Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

I have no words.

How do you look at the someone you love and see the pain you've caused them.

I messed up.

All I want to do is take his spot. Hector did not deserve this.

Heart shattered into a million pieces,

Melody Hunter

The atmosphere at the packhouse has been grim. No one utters any words to each other. I do not want to be seen but I have to be there for my aunt and uncle.

Almost everyone is at the packhouse.

I did not know that Hector was not the only one we lost. My father lost two of his pack members and my mother lost one other.

The grief in this room makes it hard to breathe and even worse is that I am sitting across from my aunt Angie and uncle Andrew. He holds her carefully as if afraid to break her. Her eyes are puffy from all the crying.

Madison and Carl are nowhere to be found. A small part of me is happy that I have some time before I have to speak to them but my mind cannot help but wonder where they are.

This morning I did run into Carl and he seemed so lost. Hector was his twin, his brother, and most of all his best friend. Carl vaguely acknowledged me as he made his way out of the packhouse.

You know your uncle knew this was a possibility.

My wolf tries to reassure me but I ignore her.

A human knows that they can lose someone every day from a freak accident, car crash, or health problems it does not make it easier.

Chase is not here as well, he must need some time alone since he was getting close to the boys.

A loud sob pulls my attention back to my aunt.

“My baby,” my aunt screams into my uncle’s neck and he pulls her closer as her nails claw at his chest, “Why? Why did this happen to him?”

Her words cut into my heart and the burning sensation in my eyes makes me lower my head. I have apologized so many times and they say that they know that I did everything that I could.

Ivan wanted to hurt me and him turning around and going after Hector never crossed my head.

The cries and sad glances thrown my eyes is enough to drive me insane. My father and mother stand behind my uncle and aunt and when I get to my feet and I excuse myself, my mother nods her understanding.

No one says anything but I know what I am thinking I am the reason that this mother suffering.

The cold air fills my lungs as I step out. The sky is grey and far off into the mountains I hear the roll of thunder.

“I’m sorry Hector,” I whisper as my arms wrap around me. The sleeveless black dress is not appropriate attire for this weather but for the moment I could not care less. The tight bun that clings close to my neck gives me a headache but I do not pull it off. Taking the stairs at a slow pace I make my way towards the trees.

“Why wasn’t it me? I was ready to die,” the tears stream done my cheeks. "I was ready," I exhale slowly.

“Don’t say that,” his voice stops me. He has finally come back.

“Didn’t anyone tell you that it’s rude to eavesdrop.” I try to change the subject.

“You weren’t in his head when he was going after Ivan,” Chase says quietly. “He wanted me to tell you that he loved you like a kid sister and when he knew he was going to die he told me he would do it all over again for you.”

“Stop,” the lump in my throat makes it hard to swallow down.

“He loved you very much Mel,” he keeps going, “he won’t let anything happen to you.”

His body heat radiates off of him in waves and I know he is right behind me. My eyes stay locked on the forest, “He should have saved himself.”

“I wished that I was in his place,” he says and my heart races.

“No,” I already lost one person. I cannot lose someone else, his arms wrap around me, “don’t say that.”

“Why does it matter? You found your mate and you rejected him,” he states.

“Chase, he wasn't my mate,” pulling away I turn to face him.

My breath catches as his dark eyes take me in. The pain is still there but looking into his eyes I feel as if I am whole. He is my anchor holding me down not letting me float away and get lost in my own sadness.

Chase’s adam's apple bobs as he looks into my eyes and he shakes his head slowly.

“This can’t be,” he says but he brings his body closer to me, “Melody!”

His face inches closer to mine and his hand cups my chin as his thumb runs over my bottom lip, “Yes,” is all I say.

“Do you feel it?” Even though Chase is close all my body wants to do is move closer to him. “Do you feel the pull?” I nod.

He’s your rightful mate.

“You’re my mate,” I smile at him and he closes his eyes taking in a deep breath.

“No wonder your scent was sending my wolf into this insane protective mode with Luke.” He closes in and his breath feathers across my lips, “may I?”

I gulp, “I might suck since this is my first kiss,” a smile pulls across his lips.

“Good,” he lips press against mine as his arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me closer to him. My arms wrap around his neck since I have seen this done in movies plenty of times.

His lips move and mine copy his movements that is until he bites on my lower lip and pulls away with it still between his teeth, “we have some work to do.”

Our wolves need time to adjust to each other. My heart needs time to calm down before it beats out of my chest.

Chase and I decide to take a stroll through the forest where we did a lot of talking. We came to the conclusion that when I got my wolf I never actually looked into Chase’s eyes to know that he was my mate and I was his. He was devastated that I found my mate since even though he did not know that we were mates he had developed feelings for me.

When he asked me if I had feelings for him I decided to answer him honestly.

I did not know.

I was fighting hard not to fall for anyone since my parents being alphas' and all scared everyone. Since he became my shadow I felt so much safer and he allowed me to be myself for the first time in my life.

Chase leads me back to the packhouse and we walk inside hand in hand. Chase gives me a squeeze letting me know that he is here for me. Madison and Carl have made their way into the living room where everyone is telling them how sorry they were.

Madison looks over at us as we walk in and she sees that Chase’s fingers are intertwined with mine and I expect her to get angry that is all she has ever shown me when it came to Chase.

A sad smile pulls on her lips as she gets up from her seat and makes her way towards us. She surprises me by pulling me into a bear hug, “I’m happy for you Melody,” she whispers to me and then pulls away.

“Thank you, Madison.”

She hugs Chase and whispers to him, “Take care of her or else you have me to face.” He smiles at her and says of course.

My parents look at each other and then look at me, “you finally found him.” My father says and gives Chase a hug, “if you think you should be scared of Madison you better be careful I have a pack of wolves and I am not scared to use them.”

“Yes sir,” my mother punches my father on his shoulder playfully.

“He’s kidding,” she makes her way towards me and congratulates me.

Even though we lost someone near and dear to our hearts wolves know that they are in a better place and that when our times comes we will meet with them once again.

We stayed together all of us not as a pack but as family.

When everyone left Chase pulled my mother and I aside and said that he had a surprise for us. He blindfolded us and guided us to his car.

“Where are we going?” I ask as my mother sat quietly by my side in the backseat.

“You’ll see.” After a while of Chase driving, he finally says we have arrived and he helps us out of the car.

“Alpha Blake watch your step.” What kind of hell would he be in if my mother fell under his watch? “Well remember when we were trying to get your mother back and you told me a story?”

“Um,” I do not recall.

“Its the reason why your pack is called the moonless pack.” Ah!

He removes our blindfolds together. Chase drove my red Jeep up the mountain where we can clearly see the moon in the sky. My mother gasps, “I promised to bring you here,” her eyes gleam in the moonlight.

“And then I promised to bring the both of you,” Chase adds. “Happy early birthday,” Chase comes to me as I watch the moon awestruck.

“You remembered,” His chest presses against my back as his chin rests on my head.

“I remember everything that has to do with you.”

To think a month ago I was writing in my journal daydreaming about the day that I would get my wolf. A month ago I was this little girl scared of running into the forest.

In a month I have learned to fight for myself, felt free, suffered heartache, and became this complete badass chick that even the alpha of the rogues does not want to mess with.

I never thought I would get my wolf and find my mate. Now with my wolf by side and my one true mate standing here, I feel as if I can take on the world.


Back home I read over my journal. How much have I changed since my uncle decided to pay us a visit?

My mother knocks on my door.

“Melody,” my mother opens my door a crack.

“Come in,” I sigh closing my journal. Trevin walks in with my mother and plops down on my bed like the good ole days.

“Can we talk?” I glance up at her. Her fierce red hair is pulled into a ponytail as her silver eyes fall upon me.

“I guess,” after Chase dropped us off I wanted to shower and head into bed but it seems that I am wide awake.

She makes her way to my bed and takes a seat on the corner, “it has to do with Luke.” His name is like adding salt to the wound.


“I wanted to tell you my version of that story.”

“You don’t have to,” I start but she stops me.

“Let me get this off of my chest,” I close my mouth and let her proceed. “When you were born I knew Ivan was going to try his best to come after us so I did what any other person would do. I ran I’m not proud but I did what I had to to keep you alive.”

I never thought of my mother as the type of person to run.

“One night I was attacked by wolves that Ivan sent out to come after us. We barely made it out alive and your father found us. He was angry but most of all hurt that I would run and not let him protect us. He brought us back to the packhouse and we were being constantly attacked. Ivan wanted to know what our child looked like.”

“After seeing that he could not break through he stopped or so we thought. One of our scouts saw him in a town just out of our territory and I was hellbent on making him pay. We decide to hit him with all we had and we went to that town. When we stepped foot on their land they came after of like the hellhounds they acted to be.”

There is clear pain in my mother’s eyes. This left emotional scars.

“An all-out fight broke out and Luke’s mother came after me. Deranged and ready to kill me for sending her mate, Ivan, far away from her. I did see Luke at the time hiding by a tree. I wouldn’t hurt a mother that her child depended on to survive. Her pack would not back away for my pack did what they had to. She clawed me across the chest and that’s when my wolf lost it. Then she said the thing that would send me over the edge. I hope Ivan kills your child so he can take his rightful place.”

“I had lost it and went after her. She’s a mother she should have known not to go after my child. When everything was done I didn’t want to leave the child out in the cold we searched but never found him.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, “Mom.” She looks up at me, “I never doubted you for a second and I even tried to tell Luke that you would have looked for him. He was just like his mother.”

“I just wanted you to know what happened.”

She kisses me goodnight and Trevin stays in my bed as sleep takes over. My life is about to take an unexpected path but I’m ready for anything.

Trevin curls closer to me and my wolf settles in for the night.

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