Clash of swords

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A desert,a bay,a land A fierce fight for the throne A CLASH OF SWORDS is a fantasy epic story inspired from the series a song of Ice and fire. it includes the fight of people in a desert and a few pirates to get to the throne of the ultimates.

Fantasy / Action
Syed Rayan Ahmed
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on guard

In the middle of the great Gatsby desert
Two young men were going through the desert."hey Chinsar can you please slow down a bit" said Rayon.Chinsar replied
"oh come on mate I am already going really slow,we have to cross the Gatsby should we not"."well do you not know that I am fat as hell"said Rayon.


CHN-"fat you are but you're fatness can not let you down can it ?"


CHN-"where should we stay tonight tonight should we go to the alansari camp well we can get any better place in a desert"

RYN-"no Stalin camp must be the best place we can get"

CHN-"Stalin camp I think there are a lot of people telling that it's a place for thieves to raid"

RYN-"come on mate if you didn't want to do what I say then why did you ask me"

CHN-"OK then it's true what you say your funeral"

At Stalin camp at 9 o'clock

RYN-"see how good the dinner was it would not be that good in the place that you suggested"

CHN-"well Rayon the only thing you care about is food"."come on let's go to the tent to sleep"

RYN-"forget to mention that you care about sleeping"

At Stalin camp at 12 o'clock midnight

CHN-"Rayon wake up can you hear some noises"

RYN-"come on mate why why did you wake me up at this time yes I here few noises"

CHN-"they must be thieves go ahead and get your sword we have to find them with other people of the camp I warned you before"


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