Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

I made a huge mistake. It could have cost me more than I bargained for. I swear I will be the cause of my own death and unfortunately the death of someone I love dearly.

Seeking death,
Melody Hunter

Chase walks me back without saying another word.

Can I blame him? My stupid actions ruined a perfectly good outing.

I didn't put just myself in danger but I put his life on the line and didn't think twice about it. There was no way for me to know that Mack was a rogue. No way for me to even really see what kind of danger there was in front of me.

I do not fight Chase when I climb onto the bike and I willing wrap my arms around him as he settles himself on his seat. Chase puts on my helmet and makes sure that it is as tight as it will go and without much trouble starts up his bike.

I press my head against him and close my eyes as the wind whirls all around me.

How could I be so stupid? Mack could have easily ripped my throat out and left me for dead.

The revving of the motorcycle makes me realize how close I am to being home.

My parents would probably chain me up to my bedroom floor if they knew what I did. Can I blame them? No, I deliberately walked into the wolf’s den.

“Hold on,” I can feel Chase turn his head to look back at me but I cling to him tighter. The bike skids to a stop and that is when I open my eyes.


I am home and the lights are on that only means one thing-they are awake. Pushing myself away from Chase I stretch my legs out. Chase gets off with ease and before I can even try to get off Chase’s hands encase my waist and he lifts me off with ease. My own hands grip his shoulders as I try not to fall forward.

“Well,” the anger in her voice is laced with venom, “I see that you two had a great outing.” Madison is standing by the door and her eyes glare at me and they lower to see where Chase is holding me.

“What?” Chase is like a lost child.

“Goodnight,” she snaps and turns around pulling the door wide open, “bitch,” she hisses before walking inside.

I groan and step away from Chase. “What’s her problem?” He asks and glances over at the door as if she were to reappear.

“Are you blind?” I question him as my arms cross at my chest, “she obviously likes you, you dipshit!” I growl at him but I drop it quickly when I notice that my growl is nothing like his and the other werewolves, theirs were more animalistic. His eyes widen and he turns to look at the now-closed door.

“You think so,” I groan in frustration and throw my hands in the air his leather jacket brushing coolly against my cheeks since it fit me very big. “Oh,” I shrug out of it and turn to face him, “here thanks for letting me borrow it.” He comes to me and takes the jacket from my hands.

“Anytime,” he smiles at me as my eyebrows pull together.

“See ya around,” I turn to face my humble abode. Taking a deep breath I walk up the steps and hurriedly rush to the door Chase’s gaze burning my back. Walking inside I turn back to close the door, my hand grips the door frame when I see that he is still standing there staring at me as if he were waiting for something to happen and I cannot help give him a small smile in return and close the door gently.

“I swear father I don’t want to be in this house a minute longer,” her screams make me turn on my heels.

“What happened, Madison?” My uncle comes after his deranged daughter as her murderous gaze lands on me.

“She happened!” She hisses, I have never known real fear until this very moment, Madison is coming after the kill and I am her target.

“Madison, what the hell,” she lunges at me as I stumble back colliding with the door, except doors do not hold you up. Madison’s fangs are bursting through her gums and her wolf wants to surface, she is beyond angry.

“What is going on?” My mother walks into the hallway as she looks at everyone in front of the door. My uncle is holding Madison back as she tries to come after me her arms stretched out before her as her fingers strain to grab ahold of anything that is close to her.

“Alpha Hunter,” I look up at the supposed door that is holding me up and Chase is there looking at Madison with anger in his eyes as well, “I thought it was safe for her here I guess I was wrong,” his eyes zero in on Madison and she stops struggling in her father’s arms.

“Madison, what has gotten into you?” My uncle firmly stands her up straight and she glowers at him.

“Melody, that’s what! She gets absolutely everything she wants and she knows that I liked Chase and what does she do!” I narrow my eyes at her and the fact that she is a fully transformed werewolf is the reason why I do not climb over her and scratch the hell out of the pretty face of hers, “she throws herself at him.”

“You stupid bitch,” I push myself away from Chase and try to get to her but Chase is not letting me get anywhere near her.

“Madison and Melody stop this right now,” my mother’s alpha’s tone has never worked on me since I am not yet a werewolf but Madison’s body slumps into her father’s arms as she wants to keep attacking me but she cannot disobey the alpha.

“Madison, Melody has known Chase for a while already, he’s her Shadow for Pete’s sakes. If Chase likes you go after him, not your cousin!” My uncle snaps at Madison.

My cousin more like my mortal enemy!

“Take her home, Andrew.” My mother orders him my uncle nods and looks down at his daughter ashamed with her actions. He carries her out of the house once she is out of the house Chase releases me.

“Are you okay?” I nod at him and shrug. “Is that a yes or I’m not sure,” he lowers his head so that he can look deeper into my eyes and I shrug once again.

“I’m sure that I want to head to bed,” he nods his understanding, “goodnight.”

“Night,” he mumbles as I go upstairs but not before hearing my mother say something.

“I need to talk to you Chase,” Holy crap! I turn into the hallways and stay as quiet as possible. “Why is the scent of rogue lingering around you?”

Please don’t tell her.

Chase mutters something incoherent to my mother.

“You know better than anyone that we want her to stay clear of them. If you can’t do your job I’m going to have to find someone who can,” her words make my breath hitch, Chase is the only Shadow that is barely tolerable and now she wants to replace him.

“Don’t worry I can do my job!” He states clearly.

“You better hope so, now head home it’s getting late.”

“Yes ma’am,” I can see him tipping his cowboy hat if he wore one. The door opens and then closes behind Chase. I walk to my bedroom as quickly as possible closing my door as quietly as I can.

I need to talk to him!

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