The Villain Who Goes Against Fate

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Defying fate, gaining power and ruling the world with the help of a system. Once the son of a Duke, Haelfir Aegir became the hated Villain of an otome game. But that was all because of the Will of the World. If fate hadn't made him the Villain, he would have found a nice boy to settle down with, but instead, he commited suicide with the guilt of his dead sister and exiled parents weighing down on his heart. System 01 didn't want to be a pawn to gain power for the Administration anymore, and so he seeks help from Haelfir and together, they hopped through worlds and hope they gain enough power to escape the clutches of fate. WARNING The MC is gay but there wouldn't be much romance. The story focuses more on gaining power.

Fantasy / Adventure
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My name is Haelfir Aegir. I come from a planet called Fantasia where the strong ruled the weak.

My Father, Aleister Aegir, was the Duke of the Blade Kingdom. He had a Wife, also my Mother, named Sylvia Luna. I had a younger Sister, Esmeralda Aegir, who was named after my Grandmother from my father's side.

We were the perfect family. My Mother and Father were perfect together, being loving to each other and my Sister and I, but ruthless when it comes to the kingdom's matters.

My Sister was obedient and a very cute child, with big, round eyes and rosy cheeks, managing to capture the hearts of all the older ladies whom then wanted to kidnap her and make her their own child. When she was 10 years old, she was tested for her Magic Aptitude and we found out that she was a genius, just like her older Brother (me), and she managed to enter the Magic Academy even without the help of our parents. She had an affinity with three elements — fire, earth, and nature — which was very rare because having three elements meant that she was a one-in-a-hundred-years genius.

I was the oldest Son and obviously am the best. I had an affinity with lighting and darkness, both very rare and destructive elements, which made me a one-in-five-hundred-years-genius. I was the pride of my parents and the role model of my Sister.

We were perfectly happy and content with how we were until that day.

A girl transferred into the Magic Academy. It was said that she had the light element, which was even rarer than my darkness and lightning elements combines. There hasn't been a person who had this affinity for two thousand years, which naturally made the girl a national treasure.

I was curious and went to investigate the girl myself. When I saw her, I immediately felt a pull. Not that kind of pull that your heart gets when you fall in love.

It's hard to explain but it feels like I was meant to be with her. Which was weird because I knew I was gay.

But as the curious person that I was, I approached her and got to be her Friend.

Once we got to that stage, the pull felt stronger. I got more possessive and couldn't bear to let anyone touch her or even go near her.

I knew it wasn't love, but I still felt the need to protect her.

And so, I stupidly followed my instincts.

At that time, I had avoided that girl, because I felt conflicted about my feelings.

By the time I stopped avoiding her, I found out that she was already friends with the Second Prince.

Now that really got me confused. Because I had a crush on the Second Prince.

On one hand, I felt jealous of the girl getting near the Second Prince, but on the other, I felt possessive of the girl and didn't want the Second Prince to go near her.

And so, I went along with the feeling that was the strongest. My possessiveness.

I went against the Second Prince every chance I got. Be it the choices that he made or the things that he did, I went all out on criticising him.

I didn't know what got into me.

One day, I found out that my Sister was bullying the girl because the person my Sister had a crush on, a random Earl, liked the girl.

That was when I snapped. All the negative emotions that I had stored up was released onto my Sister and I accidentally killed her. I had finally blackened*.

*Meaning turned evil or something similar.

My life went downhill from then.

I went into depression and my craziness and possessiveness overtook my whole mind which led me to kidnap the girl and chain her in a house located deep into the Forest of Death. I didn't do anything to her, just kept her there and fed her at regular times. Just doing that kept my craziness at bay.

A week after I kidnapped the girl, the Second Prince found the house and took the girl back, of course, not without detaining and chaining me up.

The Second Prince thought I liked the girl so for my 'punishment', he didn't kill me immediately but instead made me watch his journey to enthronement and his wedding with the girl. He also made me watch him take away the title that my parents worked their entire life for and exiled them.

My guilt was at its peak by then so I committed suicide by banging my head onto the prison walls until my skull was completely broken.

So how am I still narrating this story you may ask?

Well, my soul was found drifting in a void by a System and we made a contract.

That's when I found out that my whole life had been a lie.

Apparently, the world that I had been living in was what some people called an 'Otome Game', and I was supposed to be the Second Male Lead of the game.

But my character went off track and I became the Villain after some unexpected settings such as my sexuality which led to some of my actions being not according to script.

After finding that out, I was livid.

So my Sister's death, my parents demotion and exile, and my miserable life was all just a game?!

The experiences and emotions I went through all this time was because some person planned and wrote it down. Doesn't that mean I was designed to just be a stepping stone for the Second Prince and that girl?!

So that's why I felt that pull. Because I was fated to become someone else's stepping stone and the world had to somehow get me to play that part.

Damn the world. Damn fate. Now that I'm out of the system of the world, I'm writing my own fate.

Father, Mother, Sister, I'm going to become the most successful person in this universe in your honor.

Thank you for giving me a good life and a good family.

Now it's my turn to pay back everything that you have given me by doing what you always wanted me to do. Reach the highest point that I can go.

Now that I have a system, I can be the most powerful person in all of existence.

I know that just having a system doesn't mean that I will become the most powerful, but I will do everything to reach the top.

If there are other systems and hosts, I will gain strength and become more powerful than all of them.

If there are gods, I will slay them.

If there are demons, I will massacre them.

And one day, I will gain enough power to override the contract between me and the system so that I wouldn't be held back by it.

Nothing will stop me, not even fate.

But first, I have to start my journey to the top by going to my first world.

( ^ω^ )

Hey everyone. I'm doing this for fun so don't expect much. Stability of updates will be crap. Story plot will be almost non-existent. But if there is a miracle and there is some kind of accidental story plot, then good for me.

Please comment if there are any errors or if there are any places that I could improve on. Because I'm writing each chapter on a whim, feel free to tell me if there are anything you would like me to add in this story.

There would sometimes be a vote if I can't decide which option to use so look out for them and vote!

( ^ω^ )

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