Nox Inferno

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Chapter 10: Introductions

From a distance it looked like a one-story house with a beautiful wooden deck. The bright moon made the house to shine like it was made with thousands of stars.

“Don’t tell me you are getting emotional over a house. That’s so weird” Kai’s tone sounded condescending.

I whipped around to look at him, “I am not!”

“You are such a couple.” Alvina shook her head and tsked.

I said the first thing that popped into my head, “Gross!”

“Yeah who would want to date that.” He sounded almost angry at the thought, and my guts twisted a little inside.

I guess I didn’t eat enough, maybe they have food inside.

Alvina looked back and forth between us, “Whatever. Let’s go inside, you should meet Peter and Mama Fra.”

I nodded, not know what she was talking about, “Let’s go.” I pivoted on my heel and stalked to the door. I don’t know why I was getting all worked up for.

Realizing I didn’t have a key, I turned back around. Everyone was where I left them. Alvina was shaking her head with a smirk, Kai was glowering, Zephyr was grinning, and Clementine looked as confused as I was.

“Didn’t you want me to meet someone? Let’s go, I’m getting cold.” I said, though that was a lie. I don’t get cold easily.

“Sure, you are.” Alvina walked over to the door with a lanyard in hand, “This is an official Nox Knight lanyard, you will get yours tomorrow.”

She touched the lanyard to the door, and it opened. Just like that, no electronics or anything.

“It’s magic you know.” Alvina said with a laugh.

“I know.” I spluttered. I don’t understand why that shocked me so much, I knew about it already. I guess I am so use to people telling me magic doesn’t exist. I mean people fall in love all the time. It’s always described as magical, so how can someone argue that magic doesn’t exist.

“Good, you looked a little surprised.” Alvina laughed some more as she pushed open the door and yelled, “Mama Fra, Peter we are home and we have the new recruit!”

“You guys left her veil, I told Peter to go bring it to you.” A woman called from the shadows of the house.

Alvina entered the dark house, I followed in after. As soon as I walked through the threshold the room was exploding with light. From outside, it looked empty but now inside a sense of warmth filled me. Nothing like the house back home, this place felt real. Not like photo out of magazine, this place has personality. Down to the multicolored rug that didn’t match the couch, or each wall painted a different color. One wall was a dark blue, one was a deep pink, another was a light orange and the other was all glass. Is there a reason, for the glass walls? I thought demons hated sunlight, or was that just vampires? Each wall had a different door, the place looked so lively. In the center was a woman who looked no older than mid-thirties, but I knew that was not the case.

Her eyes glowed pinked, she looked shorter than Clementine. Her hair was tied in a sleek bun and her hands where clasped together, “Hi, my name is Saffra, or Mama Fra.” She smiled at me.

“Hello.” I waved back, just then a man emerged from the orange wall’s door.

“Oh Twyla, this is my mate Peter.” The man’s dark blue eyes reminded me of the person who is currently staring holes in the back of my neck. It’s like his eyes where leaving sparks on the back of my neck, and it was making me super uncomfortable.

“Mate? As in soul mate?” I asked.

“Yup, even demons have mates. You usually get them when you turn eighteen.” Mama Fra hugged Peter as if her life depended on it. I have never seen someone so affectionate.

“I gather, you don’t know much.” Peter says firmly as he wrapped his arms around Mama Fra.

“Only from what I read in books.” I replied quietly, but Peter heard me and started to laugh.

His laughter danced around the room, it almost put me at ease. I would be a whole lot more comfortable if I didn’t feel Kai’s eyes on me. I turned around and glared at him, but he responded with a fiercer glare.

“Peter and I are the head parents, which basically means we are watching over you so no hooking up happens.” Mama Fra winked at me and I turned red.

“Darling, stop doing that. She looks like she is going to die of embarrassment.” He said to Mama Fra, then he looked at me, “Here are the rules, no dating each other unless you are mates. If you are mates report it. You can date anyone else. No sleeping in the guys room and no guys sleeping in your room. No secret meet ups past curfew unless it is to train but you must let either Saffra or I know. That’s all I don’t think there is really anything else besides the regular school rules, you need to know.”

Why are all the rules about dating and stuff? Are they scared something is going to happen? They shouldn’t worry about that stuff especially because I am me. Too anti-social to be asked out.

“You should rest, you need to be up bright and early. Since you didn’t get the tour, we could do it before breakfast. Say, three o’clock?” Kai said placing his hand on my shoulder sending electricity up down my arm.

I moved away and looked at him incredulous, “Three o’ clock as in three am? That’s not happening.”

He stared at his hand for a moment before looking at me dead in the eyes, did he feel them too? That’s not possible because they aren’t real. With every second, his gaze turned harder and angrier.

“Four-thirty the latest. Be up by then, that’s an order as you Dux.” With that he walked to the blue wall’s door and pulled it open. He didn’t turn back as he slammed the door behind him.

“What was that?’ Mama Fra says frowning at the door.

“That’s not how a Dux should act.” Peter said at the same time

“I think I might know.” Alvina shook her head but didn’t further elaborate.

“Anyways, let’s show you to our room.” Clementine chirped.

She pointed to the pink wall, “That’s the Nox Knight girls’ room, the blue wall is for the boys. The orange one is where mom and dad sleep.”

“Mom and dad? They’re your parents?” I asked shocked. Come to think of it, Mama Fra and Clementine looked similar. From their short stature to their pink eyes, but it threw me off all the same.

“Yeah, it’s weird. I’m glad I was chosen to be a Nox Knight last year because before it was kind of awkward visiting them because they were here, training the knight.” Clementine said offhandedly.

“You aren’t born into it?” I asked.

“Nope. You are chosen because you play some part in Satan’s master plan.” Alvina interjected.

“Excuse me young lady but that, King Satan. Just because he isn’t here doesn’t mean you should speak about him so informally. We are Nox Knights after all.” Mama Fra scolded.

“Sorry Mama. It won’t happen again.” I could almost hear her say, “while you are around.”

“Come on.” Clementine grabbed my hand and lead me to the pink wall, “There are two bunk beds in there. Alvina and I took the two bottom ones, so you only have the top two to choose from.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at her.

Inside was a basic four deep pink four walled room. The best thing about it is, against the back of the room was two massive French doors.

“Over there.” Clementine pointed to the wall with one of the bunk beds and a door slightly ajar, “That’s the huge walk-in closet us girls share and there” she pointed to the opposite wall with the other bunk bed and another door. That’s the bathroom. It’s pretty big.” She plopped down on the bed against next to the bathroom and let out a sigh, “This is my bed.”

I winced slightly; I can’t imagine sleeping next to the bathroom.

“I think… I’m going to sleep on the other bunk bed” I fidgeted with my fingers, I didn’t want to sleep against the bathroom.

She sat up, her smiled dimmed, “Oh okay.”

I shook my head and hands furiously, “It’s not you! I don’t want to sleep near the bathroom.” I began to ramble, “I’m a light sleeper and I would wake at the slightest noise. It’s not because I don’t want to hang out with you or anything. I do, I think you are a funny person. It’s not-.” I was cut off by her laughing.

“You’re pretty funny. Don’t worry, you are just like Alvina.” She laughed some more but I let out a sigh of relief. I didn’t want to offend her or anything.

“It’s pretty late, you must be tired. Especially after learning all this information today.”

I was going to tell her I wasn’t, but a wave of exhaustion rolled over me, “You’re right. Do you know where my suitcase is?”

“It’s probably in the closet.” She replied pulling out her phone and began tapping away.

“Okay.” I walked over to the closet, as I opened the door the light flickered on. When she said huge, she wasn’t exaggerating. Back at home we had a medium size basement, this closet was at least twice the size of that. I was expecting to see my suitcase tucked away in some corner, not to be neatly hung up under a plaque with my name engraved into it.

“That’s so nice.” I said as I looked for my pajamas. When I found them, I quickly stripped out of my clothes and replaced it with my soft and fuzzy pajamas, “Hey, where is the hamper!” I called out.

“It’s in the bathroom!” Clementine shouted.

“Some of us are trying to sleep!!” Alvina groaned out not a second later.

Oh, my bad. I crept out of the closet and across the room to the bathroom. I found a small pink and white colored hamper that read, “Girl’s Dirty Clothes.”

I stuffed my clothes into it and went back into the room. Alvina was snoring softly. Clementine was still on her phone, she nodded at me. I nodded back and then climbed up the ladder at the side of the bed.

As I laid down on the sheets that smelled like my house, I was out like a light.

But I should have known, dreams are no longer a place for rest.

I was sitting at an extravagant table at the opposite end was a guy with blonde white hair and blue eyes. He smiled politely at me as he ate food, I just stared at him. He looked so angelic; it was breath taking.

“Are you going to eat? I prepared the food myself.” He asked motioning to the plate packed with food in front of me with his fork.

“No thank you. But who are you?” I asked as a sense of fear pooled in my stomach, something wasn’t right.

“I’m your soul mate.” He smiled sweetly; dread began to replace the fear.

“No, you are not.” I said automatically, ”I think I am done. “

I pushed away from the table, “Oh don’t be like that, dear.” He said softly.

“I’m ready to wake up.” I shouted but he laughed instead of fading away like I had hoped.

“I brought you here, so only when I say so, you can leave.” He stood up and walked closer to me.

“Stay back.” I said as I began to back away, but I hit a wall. “That wasn’t there before” I muttered.

“What part of, I control this dream, do you not understand.” He laughed again as he got closer.

“I don’t even know you.” I tried to push him away, but he didn’t move.

“My name is Gabriel; you can call me Gabe. I am your mate and you are mine.” He grabbed a hold of my wrist a little to tightly, I could feel his breath on my face.

“Let go.” I said in a low threatening voice.

“If that’s what you wish.” He kissed my forehead, his grip tightened on my wrist.

Suddenly the world faded away but not before hearing, “Until next time, my love.”

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