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Andy's birthday

“Today is your birthday?!“- I said while pouting - “Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I could have a prepared a gift and we could have had a party, it’s my birthday too, you know, so I want everyone to be happy!”

He just looked at me and smiled, his green eyes shone bright under the sunlight, messy brown locks moving with the autumn breeze. He always looked happy.

“Who are you talking to, darling?” - Mother asked after entering our small playground in the garden.

I didn’t know how to explain this to her because when there were someone else, he would never speak a word about us, just like now, he kept on smiling and only looked at her with those sweet green eyes.

“Well, say something to her, Al. You can’t just be quite like that”- I insisted. I liked Alberfored really much so I wanted everybody to acknowledge our friendship, but today, I had failed again.

“I will let you do your thing then, darling.“- Mother said, quite confused as she left us alone in the garden once more.

I looked at him, disappointed. He stopped smiling, cherry lips curved into a small pout, rosy cheeks puffed up.

How could I be angry at him?

I only looked because I knew that even if I try, no one would believe our friendship is real. They couldn't see so they wouldn't know, couldn't hear so they wouldn't know, couldn't feel so they wouldn't know. That made me really sad, but I had to be happy, for him, so I smiled again.
He smiled back, honey brown eyes disappeared behind the long lashes.
And we started playing, not giving a single care about the world because for now, it was only us that mattered.

The party had started as every kid in the neighborhood came and celebrated our birthday at the small park near the cemetery.
There was everything a child could have wish for in their bday party, from colorful balloons to all kind of sweets and cakes. And of course, tons of gifts.
I sat next to him the entire time, though we didn't talk much, I could sense the happiness in his eyes, that was enough for me to smile.
Everyone went home after and left us all alone in the park.
They said that 'Time fly faster when we are happy" and they were right. We sat together, no one but us, in our own world, talking, feeling each other presence until the sun started to go down.
He looked at me with those brown eyes that shone under the dying lights of the sun, we both knew what this meant.
Our time together had ended.
"Can't we stay like this for a bit longer?"- he asked me, honey eyes filled with sadness. I could only looked and reached out to hug him tight, my own eyes started watering.
"It's time to go home, my friend"- I forced out a smile, because I too, want to be with him a bit longer.
I stood up, slowly leaded him to the table and took a small cupcake and a candle from what was left of the party.
He took his hand in mine and like that, we walked to the cemetery, tried our best to enjoy the last minutes together.
The warm lights of dusk shone on our path, autumn breeze caressed our skin. I didn't want to let him go.
There was just us in the cemetery. He stopped walking when we reached the small tombstone, tears rolling down those pink pale cheeks.
I turned around and faced him, tears threatening to fall. Lighted up the candle on the cupcake in our hands, I sang:
"Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you"
He smiled through his tears and started to sing along.
"Happy birthday to me"
We stopped and stared at each other. He smiled at me and finished the song: "Happy birthday to me."
He looked at me again with those sweet brown eyes, tears wouldn't stop to fall as he giggled and slowly faded into the warm lights.
He looked happy now.
A single tear escaped my eyes. I kneeled down and put the cupcake on his grave.
Happy birthday, Andy.

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