Family House

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She screamed. And that thing scream back at her They had been living there for a long time, until someone else came and joined the fun...

Fantasy / Mystery
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Luna's night

Her small, helpless voice echoed through the dark corridor as she slammed her hands harshly at the thick woonden door, knowing that they wouldn't be able to hear their own daughter.
"Father! Please, help me!"
She screamed out in fear, feeling the eternal darkness of the night slowly swallowing her up. Silver tears escaped her ocean blue eyes, landed on the porcelain skin of her cheeks.
She turned around to face the surrounding, her heart beating fast, she couldn't see anything but the blur shadows of who-knows-what in the distance, behind the furnitures, behind the doors, behind her, slowly feeding on her fear, slowly approaching.
She couldn't move, her small figure shaking under the little moonlight came from the window.
She couldn't breath. Her long black hair falling from her shoulder to the white dress she was wearing, now stained with tears of fright.
And it came again.
The pain from the inside, torturing her, made her feel like exploding. And despite how much she tried to press it down, it still there, haunting her, mocking her.
Know that she was now alone with her fear, that she could have done nothing to change it, she stood up. The cold surface of the old wooden floor creeked out everytime she made a step forward, like it was telling those things around her.
The cold wind from the window came in, harshly pushed her forward and like that, she ran, careless about everything surrounding her, with an unbeatable will of ending the toture pain.
A loud 'thud' could be heard in the distance. She didn't know what it was nor did she had the will to find out.

Finally, she reached it, the goddamn bathroom. Not a second was wasted as she slammed the door open and got inside. Everything felt like paradise as her pain of suppresing that giant cup of milk before bed was now released.
Suddenly, all the lights went off and the bathroom door slowly creeked open.
She screamed. And that thing screamed back at her.

I was woken up by the sounds of weak knocking at my bedroom door. In the slumber mess, I heard her small voice.
"Darling, your child is up."- I said in the sleepiest voice, hand lightly shaking my wife.
"Before sunrise, she is your child, Albus."
I sat up, totally defeated but then gave up on being a good parent and fell back down on the bed. The seductive softness of the mattress and the alluring warmth radiate from my wife slowly luring me back to sleep.
But then her small footsteps woke me up again. She was running. Too worried, I forced myself back up on my feet and stumble to the thick wooden door of our bedroom, only to tripped over air and kissed the cold floor of the corridor.
' Thud'
The painful sound of my face hitting the floor echoed through the darkness.
Then a loud door slam at the end of the corridor could be heard.
I stood up, followed the small path of moonlight from the window, to the bathroom, where I assumed she ran to.
Standing before the barely lighted bathroom door, I thought to myself 'Door close, lights on, everything is fine, my baby is doing great by herself'. And when I finally felt like everything was normal enough to get back, it hit me.
My daughter was a 4 year-old girl, she couldn't reach the light switch. So how come the lights were on.
"Shit!"- I cursed out, turned all the lights off and cautiously open the door.

As they screamed at each other in fright, Luna giggled in delight, as she watched them from where the lights couldn't shine.
The livings are so interesting.

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