Nox Inferno

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The Tour

Chapter 13: The Tour

When we entered the crowed cafeteria, the students’ eyes burned holed in my body. But I didn’t feel as rattled as before. I held my head up, looking directly at the exit, and walked out confidently.

As we left the cafeteria, the tension in my shoulder relaxed. I began to fidget with my fingers; will the staring ever stop?

I shook my head; I can’t think like that, I wanted something new. I must accept that nothing is a perfect fairy tale.

“Where are we going first?” I asked looking to Zephyr on my left.

“Let’s help you find your locker and pick up your training uniform.” Kai decides.

“You need your training uniform on, whenever you are in Tunshaw.” Alivina explained before I could ask.

“Where- “I began.

“You can find it in the Tunshaw lobby.” Clementine cut me off.

I put my hand over my heart and dramatically said, “You get me so well.” It sparked a chorus of laughter.

“Your first and only destination is the Maraberry Mountain because Tunshaw is closed because of a new rule.” Clementine waved her hand in front of the three doors.

“Maraberry, is where the knowledge stuff happens.” Zephyr quipped.

“How would you know? You don’t attend class.” Alvina shot back; they would be the perfect couple.

“Oh, you wound me so. Where is thy loyalty and friendship?” Zephyr pouted.

I laughed at their antics. Sparks spread through my shoulders, I looked at Kai’s arm on my shoulder.

“Don’t mind them, they can’t express they like each other properly.” Kai smirked at them.

Zephyr went red. He liked Alvina, no question about it. Alvina’s face went stoic, no emotion could be seen from behind her stone-cold mask.

“The biggest mountain is Dungar, Maraberry is the smallest. Maraberry has one hundred classes with about twenty students in each. There are only four floors, but the beginner’s classes are on the bottom two floors.” Clementine said as she pulled me away from Kai and into the door that said, ‘Maraberry’.

“That’s great, I don’t have to do much walking.” I beamed at her.

“It’s still dark. But when the sun comes out, you can see through the mountains. The mountains are enchanted, so it looks like the classes are outside. It helps with the makes the place feel bigger.” Alvina explained while she traced a pattern on the glowing mountain.

We began to climb down the stairs. The mountain looked like an old renaissance movie, with the rustic doors that matched the torches. The bright eccentric colors that once decorated the mountain began to fade. The mountain looked like a flower, opening from the top and slowly making its way down to the base. I could see the mountains surrounding us, which stretched on for miles.

“This is the Maraberry Mountain. What do you think?” Kai asked as he walked around.

“It’s amazing. I can’t wait to learn here!” I was practically bouncing up and down. I don’t think I have ever been this happy before.

“You’re such a nerd.” Zephyr laughed as he patted my head.

“Do you still have your schedule?” Alvina asked, I nodded and handed over to her, “So you have one class on the first floor and three classes on the second.”

“Let’s get her ID and her locker number.” Clementine pointed to a receptionist lobby wedged into the side of the mountain.

As we approached the lobby, I saw a flash blonde white hair. Reminding me of Gabriel from my dreams. I shook my head, he’s not real.

“Hi.” Kai waved at the middle age receptionist, “We need Twyla Chantelle’s ID and locker number.”

The man frowned at me before turning to the computer, “Anything for a Nox Knight.” He rolled his eyes at the screen.

My owl began to shift around, at the lack of respect, “Listen here- “I began.

“Thank you, you are such a big help.” Clementine cut me off before shooting me a glare.

“Glad to help.” The receptionist said monotonously.

I wanted to say something to this man, but I knew better. I had to hold my tongue, the way I always had to do back home.

He handed me a piece of paper and then a red lanyard with a plastic ID. I smiled sweetly at him, but when I realized he couldn’t see me.

I glared at him but said sweetly, “Thank you, so much.”

I tucked my new ID into one of the pockets on my blazer without glancing at it. I looked down at the paper. It had both an angry face and the numbers, ‘2073’. This man could not act any pettier, I shot him a nasty glare one last time. I am so glad he couldn’t see my face.

“That’s good.” Alvina peered over my shoulder, “Your locker is close to most of your classes.”

“First, let’s find room 10. That’s your, ‘Intro to Demonology’ class, Ms. Akins is so cool.” Clementine walked ahead.

I followed her to an old rustic door with a giant number 10 painted in the center, a couple feet away. Convenient.

“This is my least favorite class, but at least we are in the same class.” Zephyr whined.

“What’s she like?” I asked hesitantly.

“She’s super chill if you get on her good side. She hates me because I never go to class.” Zephyr shrugged, “But I’m sure she would love you.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at him.

“Okay, your next class, Geometry.” Kai cleared his throat before grabbing my hand and leading me up some stairs, “The stairs is right across from your next class. Have you taken geometry?”

“Yup.” I nodded but stared at our intertwined hands. His warm hand engulfed mine, and I think I was swooning a little bit.

“Well this is the only human math class we have. Next year, you don’t even need to take math.” Alvina piped from behind me.

Kai squeezed my hand tighter, “Mr. Luciero is very strict, he hates all Nox Knights.”

“Why?” I asked, I still couldn’t tear my eyes away from our interlocked hands.

“No idea.” We reached the top of the stair, to two doors.

“This door.” Kai pointed to the shut door, “Leads to the dorms on the second floor, but you don’t need that.” We entered the other door, which was wide open.

Across from us was another rustic door with a giant ’36’ painted on it.

“So, you guys are holding hands now?” Zephyr laughed at us.

I pulled my hand away as fast as I could. I rubbed my sweaty palm against my skirt. I hope he didn’t realize my hand was sweaty.

Clementine pouted, “Let’s find your next class.” She marched on and turned a corner.

“Wait up.” I called out to her.

“Someone’s jealous.” Alvina sang quietly.

“I know. Can I talk to you guys about something?” Kai said even quieter.

I knew that was my que to leave so I pretended not to hear them and jogged up to Clementine.

“This is you Demon Literature class.” She pointed to a door that wrote in gold, ‘50’, “We have this class together.”

She continued to walk further away until we reached a sectioned off piece of wall. It had tiny engraved numbers, barely noticeable unless you looked closer. She tapped on the number ‘2073’

The wall opened, to reveal a normal locker. She pointed to my pocket and I pulled out my lanyard. I waved it like Alvina waved her card at the door last night. It swung open and revealed an empty locker.

’This is so cool.” I smiled before closing it shut. I watched it disappear back into the wall, can this place get any better.

She looked behind me before asking, “Do you like Kai?”

Before I could respond, Zephyr called out, “Don’t leave us. I need the attention.” I let out a quiet sigh, grateful that I didn’t need to answer that.

“This place is so amazing.” I told him, as he put his arm around my shoulder.

“You guys look like a couple. Break it up!” Alvina called out to us.

Zephyr moved his arm, “Are you jealous?” He teased.

Her face went blank as she said, “No way. I don’t want people to think she is mixed up with you.”

Zephyr’s face fell a little, “What’s so wrong with me?”

“Nothing, but you know the Nox rule. We can’t date unless we are mates. I don’t want rumors to spread.” She sounded like she was talking less about me and Zephyr and more about her and Zephyr. Interesting, I’ll ask her about it later.

“Let’s go see your Intro to Magic Divisions.” Zephyr dragged me by the arm a couple of doors down. “Here it is.”

“Are you okay?” I whispered to him.

“I’m fine.” He sounded defeated, I looked into his eyes, they were barely blinking away tears. I wrapped my arms around him, he held me tightly, “Thanks for not asking.” He grinned and shifted away.

“I’m here for you.” I awkwardly winked at him causing him to laugh.

“Let’s head back to the group now. Even though we are only a few feet away, it looks sketchy that we are together. A boy and a girl.” I laughed as we walked arm and arm back to the others.

Kai glared at me and then Zephyr. I guess Kit still didn’t like me, but I would never hurt Zephyr or anyone of them.

“Since we can’t enter Tunshaw, I’ll just tell you a little bit about it. Tunshaw is divided into five different levels. The first level is basically a gym for students to work out or train in. The second floor is for Sir Kennis, he is the weapon’s master. He trains students to work with weapons. The third floor is for combat training for the regular students.” Alvina explained.

“Lucky for you. You get to take combat one for the regulars and combat two for exclusively for the Knights.” Zephyr smiled cheekily.

“What? I have to do more exercise.” I glanced down at my stomach. It was made up of more fat than mussels.

“Nox Knights need to be in shape for any emergency.” Kai explained.

“Anyways.” Alvina drawled out looking at Zephyr, “Level four is for magic training. You remember Lady Oziel, the person who interviewed you yesterday?”

I scoffed, interviewed was a loose term. She had a magic snake that bit me, making my eyes turn red. I doubt I would forget her any time soon.

“Well she’s you teacher. She is the only Fire Magic teacher, so I suggest getting in good with her. Just because she Satan’s unloved daughter doesn’t mean she isn’t powerful.” Clementine added.

I wanted to ask what that meant but Kai continued, “The fifth floor is for Nox Knights only. It’s where only Nox Knights can train there. We usually have extra classes that take place after dinner.”

“While the regular kids have a free period.” Zephyr grinned, even though he couldn’t see my dismay. I’m sure he knew what he was doing.

“Since Tunshaw is now closed before classes begin, we will have gotten your training clothes during lunch.” Kai placed a hand on my shoulder.

Suddenly the room became hot, I began sweating. The heat was making me dizzy, but I kept myself very still. I didn’t want to dramatize anything. I shrugged off Kai’s hand, to eliminate some body heat.

“Wait here.” Clementine said and she took off.

“We have a gift for you.” Alvina smile and followed Clementine.

“I hope you like it.” Kai grinned. He and Zephyr took off in a jog.

I was left alone. The room was getting hotter by the second, I scanned the empty hallway. There was no one here, I sighed and pulled off my veil.

“Well, well.” A familiar voice said from behind me.

I jumped and turned to see Gabriel grinning at me.

“Hello, my beautiful mate.”

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