Nox Inferno

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Chapter 12: Family

Hundreds of eyes, maybe thousands stared at me. I was so grateful they couldn’t see my face, or I don’t know what I would have done. My heartbeat began to speed up, sweat began to trickle down my temple, the walls began to close in, and the world was getting fuzzy.

A petal brushed against my neck, calming me down from my anxiety attack. The petals began to rain down on me, gasp could be heard from all around the cafeteria.

“Bow.” A faint voice echoed in my head.

This is it; I have finally gone crazy. This whole thing is a dream or a hallucination. Maybe I am in a hospital, imagining the whole thing. Or this is an abandoned building and I have been living alone for so long, I fabricated a whole new life.

“Bow.” The voice repeated.

“Nyra?” I whispered quietly.

“Just bow.” The voice sounded stronger as Nyra began to fidget on my left arm.

I fell into a deep curtsy; I think I am doing this right. The petals stopped showering me as the petals fell to the floor. Applause broke through the cafeteria.

“Twyla!” Zephyr raised his hand in the air.

I let out my breath which I didn’t realize I was holding and walked over to Zephyr, as fast as I could. I get why the Knights had a different room to eat in. It would be too uncomfortable to eat out here.

The cafeteria was silent for a little while longer before Zephyr growled out, “Mind your business!” Reminding me when we met yesterday.

“Let’s get you inside.” He whispered as I approached, “You look like you are about to faint.”

I nodded as the wall began to melt. I stepped inside the separate room and let out a long sigh. I think I just shaved off ten years of my life, I don’t like being the center of attention. Speaking of attention, I wonder what Adrian and Jasmine are up to.

I jumped when Kai said, “You can take off your veil, if you feel to uncomfortable to eat with it on.”

“Are you okay?” Clementine asked with more amusement than worry.

“I am not the center of attention type.” I replied.

“That’s stupid” Kai replied

While Alvina said, “Get used to it.”

They turned to each other, both raising an eyebrow at the other. How do people raise their eyebrows like that?

I struggled with the veil before it finally came loose. I think I need to start a carrying a brush with me. I tossed the veil on the table and used my fingers to comb through my hair.

Kai clamped a hand down on Zephyr, “Someone forgot to give Twyla her schedule.”

“Was that me?” He sounded scared but his grin said otherwise. He pulled out a crumpled paper from his back pocket, “Here.”

I smoothened the paper against the wooden table. I squinted trying to make out the words.

“I’ll get you breakfast.” Kai offered and I nodded.

With that, everyone walked through the melting wall. Leaving me alone to figure out my schedule.

If I am reading this right, it said:

1.Intro to Demonology (Ms. Akins, Rm 10): 7:00 – 7:55

2.Geometry (Mr. Lucero, Rm 36): 8:00- 8:55

3.Demon Lit (Mr. Macinnis, Rm 44): 9:00-9:55

4.Intro to Magic Division (Madame McKnight, Rm 50): 10:00 -10:55

5.Magic [Fire] Practice (Lady Oziel, level 4): 12:00-12:55

6.Weaponry (Sir Kennis, Level 2): 1:00-1:55

7.Combat I (Madame Bultiaire, level 3): 2:00-2:55

8.Combat II (Madame Bultiaire, level 5): 3:00- 3:55

9.Shifting (Madame Mai, level 5): 5:00- 5:55

10.Conditioning (Sir Peter and Madame Saffra, level 5): 6:00-8:55

What is the difference between rooms and levels? Why was there no meals listed here? I need food! Why is there Madame and Ms.? Aren’t they the same thing?

“You look confused.” Alvina said, snapping me out of my trance.

Kai placed a tray of many types of colorful Jell-O other weird assortments of unnatural foods, “Here, I’m not sure what you would like.”

I beamed up at him, maybe we can be friends? He looks like he is trying so I must meet him halfway, “Thank you.”

They all took their seats at the table. I gazed into Kai’s eyes a second to long because Alvina cleared her throat. I broke eye contact and looked back at my schedule.

“Why are there rooms and levels?” I pointed to my schedule confused.

“Any class that says ‘room’ is in Maraberry. Any class that says ‘level’ takes place in the Tunshaw Mountain. The regular students have a lot more classes in Maraberry, but as Nox Knights we have an even split.” Kai explained.

I nodded as I picked up my fork and stabbed into a black crepe looking food. The moment I put it in my mouth I spat it out. It tasted burnt and bitter; what kind of messed up people eat this?

“Put whatever you don’t like at the side. But eat enough because we have a long day ahead of you.” Zephyr suggested.

“Or you can have pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon.” Alivina offered. I nodded and pushed away my tray as she handed me a new one, “I’ll tell Myrtle that you prefer normal food too.”

She got up and walked out to the cafeteria, I feel bad. I stole her food.

“Any other questions?” Clementine asked.

“Why isn’t there no meals listed here? I like eating, I don’t plan on giving up meals any time soon.” I shook my paper as I dived into my food.

Zephyr chuckled, “Everyone knows that breakfast is from 5 to 7am, lunch is 12 to 2 and dinner is 5 to 7pm. Ravenwood trust you won’t skip your classes to eat but it’s open just in case you need it. When scheduling they give you fifty- five minutes to eat lunch and dinner.”

Wow, this school trust their students. That’s so different from my old school, we had teachers patrolling the halls. They treated us like children, and it was annoying.

“Oh good.” I muttered as I swallowed some pancakes.

Alvina entered again with another tray and two hot cholates. I pray that one of them is for me. My prayers were answered as Alvina handed me a cup. I feel bad, I am taking up everyone’s time.

I cleared my throat, “I’m sorry you are babysitting me. I know you could be doing something better. I promise I will learn fast, so I won’t be a burden.”

Alvina patted me on the back, “It’s only your first day, we were all like this at some point.”

“It would be different if you were here for two years.” Zephyr winked at me.

“We are family now, of course we would help you.” Clementine said but she didn’t look up from her food.

“We live together and die together. As well as everything else in between.” Kai smiled ruefully at me.

Family. I never thought I would be so happy to be called that. My family at home felt so empty but these guys seem to get me. I know I only met them yesterday, but I can’t explain it. I feel safe, I know they would protect me. They didn’t pressure me or judge me; I could just be myself. They mentioned that Satan chose us, and I was thankful for that. Thank Satan, that I found them. They might need me, for whatever reason but they didn’t realize that I needed them more.

I shook my head, when did I become so sappy? We ate in silence but unlike the other times it was more comfortable than awkward.

When I finished, I put down my fork and knife, looking at everyone eating so intently. I smiled at them and Kai looked up at me and smiled back.

“Are you done?” He asked.

I nodded. Everyone put down their utensils and moved to get up.

“You guys are still eating, don’t get up on my account.” I shook my arms.

“Honestly, I finished a while ago. I was playing with my food waiting for you finish.” Clementine giggle.

“Same.” Alvina slung her arm around Clementine.

“Don’t forget you need to put on your veil.” Zephyr pointed.

I took the enchanted veil off the table and pressed it down. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of glue or another part of the enchantment but it stuck down. I blinked a couple times, adjusting my vision.

“Are you ready to see your new home?” Kai asked

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