers in defeat, “Don’t give up just yet,” I yell at him and the reflecting light on my side catches my attention, “my swords,” making quick work of unbuckling the harness I grab my sword and stand up pushing Trevin back.

“I pray that I won’t chop someone’s tail off,” with that Madison whimpers louder and her tail twitches. The air is thinning as I summon all my strength and wield the sword above me and throw it down on the rope.

The rope splinters where the razor-sharp sword meets it and like a cat dunked into water Madison runs out along with the rest of the wolves.

I make quick work of the other nets. The twins and Chase are freed. Madison and her brother run to my side as Chase runs off into battle without a second glance back at me.

The howls and snarls make goosebumps dot my skin as the triplets run to aide our pack.

“Trevin, stay here,” I order him and for the first time since I met him, he actually bows down his head and lays down listening to me.

My breathing is erratic as adrenaline course through my veins. Some of the wolves are easy to spot such as my mother and father. Chase is nowhere to be seen but I spot Ivan and Luke heading into the trees.

“Ivan wanted a fight he is going to get a fight.” Wolves are colliding with wolves fur is flying in every direction and the whimpers of pain echo in the trees. The rumble of thunder echoes through the mountain even the sky is beating their war drums.

My eyes lock on the green eyes with the brown strip running through his right eye, Hector. He knows exactly what I want to do as his eyes look in the direction of Ivan and Luke. He lowers down as I run to him and climb him like a horse. He does not hesitate the second I am on he is off. He rushes past the rogues like lightning.

No one sees him coming until he is already two steps away from them. My hands grip his fur as the sword pressed against his body. He breaks through the fight and we both lock on Luke, Ivan, and...

Hector stops a few feet away from them and I jump off of him.

Luke’s head is being pulled towards the ground as Ivan tries to claw at the other wolf’s face.

“First Trevin and now this,” I growl and step towards them, “now you’re dead for sure.” Ivan’s blue eyes look at me as fear blanches his face but he is not looking at me more like whoever is behind me.

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