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Chaos breaks out when a Southern rookie soldier captures a test subject from the North, unleashing a series of events that might unleash a World War. In a world divided by four sectors of a compass: North, South, East and West, the Northern government establishes a soulless, emotionless city going by the name of 'Entity'. To avoid any attempts of War, the South sends one of their best rookie soldiers, Connor Wang, on a mission to capture one of the North's test subjects: a girl without emotional recognition or memory of who she was, with only the fear of the North and an abstract familiarity that she finds in Connor's presence. As the South attempts to understand the North's motives through the mysterious individual, it grows apparent that this girl, who might be connected with Connor in a number of ways, was a vital asset to their enemy, one that they'd do anything to get back even if it meant going on a full-out war and putting everyone's safety at stake. But this battle meant that lives would be taken, faith would be stolen and truths that were better off unsaid were revealed.

Fantasy / Romance
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The world was ugly, foul and harsh.

Divided into two extremities; The South and North, the good and bad.

Thirst for power broke out into a raging war that took countless innocent lives and even more harmless captives, youngsters and adults alike. Children were taken from their families and brought over to the North, in which they were used for a developing project that might risk the cost of their lives without them even knowing it, going by the name of “Entity, a city in an isolated deserted area where no human being were to be found at the perimeters of its border. Unknown to many because of the uprising and consequences of the war, they decided to turn it into an army-based camp whereby the only way out was to fight your way up the training system in order for you to become an assassin, that was the rule they lived by. Suicide rates went up by a quadruple amount. Individuals that couldn’t stand the government’s harsh environment killed themselves to be free, while others would not find solace anywhere. Back at Entity, no one was your friend, or your ally. It was you and you alone. It was impossible to make friends and gain relationships because of all the treason they had learned to do. Lies, spins and webs of lies could easily fall out of their mouth as simple as a ‘good morning’.

Everything had been fine then. The training system kept growing and becoming stronger, the test laboratories kept finding new cures and unbeatable weapons that could help oneself in battle, but not until they found out the ultimatum that would help them take over the world.


Emotions were the key to failure, they presumed. Emotions were the way whereby many individuals would sacrifice themselves; emotions were the way to kill someone if it was wished.

Emotions helped people understand, sympathize, help each other.

And that was, indeed, what they didn’t need in this society.

Filtrating the particular substance into the water filters, the government watched as the society slowly turned into something they hadn’t been expecting at all. People stopped communicating with each other, people stopped caring. During battles, they’d be merciless they would kill their opponents within a blink of an eye. As they watched the final evaluation stages and kept an eye on the ones ripping over’s throats out, they had turned and nodded their heads at each other. They had found it, the key to success, the key of ruling the world.

And that was how they founded this Soulless, Emotionless City.

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