Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

It appears as if Chase is trying to be on my family’s good side.

Hopefully, he gets along with my uncle.

Good luck with Madison, she seems like she ate something bitter when she couldn’t come to get ice cream.

Being childish,
Melody Hunter

“Andrew,” my father yells from the door as we are about to climb into the Jeep. I had to fight tooth and nail with them about driving since it is my car. When they tried to convince me to go in one of their cars I threaten on not going. It worked and now we are about to leave when my father stopped us.

“Yes oh mighty alpha,” my uncle uses his mocking tone low enough so that we can hear. I cover up a giggle and Chase gives my uncle a shocked stare.

“I forgot that we need to have a talk.” He steps out of the doorway and into the porch.

"About...Nevermind it must be important."

“But dad,” I whine childishly and at the moment I did not care I wanted to have some time with him, “can’t it wait ’til morning,” I add with the same annoying voice.

“Actually no it can’t, Andrew, you know what it is about,” my uncle nods and looks back at me.

“I’m sorry pumpkin,” I sigh in defeat. Chase's chuckle gets caught in his throat at my uncle's nickname for me.

“Let the kids have some fun they need it after today,” my eyebrows shoot up and I glance over at Chase who is standing there with no emotion on his face.

“Yeah, you two need to relax a bit go and get some ice cream on me,” my uncle goes to his back pocket and produces a wallet. Chase clears his throat.

“No need sir. It is on me,” Madison’s words come to mind, ice cream is childish.

“I-” I try to interject but no one seems to be listening to me.

“Are you sure? She loves her cone with three scoops, Oreos, and double dipped in chocolate for that added crunch.”

My god, just tell him my entire life story already why don’t you!

“Don’t worry I think I can afford her appetite.” He smiles down at me and I want to punch him in the smug smirk of his.

“Careful she might make you eat your words,” my father says making my eyes widen and look over at him.

“What the hell, dad,” I shout at him.

“I’ll keep all way of communication open if you need anything, like cash.” My eyes shoot daggers at them as my uncle runs inside knowing that this can end ugly.

“Sir, do you mind if I take your daughter on my vehicle,” I just won this conversation!

My father takes a moment to mull it over and he nods, “just take care of her...And don't let her mother know.”

“Yes sir, that way she has no way of escaping as well.” My father nods and throws a kiss my way.

“Love you,” he says and walks inside the house behind my uncle.

“You don’t have to take me out I can sneak into my bedroom if you want,” I start but Chase is no longer by my side he is walking back to me with something shiny in his hands. As he gets closer I see that it is a helmet. “Sneaky werewolf traits,” I blurt it out.

“These sneaky werewolf traits are no match for you anyways,” he says when he reaches me and without missing a beat plants the helmet on my melon and pushes it down.

It is a tad too big for me.

“You have a big head,” I state as the helmet falls over my eyes, he snorts and tightens the string that is under my chin. His hands close to my face makes me nervous actually anyone getting close to me physically makes me nervous. “Okay that’s enough,” I push myself away from him.

“I swear yesterday you were all over me and now you’re all that’s enough,” I can feel my cheeks heating up and I huff up a breath.

“Yesterday never happened you got it,” I seethe at him and stab my finger into his chest.

“Yes ma’am,” he smiles at me and I roll my eyes.

“Where is your scooter?” I snipe at him and he laughs loudly next to me.

“I don’t drive a scooter,” he retorts.

“I saw you like a Vespa type of guy,” I snap at him and he gently puts his hand on my shoulder and straightens me a bit pointing into the trees. I squint trying to see what he is pointing at and my eyes adjust to the darkness and I see a motorcycle.

“You know what I’ll meet you over there instead,” a lump starts forming in my throat and he can sense my nervousness.

“Are you really scared?” He states rather amused.

Where is your sense of adventure?

“No, let’s do this! I'm still driving, right?” I smile at him and he shakes his head. He knows that I never drove a motorcycle in my life and would not entertain the idea of me driving one now. He walks ahead of me and as I take a couple of steps the plastic barrier falls in front of me making me yelp.

Chase looks back at me chuckling, “you’re worse than a child.”

With the barrier between us, I stick out my tongue and follow him to his bike. Chase stands next to the bike for a moment and he grabs something from atop of it that I did not see. He hands it to me.

“Wear this it gets cold on the ride.”

I stare at his leather jacket and look over at him to give him a smartass remark but I see that he is not letting me out of this one. I slide my hands into the sleeves and it fits me big as well. Chase looks over me and takes the zipper and zips me up. I stand back and he takes his cue and climbs on first then turns to look at me.

“You’re not wearing a helmet?” He shakes his head.

“I only carry one helmet and out of the two of us I would rather be hurt than you,” my stomach churns, “because your parents would kill me.”

“Asshole,” I whisper to myself. He puts his hand out and I grab it as I hoist myself over his seat and straddle the bike. I try to put some space between us but there are two things stopping this from happening. One the seat is inclined so I am press against him and two he has an ass on him taking up some room.

“Are you all set,” he turns and I shrug at him.

What more does he want from me? I’m on, aren’t I?

“You’re going to have to hold on to me if you don’t want to fly off.” He says as he starts up his bike making a loud revving noise.

“I think I’ll manage,” I shout into his ear and he tries to find the amusing smile on his face from me.

“If you say so,” his hand twists on the handle and his foot pushes down and the next thing I know my back flies back as the bike revs forward. I scream and wrap my arms around him and press my head against his back.

“I told you,” he shouts as the wind brushes past us and he revs onto the road leading into town. I did not dare to let go of him or to look at where in the world he is driving me to.

After what feels like eternity Chase parks and I lift my head and glance over him. We are at ‘Terry’s Ice cream and Yogurt’.

Chase climbs off with ease as I stay planted in my seat. He turns and helps me take off the helmet. “You’re pale,” he states. I roll my eyes.

“Whatever,” I snap and look down at the seat where Chase was just a moment ago.

“I bet your legs are stiff from holding onto the bike. Stay here I’ll get your ice cream and then we’ll go for a walk. Stretch out your legs I don’t want you to fall.” I wave him off and he walks into the ice cream parlor alone with my eyes following him.

I could not imagine myself being close to Chase. He is my shadow and the shadows before him have quit because I am intolerable and I know that I get on his last nerve but he stays and even when he could be anywhere else he chooses to come over and have dinner with us and get ice cream with me.

What’s the catch? What does he want?

I sit there waiting for him and the fact that getting off this thing and face planting is not something that I look forward to that is the only reason why I am still here.

I unclench my legs from the frame of the bike but the tingling sensation runs up and down my legs. I sigh knowing that I am not going anywhere. The giggle makes me look up and I see Ginger and Kelly and a group of girls tailing them. I know Ginger and Kelly from school. The princesses that always get what they want, maybe Madison will like me to introduce them to her. Ginger, the more obnoxious one of the pair looks over at me and then looks down at the bike that I sit on.

“Look what we have here,” Ginger says to her cohorts. Her dark eyes take me in and then she glances over at her best friend Kelly.

“What did the dog whisperer get a promotion?” Kelly smirks at me as her cohorts laugh at her stupid comment.

“Shut up!” I snap at them and look at the door. I see Chase walking this way with both our ice creams in his hands.

“Is that a man’s jacket?” Ginger gasps and Kelly looks over at my attire.

“It appears so,” she narrows her eyes on me.

“And if it is? What’s it to you?” I growl at them.

“Who would be interested in the weirdest girl at school?” I am considered the weirdest person on campus for a lot of reason but two are the biggest. The school is packed with werewolves who tend to stay clear of me in fear that they might do something to upset the alphas, some know that I am the alpha’s daughter other smell them on me, and the humans well the girl with the wolf as a pet tends to make anyone not fit in.

“Melody I got your ice cream-” Chase looks at me and then turns to look at the girls gathering in front of me.

“Who are they?” He says quietly as if they were animals or someone that does not understand English. I can see the twinkle in both Kelly and Ginger’s eyes as they take in Chase.

“I’m Kelly,” she steps forwards and stretches out her hand and nods at her since his hands are full at the moment.

“And I’m Ginger,” Ginger pushes past Kelly and gives Chase a huge smile.

“Hello?” Chase turns to look at me, “how are your legs? Are you going to be able to walk?”

“They feel numb but I’ll manage,” Chase walks closer to me and lowers his shoulders so that I can use them as leverage to get off. I do and stand straight next to him giving him a stupid triumphant smile like a child taking their first steps. “Do you want your jacket?”

“No, keep it on. It seems like the temperature is going to drop,” Chase nods for us to walk forward and I look at the girls.

“Bye,” my voice is laced with venom and they glare at me.

“Laters,” Chase smiles at them and we walk into town. He got me the cone with three scoops, Oreos, and double dipped in chocolate he does pay attention and for him plain vanilla in a cup.

“You don’t like cones?” I ask as I stare at his ice cream.

“Cups are less messy.”

He doesn’t like to get dirty yet he drives a motorcycle, men!

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