Nox Inferno

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In the Way

Chapter 14: In the Way

I backed away from Gabriel as he advanced. Please, let this be a dream.

“I told you, I would see you again.” He flashed a glittering white smile.

His dirty blonde hair hung down to his neck, dark stubble dotted his chin. His greyish blue eyes bore a hole into mine. He was wearing the Ravenwood uniform, did that mean he was a student?

“Stay back.” I stammered as he got closer.

“Why must you push me away?” He asked, there was a subtle hint of an accent.

“You aren’t my mate.” I whispered.

I did not want to offend him, but I knew that he wasn’t my mate. It felt wrong, no he felt wrong.

Something lethal flashed in his eyes, “Don’t lie.” His voice dropped to a growl.

As he drew neared the smell of sandalwood filled my senses, I was momentarily distracted. He used that opportunity to grab onto my forearm and pulled me closer to him. He used his other hand to stroke the side of my face while his other hand dug into my forearm.

Nyra began to move around, anxious. I could not move, I felt paralyzed and helpless. My heart began pounding. It was so loud that I’m sure he could hear it.

“I seem to have scared you. Let us start over. Friends?” He whispered; his breath fanned over my face.

I wanted him as far away from me as possible, “Sure.”

He kissed my forehead, again. He lingered a few seconds longer, “Looks like we are going to have company.”

He pushed away from me as I heard, Clementine shout, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I turned to Gabriel but there was only air. How did he leave so quickly? I frowned, maybe it’s a demon thing.

When Clementine drew near, she sniffed, “Do you smell that?” I shook my head, “It smells like an- “

Alvina interrupted, “Put back on your veil. What if someone sees you? You could be in big trouble.”

Oh right. I plastered the veil back on my forehead. I really need a brush.

“Anyways, here is your present.” Alvina motioned to small red and black bookbag that Clementine was holding.

Kai and Zephyr where holding up a giant sign, “Welcome to the Nox Knights.”

Clementine opened the bag and titled it so I could see it, “We got you a couple of notebooks, some pens, textbooks and binders. We know you might not have all the materials, so we pitched in and bought it for you.”

I pulled her and Alvina into a hug, “Thank you.”

“I hope you don’t think that’s all.” Zephyr called out, “That would be a lame present.”

I blushed and looked away. It was a practical present, which is much better than an expensive present.

Kai walked over to me, “Here” he shoved a brown package into my hand. He sniffed, “Who did you hug?”

It wasn’t a hug per say. I felt like I should hide it from Kai, it felt like he would get upset.

“No one.” My cheeks burned. I couldn’t lie to save my life, but it wasn’t technically a lie.

“Zephyr.” He called out, not taking his eyes from me, “Do a perimeter search, we might have a break in.”

Zephyr nodded and dropped the sign and ran to the stairs.

“What’s going on?’ I looked around.

“You smell it too?” Clementine asked, “I thought I imagined it.”

“Smell what?” I asked but no one responded.

“Do you want me to pull the lock down?” Alvina offered.

“No, it’s to soon.” Kai shook his head.

“What can I do?” I offered.

Kai laughed, “You would only get in the way. It’s better if you just get to class.” He walked away with Alvina at his heels. He stopped, “Clementine, take Twyla back to cafeteria and stay with her.” Clementine huffed but she didn’t argue.

“Come on.” She grumbled, tossing the red backpack at me and I stuffed the brown package into my bookbag.

Nyra felt agitated which was making me agitated, “What’s going on?” I asked again.

“We might have an angel break in. Those pesky rats with wings.” She grumbled.

“How can you tell?’ Mulling over the fact, that Kai was right. I would only get in the way.

“You will learn more about it in your demonology class. But they smell different and tend to look perfect.” She let’s out a fierce growl, “I should be helping them. I could sniff them out.”

I knew what she wanted to say but didn’t, “She had to babysit me.”

I only felt angry at myself. I vowed to be better than this, I am just a burden. To my parents and now to the Nox Knights. It’s only a matter of time that they begin to hate me.

“Shut up!” A familiar voice rang in my mind, “You aren’t a burden.”

“Nyra?” I thought, a screeching noise went off in my brain. Yup that was her alright.

“Your right I wont ever be a burden again. Starting right now, I am going to change that.” I thought back a sense of warmth filled my gut.

“Hey!” Clementine shouted, “Are you okay? You didn’t get spooked, did you?”

I smiled at her, “I am better, now.”

“Okay…” We continued walking until we reached the double doors, “It’s almost 6:30” She looked at her watch.

“I know the way.” I said abruptly.

I didn’t want to be rude. But if she thought I was pushing her away; she would go and help others.

She nodded, “Okay so I am going to…” She pointed to the exit.

“Go.” I prompted.

She didn’t need any more encouragement as she took off running. She shifted halfway into a black wolf and picked up speed. It was only a matter of seconds when I could no longer hear her.

I leaned against one of the lockers. I wasn’t going back to the cafeteria alone. What should I do now? I could always begin studying, I was years behind everyone else. I sat down and opened my bag, at least these subjects are interesting.

I hand wrapped around my mouth. I tried to push it away, but it pushed down harder. The veil was suffocating me, I couldn’t breathe. My vision began to get spotty. Soon the world went dark.

I was floating in darkness, fragments of my reflection looked back at me. I was alone, only myself.




The voices surrounded me. I couldn’t fight them, I was weak. With each word heavy chains where pulled me down. I was drowning in their words, I curled into a ball.

“Help me.” I whispered, I stayed very still.

Suddenly a flash of light blinded me. When I could see again, I noticed an owl drew near.

It wasn’t any owl it was my owl, Nyra looked at me, “Are you just going to take this?”

She sounded disappointed in me, “No.” I whispered.

“What are you going to do then?” She asked.

I stared into her red eyes, “Fight.” Nyra flew into my chest.

I wrestled with the chains; they began to fall loose. I looked down at my hands, my fingers where red from pain. But they didn’t look like fingers with every passing seconds. The looked like feathers, as they stretched and grew.

“Fight!” Nyra’s voice rang once more.

“I am!” I shouted back but all that came out was a shriek.

I began to move my arms in a flurry, air whipped around my face. My arms where not arms but rather wings.

I flapped my wings faster; I was almost free. So close and then suddenly I was free. I began flapping further away from the chains and closer to the light. I am not a burden. I repeated in my mind, I am a fighter.

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