Nox Inferno

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Chapter 16: Classes

Sitting in class, was no better than walking into the cafeteria this morning. I shrunk down into my seat, hiding beneath my textbook. I was grateful for Ms. Akins because she didn’t make me stand up or mention my name. Probably because by now everyone knew me. Apparently, someone took a video when I was beating up that Angel and it went viral. I’m still shocked that my veil stayed on, the entire time.

The pain in my leg long subside, I suspect Nyra to be the cause of that. I did my best to hide my red dotted sock behind my other foot, but the smell still lingered in the air.

“Psst.” Zephyr whispered breaking my concentration.

I turned to him, he had two pencils stuck in his mouth, pretending to be a vampire. I turned away and laughed quietly, but not quietly enough.

“Mr. Damballa, what are you doing?” Ms. Akins snapped.

“Damballa?” I mouthed at him, but I realized he couldn’t see my face.

“Nothing ma’am.” He shot her a dazzling smile. I swear I heard sighing which caused me to roll my eyes with a smirk.

“Ms. Chantelle, I would advise you not to get involved with Zephyr. I see a bright future for you, you look like a hard-working student.” She motioned to the textbook that I was using a shield.

“I agree.” Zephyr nodding at her, “You should avoid me all together.” He laughed at me. I scowled at him, even if he couldn’t see it.

Ms. Akins huffed at his antics, “That’s all for today class. Ms. Chantelle, would you see me for a moment?”

I stuffed my textbook into my book bag and headed to the front. I kept my head down to avoid the gazes of my peers.

“This.” Ms. Akins handed a thick packet, “Is all the work you missed. I know you have unique circumstances, so write a paper about all the material in this packet. Due, let’s say next week Friday.”

School just started; how can I have missed so much work? Ms. Akins chuckled at my face.

“We started school since August. You are a month behind.” She smiled sweetly as I frowned.

“Thank you.” I said while shoving the assignment into an empty folder.

“In honor of the new student, no homework for the rest of the week.” She announced loudly, the whole class applauded. She is not so bad, at least she gave me time to catch up with them.

She looked at her watch, “Class dismissed.”

Students shuffled through the door, not before casting me quick glances. Most of the glances looked friendly but somewhere downright hostile. I wanted to hide behind my bookbag, and once again I was grateful for the veil.

“Are you ready?” Zephyr commented.

“Yup.” I nodded.

As we walked out, I noticed a familiar figure leaning against the wall. He glared a Zephyr, but his gaze softened as he looked at me.

“What are doing here?” Zephyr asked Kai as they bro hugged.

“I’m taking Twyla to our next class.” He responded as he yanked off my backpack.

I protested when he slung it over his back, but he ignored me. He grabbed my hand and yanked me away from Zephyr.

“See you in Divisions.” Zephyr called after me as I was yanked towards the staircase;

I tried to wave but I couldn’t turn around. I looked up at Kai, his figure towering over me. For the first time in my sixteen years, I felt truly short. I drank in his ocean blue eyes, the reminded me of the beach. His hair looked like someone dropped blue black ink on his head. I wanted to reach up and run my hand through his hair, it looked so soft.

“What are you doing?” Kai asked, not looking at me but clenching his jaw.

“Nothing.” I sputtered and averted my gaze, while blood rushed to my cheeks.

“Do you like Zephyr?” He asked quietly.

I wanted to stop and stare at him but we where in a crowded staircase. So, instead I pulled my hand from his. He turned to look at me, deep within his eyes raw emotions flickered through it. But it disappeared before I could register what it was.

I continued to walk up the stairs. I refused to answer his question. Would I let him hold my hand in front of Zephyr if I liked Zephyr? The answer is, no I wouldn’t. When I entered my math class, the teacher smiled at me.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Luciero.” He greeted as he handed me a packet, “This is the work you missed.” I took it from him and flipped through the pages, I knew all of it, “You can sit with Kai in the back, or wherever you feel comfortable.”

I nodded and headed to the back. Kai smiled softly at me but didn’t say anything, I smiled and grabbed my bookbag from his hand watching his smile falter. I then proceeded to sit four seats away from him. Call me petty but I was peeved at him.

Soon the class was filled up with other students. I was greeted and I nodded back in response. For the rest of class I did three things. Firstly, I ignored Mr. Luciero as he taught stuff I have already learnt. Secondly, I completed the math packet. And thirdly, the hardest, I ignored Kai as he stared down at me.

When Mr. Luciero said, “Class dismissed.” I almost jumped out of my seat.

I stuffed the packet into my math binder, and almost ran out of the room. I was not petty enough to be still mad at Kai, but it didn’t mean I was going to be the first to apologize.

“Well that was boring.” Nyra yawned.

I picked up my pace just in case Kai tried to follow me. I turned the corner and saw both Alvina and Clementine standing by the door chatting. Alvina turned and waved at me, I waved at her and walked over.

“How was class?” Clementine asked.

“I have a paper to do, but I will live. I’m kind of excited about this class.” I headed to my locker and put away my bookbag. I stood out like a sore thumb, especially because no one else had a backpack. I took out a binder labeled, “Demon Lit.”

“Whose idea was it to label the books?” I asked.

“Mine.” Alvina piped up.

“Thank you, I felt more organized because of it.” She smiled.

“I thought it would help since some teachers require binders and others want spiral notebooks. Anyways, we haven’t learnt anything yet.” She smiled.

“But aren’t you guys a month in?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah but Mr. Macinnis broke up with his girlfriend the first week of school. He was a mess, mostly we read love poems.” Clementine laughed.

He sounded like an absolute mess. When we entered the room, I saw him at his desk stroking a picture frame. His eyes where still puffy, his nose was red. It was so odd, he looked so human.

“Hello.” I greeted, he looked up at me, “I’m Twyla.”

“That’s nice. You look happy, are you dating?” He asked, I shook my head. “Good, dating steals your soul. Go sit down with your friends, you’re lucky to have friends. Mine all left me when I broke up with Mindy.” He choked out her name and dismissed me with a wave.

I nodded; this man was a wreck.

Clementine was giggling, “So you have met Mr. Macinnis.”

“It was a pleasure.” I drawled as I sat down.

The rest of class was a free period. I took the time to read over the packet Ms. Akins gave me.

It started off with the First Demonic Purge, when Angels hunted every demon in sight. They where forced to hide because the demons believed in free thinking and the Angels worshipped God and his belief everything was underneath Him. Lucifer began questioning this idea which caused him to be discarded as demon. This was known as the first night of Triad, Dawn’s Night. To symbolize a new beginning for demon kind.

“Go on.” Mr. Macinnis voice startled me, “Be happy and live life. Just remember don’t let your heart get broken.”

I blinked a couple of times; this was so much more interesting than regular history. I wanted to read what happens next.

“Come on.” Clementine pulled.

Zephyr waited outside, “You should feel lucky.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I’m only going to the classes you are in.” He laughed.

“No, you need to go to those classes. You have been in Intro class for far to long and Lord Satan ordered you to pass these two classes at least if you want to stay a Nox Knight.” Alvina shot back.

“But it doesn’t change the fact, I am going to the classes she is in.” He retorted.

“The only reason you both have intro classes together is because she wasn’t aware of the demon world and you are too lazy to get to class.” Alvina argued.

“Such a cute couple” Clementine cooed.

Zephyr looked away as Alvina scoffed. So that’s how you get them to calm down.

“Come on.” Zephyr said as turned on his heel and walked down the hall. Exactly like he did this morning.

“Wait! Give me a second.” I called after him.

I needed to go to my locker and get my books. He didn’t stop or slow, so I quickly went to my locker and pulled out my books.

I looked frantically at him. Was he trying to look cool? He leaned on the wall and propped one leg up. All he needed now was a top hat to slant, and he would fit the look.

“Bye.” I waved at Alvina and Clementine before running down the hall towards Zephyr.

“You really like her.” I teased. He reminded me of Adrian, and that made my heart to ache a little.

“Shut up.” He didn’t deny anything and his cheeks where now tinted pink.

He headed into class, and he grinned at Kai.

“Didn’t know you where in this class.” He laughed as Kai growled at him.

“I wanted to go back to the basic, and make sure I got everything.” He replied smoothly, a little to smoothly. Almost as if he practiced this line already.

“Sure, man.” Zephyr laughed and sat down.

There was an empty seat between them. I didn’t want to sit there but their expectant looks left no room for argument.

“Good Morning class.” Madame McKnight smiled at me, “You are all excited to be here. Your notebooks are open, you’re ready to begin working.”

She stood at the podium and began with class; I furiously began scratching down every word she said.

By the end of class, I learnt that there are five divisions in demonic magic. Fire, those with red eyes like myself. They are usually the most powerful because they are closer related to demon royalty. Water was almost just as powerful because of the Waterway Royal Demons and are often counterparts to fire. They often had liquid blue eyes like Kai and Peter. Air and Earth tied for second place because to control water or fire, air or earth was required. Air didn’t have a definite color but more often silver or light blue eyes like Zephyr. Earth was predictable, their eyes where green. Similar too Alvina’s eyes. Mama Fra and Clementine had pink eyes which symbolizes energy. The weakest form of energy.

My brain hurt from all the knowledge I absorbed in fifty-five minutes. When Madame McKnight dismissed class, my wrist was killing me. At least I had lunch next.

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