The Alpha’s Queen

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Three years ago, she moved away from home. A big secret that ruined the reality of who she was, is and meant to be. Moving away from the big city life will finally bring her peace and harmony. Or so she thought. She loved who she was. She was proud, dangerous, mysterious, rebellious, she was lightning and a queen in her peers eyes. But she wanted to get away from all that. Not a fresh start, but a change for a while. So she moved to a place where nobody knew who she was. Except her grandmother. But things don't always go according to us now do they?

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Chapter 1

I stood outside the big glass doors as I waited for someone to open the door.The place was big. For someone who lived alone.But I had seen better.

From what I saw in the short drive from the airport to here, Black Forest, Colorado was surrounded by forests everywhere. Even here, from what I made out at my grandmothers place, where I'll be staying for as long as I'm here, the forest begun where the backyard ended. I didn't exactly inform my grandmother of my arrival, so she'd be in for a big surprise. Besides, it's been ages since I last saw her.

The only reason I'm here is because I wanted to get away from my old life for a while. I'm tired of running from something that is inevitable. So the best thing to do is to delay it for as long as possible. No one will think of looking for me here anyway. And i trust that dearest grandma will help me out.

"What can I help you with miss?" I'm assuming the butler, asked as he opened the door.

I plastered a big fake smile on my face. Of course he wouldn't know it's fake. I'm too much of a good actor.

The butler raised a questioning eyebrow at the bags placed near my feet.

"I'm here to see my grandmother."

"Who is it Joseph ?" I saw my grandmother come from inside the house. Her face lit up in recognition."Oh My God. Is it really you darling?"

I gave her a wide authentic grin,"Sure am grams."

"Oh dear," She came forth with unshed tears as she hugged me to her heart's content. I hugged her her back as well, because you know, I missed my grandmother as well.

She pulled away and observed me her hands still holding me , " Have you come to stay?"

"I have." I replied. "I'll be staying for some time. I was thinking till I finish high school and a while after. If it's not too much of a burden of course."

"Of coarse not darling!" she exclaimed. "You are welcome to stay as long as you need." She then turned to the butler, whose name is Joseph, "Well don't just stand there! Take her bags inside. "

"Come on in darling. Let me give you a tour of the house" She pulled me inside showing me around and leaving the doors open for Joseph to fetch my bags.

The interior of the house was just as well as the exterior. It was cozy and a little historical with a touch of modern to it. A big chandelier hung above our heads as soon as we entered. Further, there were two spiral staircases situated opposite to each other . The space in between the two staircase was occupied by sofas and couches near the wall arranged in a circle with a round coffee table in between.

"The kitchen's right here," Grandma said as she guided me inside one of the two doors on the left , this one was the kitchen and the other was probably the dining room. The kitchen was divided in the middle by two counters. It was spacious, the kitchen. On the extreme right was the refrigerator and the stove was a few feet away from it. There was a door less entrance on the right which probably lead to the dining room.

"We don't usually eat in the dining room because it's only always me and sometimes Joseph and Gloria" Grandma said sitting in one of the chairs by the counter.

"Gloria?" I questioned

"She's the maid and cook."

"Oh. By the way, for a house that looks pretty big from outside, it's pretty small from the inside." I said leaning against the counter.

"It's not."She chuckled lightly. "Come on, Let me show you the rest." She said dragging me outside the kitchen. We walked to the other side of the staircase. we passed a small yet wide corridor with a few pictures on the walls. There were sofas and couches again on the left side with a TV hung on the wall. "This door leads to the basement." She said pointing to the door on the right."There is also a gym down there."

"What do you need a gym for?"

"Joseph uses it sometimes."


"Yes. Now, the first door over there on the left is a built in home theater, the next door leads to the game room. And over here," she guided me towards the right ."That door up ahead is the library. And these glass doors lead outside to the pool. You can see the pool from the windows in the library. That door over there in the middle is the backdoor. It leads to the backyard."

"Wow. You weren't kidding when you said you set the place up for us." A few years ago when grandma moved to this small town, she wanted me and my brothers to move with us. But we didn't want to. She tried to persuade us, said she'll set the place up just like we want it to. She said she'll set up a library, game room, theater, a pool etc. True to her word, she did.

"I did say i would." She chuckled, " Now, let's show you to your room".

She guided me through the corridor and up the spiral staircase on the right."Your room is on the first floor" There were two corridors, I could see three doors on the left side and only one on the right." That room on the right is yours. It's the biggest room after mine." She lead me inside the room. There were two couches on the left and a small coffee table and on the right was a door." This is your shoe closet." She said pointing to the door on the right. The wall ended a few feet after the door. we went in further and to the right, there was again another door on my right and the wall adjacent to the wall on my right had another door, a few feet after which was the balcony. A king sized bed situated in the middle of the room against the wall, was on a black fluffy carpet, which was a little bigger than the bed. A desk with a computer was on the left side against the wall. Two black side tables were kept on each side of the room . The couches were black and grey. My bed was grey and red. The walls were black. All of it was just soo cozy and perfect.

I threw myself on the fluffy bed sighing, "This is perfect grams."

She chuckled,"I knew you'll love it. Oh and this door on the right is your walk in closet, which I'm sure you will stock over the weekend. And the door adjacent is the bathroom."

"Thanks grandma." I yawned.

"You should probably rest now. It's already late" She said noticing my tired state.

"Oh and don't forget, you'll start school this Monday, so better prepare yourself over the weekend."

"Sure thing.." I whispered, already halfway to the distant land of dreams.

I felt a feathery kiss on my forehead and a faint goodnight before I fell in the waiting arms of sleep.

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