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The universe is full of multi-dimension world and magic that connected everything and everyone. The world was saved by certain people ten years ago from a destructive person called Delta. But now a new generation had begun and a new adventure is looked forward into the present.

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Chapter One: Generation Begin

The world was not once but twice that it was in trouble. Crimson was defeated and so was Delta also. They both had fallen during the battle of their best abilities but they failed to succeed and made world domination. The fight between the monster, robots, humans, and other hybrid creature were done a long time ago. But it is not over yet. There’s still more evilness and darkness await for them all who were apart of Ufaro.

On one bright morning spring day, the sun was mildly hot and the air was a bit chilly than normal days on the island of Ufaro, making the heat of the sun nice and the coldness of when the wind past by neutral. On a metal fence of an abandoned building next to the outer wooden wall of Kiffel. A ten years old girl skate on the metal fence with her both roller skate boots. She slid across and around the building for fun, doing tricks like front flips, spins, and sometimes backflips. Her name is Ayumi Flarefire, daughter of Salemitina Flarefire. She had a cyan ponytail that was held by a single magic ring metal, eyes, and wore blue dragon forged earbuds which act as a hearing aid. Also along with a cyan shirt that doesn’t cover her stomach, short pant, roller skates, gloves, and a dimensional emblem on her neck.

“Weee heeeee!” Ayumi shouted as she leaped out of the fence and slid her way into the nearby forest with birds and animal that gotten startled. After a while in the partially dark forest, she saw three boys who picked on a boy who were hopeless and also held onto an orb. The poor child wore a green shirt and had brown hair. The other kids had a red and dark t-shirt with dark hair and partially fat except the one with the dark orange bandana which seemed to be brown.

“Give us that!” One of the bully requested as he kicked the hopeless child in the right thigh.

“I would not give the orb to you.” The bullied child replied, gripping the orb as tight as he can. The other bullies kept on kicking him from his arms to his legs. Even his face too. Ayumi slid down rocks to rocks and entered the business with a leg swept on one of the bully legs. The other kids stepped away from Ayumi.

“Leave the kid alone.” Ayumi stepped up for the kid. The kids were older than her, around in their middle school age. The leg swept kid stood up and gritted his teeth by didn’t show because of his bandana over his mouth. He was the leader of his group, going by the name of Skar.

“No way. You just got lucky. I’m not gonna get defeated by some wimp like you. Get out of the way.” Skar warned as he stood up with his fist tightened.

“And that’s when I refuse,” Ayumi replied while she pointed at him but they decided to charge in. Ayumi jumped high onto Skar’s head and darted at one of the people, knocking him then leaped off of him and spin kicked the other enemy. Skar turned to her, rushing at her. Ayumi reacted with a leg sweep again then into a spin side kicked at his face which made him rolled backward. The three stood up and ran away.

“You were just lucky. We’ll be back!” Skar warned and then left along with his friends.

“Don’t come back unless you wanna lose!” Ayumi shouted back and then faced the kid who were once bullied. He stood up with a dark green orb on his hand.

“Thank you.” He said and then bowed in respect. “My name is. . . KKKKKKKAAAAAANNNNNN. Kan Kan Kan. Just Kan. Only Kan. No kan you let me go?”

“Ummm sure,” Ayumi answered.

“Goodbye, I kan-na get going. Bye!” Kan said and then sprinted away deeper into the forest with his orb on his hand.

“Well then. . . I’ll get going too.” Ayumi said to herself and slid away back to the Kiffel village. She entered through the wooden structured gate and into a large village where adventurers or travelers went to. The sky were a bit filled with riders who ride on dragon wyvern. Not only that, the stone road had some technology people roamed around the magical area. She wandered the area, skating on rooftops and people’s luggage. She rushed to go to her school in Kiffel which is located in the expansion part of the village, entering the entrance door and right into the hallways. The school were made from marbles and smooth stone along with some metal structure which kept it stable. Kifalocross school is where any kid goes there to learn many things included alchemy, magic and also combat which were meant for self-defense. Ayumi secretly snuck right in her classroom on Four-A of the second floor, going to her assign desk seat.

“Ayumi Flarefire!” The female teacher with a white coat and a pair of glasses which goes over her brown eyes along with her lizard scales, Ms.Daran.

“Yes?” Ayumi nervously responded while she softly grinned in silence.

“Why were you late for class?” Ms.Daran angrily mentioned. Ayumi looked at the clock on the wall next to the door.

“I was only a few minutes late,” Ayumi answered. The teacher banged her hand onto the table and sighed.

“One more time and you get a detention,” Ms.Daran responded.

“Ok. . .” Ayumi said and then whispered to herself, “This school is boring. I wanna do something fun.” She glanced outside the window for most of the class, not paying attention to the lesson. She saw only normal usual stuff like birds, dragons, hybrids, and creatures. Nothing interested her currently except for a bunch of random people doing elemental magic outside the school. “They so lucky. Wish I had magic classes. . .” She murmured and put her head against the wooden well-made desk.

Time goes by fast and school had reached the end of the day as the sky were still bright and had the same breeze.

Ayumi returned home from school, entering the forgery of her father who was currently collided metal with metal at his forgery area. That person was Tyler who had brown hair and wore a blacksmith apron which was covered in dried metallic liquid metals.

“Hey, Dad!” Ayumi politely said. Tyler waved his right hand that had a hammer. Next to him is a furnace, an anvil, a table, and from the other side of him is a bench with man-made technology.

“Hello CHILD!” Tyler grinned and then continued his works.

“Hello DAD! Can I go outside for a while?” Ayumi asked her blacksmith father. Tyler nodded in agreement.

“Thanks.” Ayumi smiled as she roller skated away from the forgery to go meet up with someone at a small hill right behind the forgery. She went her way up the hill and encounter a friend of her. “Hi, Jason!”

“Hello Ayumi,” Jason responded. Jason had a leather chest plate and pant along with a green hood and cape. Not only that, he had a right golden metal arm aside with a golden long blade on his back.

“I’m ready!” Ayumi shouted while Jason took out two wooden swords. He tossed one for Ayumi and put his golden sword aside to use the wooden one. Ayumi grabbed it and then pointed the sword at him. Jason is going to instruct her of combat with a sword but a crimson scout ghost watched them in every movement.

There were something had been building up from the beginning of the new generation. A nano armored man with a red transparent scythe and a mask that covered the face, Dretheus, levitated in mid-air along with a person right next to him who was a fake human kid with dark purple eyes, dark hair, and gray crimson hunter armor. Right in front of those two are a large chubby robot, kneeling down in loyalty. He had a normal mechanical left hand and a right hand equipped with a magma fire heavy flamethrower. Not only that, he had a mouth on his main body which acted as a hot furnace.

“How may I serve you lord Dretheus.” The robot asked. Dretheus looked down upon his war servant with his left hand which floated the orb that was able to see what the scout saw.

“After a long while within the next day, we will send you into battle. Right now, we need a distraction. Shadaro.” Dretheus commanded while Shadaro stepped forward, transforming his crimson armor to normal civilian clothing.

“Right,” Shadaro replied. Dretheus put the orb aside his left hand reached out in front of him.

“Firen, go contact Kyroptus,” Dretheus said and then calmly sat on his energy scythe which had no effect. Firen stood up and fire teleported away. Dretheus took out the immortal emblem and sway back and forth with it. The crimson corruption emitted from it bound with the dark corruption also.

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