Nox Inferno

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Owls are restless creatures, the same could be said with Twyla Chantelle. She hated being in her normal, stuck in the rut small town. All she wanted to do was do something, or be something else. Well, she got exactly what she wanted when Ravenwood, a prestigious school of mystery and literal demons accept her. If things weren’t weird enough, she finds out she isn’t exactly human and she has to protect those like her with a group of students known as the Nox Knights. She was assigned by Satan to do one thing, protect these demons and don’t die. Easy enough but to add high school drama and love. Her life changed from the most boring to the most unusual in one fell swoop.

Fantasy / Romance
Dahlia Fortía
4.9 16 reviews
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He sat on his throne looking into a portal mirror.

“Next” he shouted, and the image changed.

He scowled at the image in the mirror and shouted, “Next!” Once more.

“Nothing” He scolded at the mirror, “Why are humans so irrelevant?” he wondered out loud.

A soft chuckle bounced through the walls and a girl emerged from the shadows, “Are you trying to find another guardian?”

“Yes, and I was thinking human this time, but all those mortals are greedy idiots.” The girl looked up at her father and laughed once more.

“They sound just like you.” She teased and the man’s face softened.

“How about you help me?” He smiled at his favorite daughter.

The girl bounced over to her father’s throne and picked up the mirror. She closed her eyes and thought very hard, “you wanted a mortal, right father?”

“Yes.” he stated.

“Oh.” she sighed but then smiled at him, “what about a half-mortal?” she asked.

The man scrunched his eyebrows, “What half-breed? Most of them have been destroyed.” He stated quizzically.

“Well, this one is still young, she doesn’t know it yet.” The girl smiled at the image inside the mirror.

“Show me.” He commanded and the girl placed the mirror in his hand.

A girl no older than sixteen stood, smiling up at them. She had dark black hair that looked blue in some places and brown eyes, that looked red in the sunlight.

“Mirror, tell me about this girl.” The man boomed at the mirror.

“She is the age of sixteen. Turned sixteen in December. Her mortal mother, Alexandria Amanda Chantelle and demon father, Leviathan Corten. Her adopted mortal father Tomas Chantelle. Grade A minus student, participates in the spring musical each year. Her blood type is--”

“Where does she go to school?” The girl interrupted and her father shot her a look, “What? I want to know where she is from.” The man shook his head.

“Crescent Moon Prep. A small public school in the small human town, Crescent Moon.” The mirror responded.

“How far is that school from Ravenwood?” The girl asks and her father glowered, “Last question. I swear.” She replied.

“6,263 miles.” For once the mirror gave a brief answer.

“What do you think, darling?” The man asked.

“She is going to be in for a big cultural shock.” The girl laughed and clapped her hands.

The man nodded, “Mirror, notify Ravenwood, that I have picked a new guardian. Let the Nox Knights, know that they are to tread lightly before helping her activate her powers.”

“Yes. Lord-” The mirror responds.

“One more thing.” The girl interrupted, and her father shot her a withering glare that has made hundreds tremble.

“Yes, princess.” The mirror responds.

“What is her name?”

“Twyla Chantelle.” The mirror answered.

“That will be all, mirror.” The man said before his daughter asked another question.

“Yes. Lord Satan.” With that the mirror turned dark for the briefest moment before looking like a normal mirror.

Satan chuckled, “Oh Miss. Twyla Chantelle I can’t wait to meet you.”

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