Nox Inferno

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Chapter 11: Superpowers

I awoke to the sound of banging, “Get up!” Kai’s voice penetrated the walls and bounced around the room.

I groaned out and flung the warm blanket off. The cold air enveloped me, any remaining drowsiness I had vanished.

“I’m up!” I shouted as I climbed down the ladder at the side of the bed.

I groggily walked over to the bathroom and closed the door with a slam. So Kai could hear I was moving around. I found a toothbrush with my name engraved on it inside the cabinet mirror. I began to scrub furiously, to a point it looked like I was foaming at the mouth. I hopped into the shower and ran the cold water. Once I was certain I was clean enough to start my day,

I hopped out and dashed to the closet on the other side of the room. My owl began to move around my stomach.

“Good morning, Nyra.” I hummed as began rummaging around the closet for my uniform, the only problem was I didn’t know what it looked like. Stuffed behind my clothes I found a dry cleaner’s bag, inside was what I assumed was the uniform.

I quickly pulled it on and turned to the full-length mirror, I was quickly caught off guard by my red eyes. I forgot this was my new normal, I stared at my eyes for a moment longer before I buttoned my white collared shirt and tucked it into my skirt.

Did I shave? I looked down at my leg, they look good enough.

I placed the dark red blazer with, what I assumed was the school logo, on and quite honestly, I felt badass. I felt like a spy going under cover, all I needed now was some shades.

I pulled on a pair of white knee-high socks before slipping them into a pair of black shoes with the school’s emblem on the side.

Finally, I pulled out a tie, how do I put this on? I shrugged and wrapped it around my neck. I’ll ask Alvina or Clementine for help, later. I passed a brush through my hair and tied it in a pony at the base of my neck.

“What think? Do I look good?” I asked Nyra as I noticed her head peeking out of collar. I got a buzzing from my neck; I’ll take that as a yes.

“Hurry up!” Kai yelled once more through the sound of his fist banging on the door.

I sighed softly; I wish he would give me a break already. I flung open the closet door and waded over to the room door.

“Twyla, hurry up! We are leaving now, if you don’t come out this second, we will leave without you!” He threatened.

I yanked open the door and glared at him, “I’m out.”

He raised an eyebrow, “You know you need to tie that?” He gestured to my tie.

“Oh, really I thought I was for show?” I responded sarcastically. He yanked on my tie and stepped closer, “What are you doing?” I panicked.

“Quit squirming or the tie will look crooked.” He muttered as he tied my tie. When he finished, he looked me in the eyes, “There, now you look perfect.”

I began to fidget at the compliment, “Thank you.” I smiled shyly at him.

“Are you love birds finished kissing!” Alvina shouted causing me to widen my eyes and step away from Kai.

Sitting on the sofa was Zephyr with his arm on Alvina’s shoulder starring at us and grinning from ear to ear. Alvina was wearing a similar smirk, if anything those two looked more like a couple than we did. Clementine was watching us and pouting.

“Let’s go.” Clementine huffed and walked to the front door.

I moved to follow her, but spark danced on my forearm, I turned to Kai who was staring at my arm. I tugged my arm way causing him to frown, “Don’t forget you need to wear the veil.”

“Oh right.” I nodded and headed to my room to find it, but the presence of my imaginary sparks stopped me.

“I have it right here.” He whispered as he tugged me closer to him. When we were only a few inches apart he pulled a black sheer cloth from his jacket pocket, “It’s magically enchanted. Once I put it on, only you or I could take it off. Though it looks like see through, no one will be able to see your face.”

His fingers brushed my temple as he pressed the cloth to my hair, I hope it doesn’t get stuck. I peered up at him, as he struggled to fix my hair, which I could only assume was in a half pulled out.

“I think you better take out your hair.” He muttered.

It took a second for his words to register, “Oh right.” I yanked my hair tie out and let my frizzy wavy hair fall just below my shoulders.

“You look better with your hair down.” He ran his hands through my hair.

“What is this? Are you reenacting a scene from Romeo and Juliet? Gag much.” Alvina shouted, I could hear the smirk in her voice.

“At this rate, we will never leave.” Zephyr commented.

I am so glad they can’t see my face right now, or else they would see I am redder than a tomato.

“Why must you mock me so?” Kai sighed dramatically.

I have never seen this side of him, it was quite entertaining.

“It’s weird seeing you in a veil.” Zephyr shook his head examining me.

My vision was so clear I almost forgot I was wearing it. I reached up and toyed with it, can they not see my face?

“Can we go now?” Clementine sounded peeved.

I don’t know why she was mad, “Where to first?” I asked her as I walked over to her.

“Let’s eat. I’m super hungry.” She responded in a chipper voice, but it still had a forced manner to it.

We stepped outside and the air brushed against. I inhaled filling my air with the morning wind. I held my breath for several seconds before releasing. Outside was still shrouded in darkness, as if no time passed since I entered the house last night

“What time is it?” I forgot to check the clock while I was getting ready.

Clementine peered at her watch, “About five o’clock.”

What!?! There is no way! That’s impossible! I feel so awake and I am not a morning person.

“As your demon side becomes more prominent, you will need less sleep.” Zephyr explained as he slung his arm around my shoulders.

“Aw but I like sleep. I don’t want less of it.” I let out an exaggerated whine.

“Don’t worry princess, you can still sleep.” Zephyr crooned

I shrugged his arm off, “Don’t call me princess.” I glared at Zephyr.

“Today, you are going to try a Nox Knight diet.” Alvina pipped up.

“No offense but why does your food look so weird.” I shuddered at the food I tried from Zephyr at Firestorm.

“Our food when grown is magically enhanced. Since magic comes with a price, the price is a different taste and color.” Kai informed.

“That is so cool!” I grinned at them, though they cannot see it through the veil. My life sounds like a page out of a book and I couldn’t be happier about it.

“You are super excited but remember you need climb down all the steps.” Alvina laughed.

“You guys can walk. I’m going to take a different way.” Zephyr backed away from the group.

He continued to back away, he was getting to close to the edge. But he didn’t seem concerned, he just grinned and continued walking backwards. His foot slipped and his grin fell as he tumbled backwards down the side of the mountain.

“No!’ I shouted and ran to where I had last seen him.

Suddenly an ink black raven emerged from the spot Zephyr fell from. soared high, and I remembered that he had a raven tattoo.

“We can turn into our tattoos!” I exclaimed, any worry I had was replaced with excitement.

I felt a buzzing from the center of my back. I can’t wait until I am soaring through the sky, feeling the wind on my face. Dipping through the air and letting my wings brush against the clouds.

“Don’t get too excited it takes a lot of practice to do. Remember Zephyr is eighty-six years old.” Kai intruded on my thoughts and burst my bubble at the same time.

I huffed, “Buzzkill.” I whispered.

“Let’s go eat. You are going to need fuel for the day ahead.” Alvina pulled me forward, towards the steps, my new mortal enemy. I glowered at them but continued to walk to them all the same.

“What other superpowers do you have?” I looked at her hopefully, maybe there is some easier magic to and still feel cool.

“They aren’t superpowers. They- “Kai began.

“Well depending on your eyes, you have different powers.” Clementine interjected.

“My eyes?” I reached underneath the veil and touched my red eyes.

“Yup. In your ‘Intro to Magic Divisions’ you will learn more about it. Basically, every eye color has a meaning and element tied behind them.” Alvina stated as we began climbing down the stairs. The stairs where still light like thousands of multicolor stars just like last night.

“Is mine fire?” I asked hopefully, people with fire magic are always the coolest in the movies.

“Yeah.” Clementine replied which followed by a moment of silence. This is weird, I feel like I am missing something.

“Where do I get my schedule?” I asked.

“You didn’t get it?” Kai asked, “Alvina I gave it to you.”

She shook her head, “No, you gave it to Zephyr. We aren’t the same person.” She shook her head.

“I need to stop giving him important stuff.” Kai shook his head. I giggled at his exasperation; Kai cracked a grin. “Look, I’m sorry for being so- “

“Contentious.” I interjected.

“I was going to say angry but that works too.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “What I’m trying to say is, I wasn’t being a good Dux. Can we start over?”

I turned to face him but was yanked back around to face Alvina.

“Sorry not sorry but can you guys not have another ‘moment’ on the steps.” She made air quotes around moment, “I’m trying to get food before our tour. I can’t do that if you are looking at each other likes mates.”

I reminded me of my dream from last night. But for some reason I thought it would upset the shaky truce I just formed and decided against it.

“So, besides the magic element stuff, is there anything else?” I changed the topic.

“Not very subtle are you.” Clementine whispered.

“As Nox Knights we have magical weapons.” Alvina helped. I shot her a grateful smile; which I am pretty sure she couldn’t see.

“Magic weapons-”

Kai cut me off, “We are here.”

I didn’t even feel tired, my body was already getting use to the exercise.

We walked through the Dungar entrance door, we passed through the open giant door. The sitting room was deserted except for a girl curled up by the glass window reading with earplugs in her ears.

She looked up and stared at me. Her eyes didn’t leave me until we rounded the corner, where I could hear chatter from the cafeteria.

If the rest of the students stared at me like that girl did, then I wasn’t ready to meet them. I began to fidget with my fingers, trying to calm the ball of nerves that where forming.

As we turned into crowded cafeteria all chatter stopped. I felt hundreds of eyes staring at me. Oh crap, I’m not ready for this.

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