The True Luna (Book 1)

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The house was quiet as June stepped through the front door. Despite the late hour, going on four in the morning, she wasn’t tired. The adrenaline and anticipation coursing through her veins kept her eyes open. She didn’t bother turning on the lights as she crossed the living room and walked up the stairs. In her hand, the paper was gripped tightly.

She stopped at the hallway closest first, grabbing the four candles and the red lighter that sat on the top shelf. Her footsteps were light as she went to the bedroom. Her eyes glowed as she June tapped into Genesis to see in the dark. Donovan was were she had left him.

Tearing her gaze away, June placed the candles along the room. She placed one on each bedpost at the foot of the bed. The other two were placed on the nightstands, one on the right, one on the left. In the center of the box was her mate, his chest moving up and down slowly. Next, she drew back the window curtain, letting in the moonlight. The silver rays coated the alpha in their light.

Voco super matrem suam,” June recited as she lit the candle on the right nightstand. She stayed inside the box as she continued to light the candles one by one while speaking, “Luna et stellae. Eos deducere in domum suam. Pone rectum in statera.

When the last candle was lit, the fire swelled as the power of her words echoed inside the nexus. June placed the lighter aside and crawled on the bed. Her heart was racing as she straddled Donovan’s hips. As she called Genesis forward, she moved her hair to the left, baring the right side of her neck. Unlike all the times she had allowed to come forward, this time was different. They shared the power and together, as one, they lowered their head to Donovan’s neck. Their nose ran over his skin until it met the space where his collarbone connected to his neck. June sucked in a breath and then it was over. Their teeth sank into the alpha’s neck without mercy.

His reaction was instantaneous. His body arched towards the moon and a deep, lust ridden moan filled the room. June’s eyes shut on their own as she felt her connection with Donovan deepen. Genesis felt it as well as she let out a howl that filled June’s mind.

And then it was over. Their teeth retracted and all control was snapped back to June. She leaned back and stared, willing the alpha’s eyes to open. After a minute, when nothing happened, she felt her heart break. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she made a move to get off Donovan but before she could even move a centimeter, two hands grabbed her by the hips, holding her in place.

June sucked in a breath as his eyes snapped open, revealing two glowing orbs. Without warning, she was pushed down onto his chest. The alpha nuzzled his head into her neck on the side that she had left bare. Donovan’s wolf growled in approval and his chest vibrated as he spoke in a distorted voice, “”

She jumped when his tongue licked the side of her neck and then sighed. There was something sensual to it that she couldn’t explain. When he did it again, her legs clenched around his waist on their own accord. June could barely keep herself together as she demanded, “Mark me.”

The wolf didn’t need further prompting. One of his hands found her hair and gripped it tight, holding her head still. June was putty in his hands as his teeth dragged across her skin. When he bit down, raging want filled her. The feeling intensified tenfold when the wolf’s teeth sank into her for real.

At first, all she could feel was fire. The sensation scorched her from the inside out, razing all that it touched. She felt the cells in her body being ripped apart. The unexpected pain made her jerk back, but he held onto her steadfast while keeping his teeth inside her.

“It hurts,” June cried as her eyes overflowed with tears that trailed down her cheeks.

The wolf responded with a grumble and then another until a strange sort of song filled the air. June shut her eyes and focused on the sound, letting her mate calm her racing heart. He kept it up, even when the pain began to retract, replaced with utter bliss. The feeling she had had when she marked him minutes ago intensified by a thousand. She could feel him, everywhere, inside, making them not two halves of a soul but one in total.

When he pulled away, his teeth leaving her neck and his hand her hair, June fell limp against him. His hand dipped under her shirt to rub her back in small circles. Finally, able to rest, she felt the day and the effects of the mark catch up to her all at once.

June was pulled out of sleep as Genesis grew restless in her mind. Even in sleep, she was are of her other half and today was no different. Without words, she tried to calm the beast, but she didn’t relent. After another second, June realized there would be no more rest, she opened her eyes.

Her brows pulled together at the sight of a half empty bed and she realized why her wolf was acting off. They had grown accustomed to their mate by their side as they slept. Seeing him gone was…wrong.

This time, the anxiety was all June’s as she pulled back the duvet and stood up. Her neck snapped to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. Before she could stop it, all control was yanked from her as her wolf forced them to pull open door. Steam clouded the room but it wasn’t enough to hide the naked man in the shower.

Donovan’s head tilted back with his face to the spray, eyes closed. He pushed his hair out of his face as his eyes opened. They found June’s instantly, making the alpha tilt his head to the side, “Baby?”

June felt her eyes glow as her gaze roamed over his body. It should be illegal to hide such a body underneath clothes. The sight of water raining down over his bare, tan skin was tantalizing. A hunger June had never felt before, not even with Jace, grew inside her belly, threating to swallow her whole if she didn’t act.

And who was she to deny basic instinct?

Faster than she thought possible, June was opening the shower door She didn’t even notice her wolf giving back control because at that point, it didn’t matter. She was too far gone as she stepped under the spray still wearing her clothes. They clung to her like second skin as she jumped on the alpha, his hand catching her under her thighs. Her back went to the walls and his lips went to hers.

When they pulled away, June laughed, “Hi.”

Donovan removed one of his hands to push her hair off her face, tucking it behind her ear. His voice was warm as he greeted, “Hello.”

She put both of her hands on either of his cheeks, feeling the growing stubble scratch her skin. Biting her lip, June’s face went hot as she admitted, “I marked you. I…it was the only way to- “

“Don’t apologize,” Donovan cut in, leaning into her right hand. His eyes shined, glowing just a smidge, as he said, “It may have not gone the way I planned, but it doesn’t matter. I couldn’t be happier that it's you who I get to spend the rest of my life with. I’m going to thank the goddess for that gift every day I’m alive. I’m yours.”

June pressed her forehead to his, closing her eyes, letting out a breath, “Yours.”

Donovan let out a growl of satisfaction and pulled away. Her neck arched as his lips went to her neck, pressing soft kisses to her mark. Bolts of electricity zapped her insides, warming her lower half. When his teeth grazed the mark, her hands went to the bottom of her shirt. She met his eyes as she pulled it off and then reached around, unhooking her bra.

The alpha’s eyes went wide and his cheeks flooded red. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her bare skin as he stuttered, “June, you took your shirt off.”

She smirked and shrugged her shoulders, getting a kick when her mate watched the simple movement while she said, “Well, I’m in the shower, aren’t I? Now, are you going to put me down so I can get out of these wet pants or are you just going to stand there?”

Donovan’s eyes snapped to hers as he let out a strangled groan. His eyes flashed as he commanded, “Hold onto me.”

June’s brows pulled together but she did as she was told. Her hands went around his neck. She jumped when Donovan’s cool fingers brushed against the line of her pants before slipping inside. His fingers hooked the hem and he tugged them down. Her grip tightened as the alpha’s eyes grew brighter with each inch of her skin that was revealed. One leg at a time, he freed her from their confines and then discarded the leggings on the shower floor.

Before they could kick off, June placed a hand flat against his chest, saying, “I’m not on birth control and I definitely don’t want to have a kid right now.”

“Neither do I,” Donovan nodded, he set her body down on the floor. Reaching behind him, he shut the shower off before opening the door. Before June could step out, she was in his arms again, being carried to the bedroom. Gently, he set her on the bed and pulled open the first drawer of the nightstand, producing a square packet. His eyes asked an unspoken question.

In response, June trailed her hands up his chest and gripped his shoulders, pulling him down to her. When they broke away, Donovan opened the packet, ready in seconds.

His hands took their place back on her body, starting with her hips and going up with light touches. His lips went to her chest, leaving no skin unkissed. She clenched her legs around his waist and felt her soul sing for his as their bodies merged into one, setting their bond in stone.

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