Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

I do not fit in with the humans from my school. I do not fit in with the people from both packs. I am a freak in both sides. I get strange looks from the humans because I rather have a wolf than a dog. The pack does not know where my loyalty lies.

It sucks to be me at times.

The Freak,
Melody Hunter

Chase and I wander aimlessly through the small town passing people and stores left and right.

Nothing in the town really catches my eyes since it has not changed since I was born. Chase's mouth chatters away while I lick away my diminishing ice cream.

For once it seems like I am around a friend, instead of my shadow. Chase seems to be relaxed as he digs into his ice cream.

"Fuck! What are they doing here?” Chase’s outburst makes me look over at him and his eyes seem to darken as his gaze is locked straight ahead. Following his stare I see a group of boys hanging out in front of Pete’s Pizza Parlor.

“I have half a mind to kick their ass out of here,” he hisses between clench teeth.

“Wow, might as well ‘kick their ass’ for loitering in front of a business,” I put air quotes on kick their ass since there are about ten of them and one of him.

“Melody, can you not at the moment this is serious,” he growls at me and he dumps his half-eaten ice cream into a trash bin, “we should go!”

He motions to grab my arm but I dodge his attempt.

“What? No way, I am here to have some fun and you’re going to let them ruin it! What a lousy shadow you turned out to be,” I know that this would ruffle his feathers.

"Melody,” his voices lowers to an aggravated whisper. I walk backward toward the boys that seem to get under Chase’s skin.

“What?” I ask innocently as I keep on my path.

“Stop,” he growls louder at me and I see the glimmer of his wolf shining in his eyes.

“Hammer time!” I scream in delight and turn around not realizing how close I am to the boys. There are twenty eyes on me as I stare at none in particular. I might be human but the way that they stand and the way they carry themselves I know that they are wolves.

“What do we have here?” The blue-eyed emo looking boy stares at me. His long black hair hangs over his forehead and his eyelashes are so dark that it appears as if he were to be wearing eyeliner or mascara. He has his back press up against the wall with one of his feet resting against the wall as well. He is surrounded by the boys but when he pushes himself off the wall they clear a path for him.

“None of your business,” I snap at the boy before me. When he was up against the wall he seemed close to my height but now that he is coming closer I see that he is so much taller.

“You walked onto my turf babe,” he smirks at me and my breath hitches.

His turf! You must be some special kind of stupid.

“Your turf! Last time I checked this was Moonless and Crimson Moon turf, turd.” I seethe at him and suddenly there are nine pairs of shiny eyes on me.

“You mentioned those good for nothing alphas' to my face,” the boy’s jawline tightens and a low rumbling of a growl bursts through his chest as I am quickly push back. My body reacts and closes my eyes waiting for whatever going to happen happen. His arms encase me as I hear his protective growl.

“Back off Mack,” Chase’s voice is low and malicious. I open my eyes and my cheek is press against his chest as his arm has my wrapped by his side.

“Oh look its Chase the alphas' little guard dog. Or better yet the alphas little bitch,” Mack chimes and the rest of the boys laugh at his pity comment. “Who is this? Your mate,” I look up at him and his eyes stay on Mack he does not look down at me.

“Not my mate, my girlfriend.” He says I cannot be his mate since he is not as protective and as aggressive as a mate would normally be.

“Girlfriend you say,” Mack looks down at me and winks. I grimace at his pass at me, “maybe she wants a real date with a real man.”

“I’d rather date a stray dog,” I snap at him and his eyes filled with anger.

“You have a feisty one here Chase, you better be careful her mouth might get you into some trouble.” Chase presses me closer to him and rolls his lips back a bit. His fangs are protruding and he is showing them that he is ready to fight them if the time comes.

“My pack will be here at any moment I suggest that you run,” he breathes in heavy from his mouth. The other boys glance at each other unsure of what to do. They must know that they can kick Chase’s ass when he is outnumbered but when his pack is coming they do not stand a chance.

“Yeah run back from where you came from with your tails tucked between your legs,” I add. Chase looks at me giving me a ‘would you just shut up’ look.

“Boys go,” Mack says at his friends and they run away. “’til next time Chase and I hope to see you soon babe,” he gives me a quick smile and to my utter surprise blows a kiss my way as his face leans closer to mine.

Anger flashes through me and I cannot stop myself my mind does not register what my body is doing until it is too late. My hand shoots up and I smash my ice cream into his face.

“Fuck,” Chase mutters as he pulls us further away from him and he shoves Mack away at the same time. Chase gives us as much space as possible.

“Hopefully you don’t clog the toilet you nasty turd!” I yell at him as his eyes widen with anger and I have never seen it happen before but I have heard stories.

When a person momentarily loses himself to their animal and looking at Mack’s eyes that might be what is happening right now. Mack shakes his head as if he were fighting with his mind and when he finally stops his head snaps in my direction. I push myself closer to Chase.

“I knew there was a reason I liked her,” he chimes as if I did not just smash my ice cream in his face.

He wouldn’t happen to be lactose intolerant, would he? Doubt it!

Chase's head turns to the side as if he were to be listening hard for something and Mack gets the hint and runs off behind his friends.

“For the love of God Melody are you trying to get us killed?” Chase’s sighs loudly as he releases me. The look of fierce infuriation hits me and I coward away from him.

“Isn’t that what a girlfriend is supposed to do?” I try to lighten the situation.

“I had to say something or else he would do whatever he can to get you,” I roll my eyes it is my turn to get mad but I remember what he said.

“Is the pack on their way?” I need to mentally prepare myself for my father or even worse my mother.

“No, I lied I know that they would find out that you invoked this little encounter.” Chase rolls his head around as if he has a kink in his neck.

“What is wrong with making friends with other wolves,” I yell at him and I know that Mack is not someone that I should even try to befriend.

“Make friends Melody, make hundreds of them, but do not go after the rogues. They are not anyone else’s friends but their own kind. Do you even know who their mortal enemies are?”

I swallow down, do I even have to guess.

“Your pack, your parents, and you! Do I make myself clear? If Mack would have known you were the daughter of the alphas we both would be dead right now.” His words sink in and I feel this tight lump in my throat.

“God Chase, make me feel even more stupid,” I turn around and walk in the direction of the ice cream place. I want to go home and forget that tonight ever happened. I deliberately walked up to a pack of rogues I should have signed my own death certificate. I can sense Chase behind me following.

“Melody,” he whispers my name and I stop in my tracks not turning to him, “you know that I would not let them touch you as long as I was breathing.”

My eyes well up with tears and I cannot help the sob that escapes me. If only my wolf would make an appearance I wouldn’t be so damn vulnerable. Chase comes to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

“Come let me get you home,” he presses me tighter to him as if not wanting anyone to see me cry.

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