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Best Friends

Chapter 18: Best Friends

I glanced over to Kai; his intense scowl fixed on Alistair. His eyes glowed a purplish blue, that made his glare scarier. I’m glad I am not on the receiving end of it.

“Come on you have weaponry with Sir Kennis.” Kai gestured for my hand.

I reached out, only to be pulled back, “What luck, so do I.” Alistair’s eyes narrowed at Kai.

“I have had just about enough of you.” Kai yanked on my wrist. I suddenly knew what it felt like to be the rope in a game of tug of war.

“You shouldn’t speak to me that way.” Alistair pulled on my forearm.

“That it!” I shrieked and they both let go, “I can find it myself.” I huffed and stormed down the flight of stairs.

The nerve of those guys, thinking I am some property. This isn’t the fifteenth century; I could very well take care of myself.

“Preach!” Nyra hummed in my head causing me to crack a smile.

“Why didn’t you step in?” I thought to her. It’s funny how use to her I am.

“I wanted to see what Kai would do?” She said cheekily.

Heat filled my cheats, “Why?”

She didn’t respond for a while. I don’t think she is going to answer my question, any time soon.

“Where am I even going?” I thought out loud.

“To level two.” A voice answered.

“Thanks.“ Wait a minute, I turned to Gabriel, “What are you doing here?”

“Not going to say hello, mate?” A wicked grin plastered his face.

“Not your mate.” I crossed my arms, which was difficult because of the gym bag slug over one shoulder.

“But you misinterpret, mate means friend for the British.” His grin grew. I fell into his trap.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I shifted from one leg to the other.

“I came to wish you luck and hope you didn’t get hurt. You don’t know how dangerous demons and weapons could be together.” There was something dark in his voice that made me shiver.

“Okay, thank you.” I turned away and continued to walk down the stairs.

The boys at this school are a whole lot more drama than I need. Sure, I won’t deny I love to read about drama but its way better than experiencing it. It is better to watch drama or read drama than to actually be a part of it.

I continued down the flight of stairs until I reached an archway with the number two plastered on top. Stepping into the room felt like stepping into another world. The room covered head to toe in gray stones stack haphazardly. More medieval torches light the room, illuminating the silver glint of the swords, axes, lances and shields that lined the wall. The room was littered with wooden rectangle tables with planks of wood on either side as seats.

“Welcome, Ms. Chantelle.” A voice echoed through the room. I scanned the room, “Down here.”

I slowly turned down to find a short man in a bright red jacket. His white hair slightly hidden behind a silver helmet. His green eyes shimmered with wisdom and maturity. A small dagger strapped to his waste. He looked no taller than three feet; I’m fairly sure I have seen babies taller than him.

“I am Sir Kennis.” He lowered himself even further towards the ground in a bow before standing upright again. “Being a Nox Knight myself, I know you each have your own special weapons. Do you by chance know yours?”

“I don’t think…” I trailed off, remembering the sword I conjured before, “Maybe a sword.”

His face lit up, “Oh really? When I was your age, I too had a sword. But at last, I was deemed unfit because of my age to continue.”

I didn’t want to ask but I really wanted to know, “How old are you?”

He crossed his arms, “I am not that old, only 565 years young. No wait, 566. I turned 566, two days ago.”

“Happy Belated Birthday.” Was all I could say, still dumbfounded by his age. Exactly, how old do demons get?

“Are you ready to begin?” The topic quickly changed, “Class is about to begin, and I need to assign you a sword.”

“But I already have one?” I offered, waving my arm around trying to conjure the sword.

“Oh, please when you are able to conjure it then we can talk. For now, we are going to learn how to make them with the magic inside of us. Unlike you, many do not have the ability to conjure a real sword. It’s a gift saved for the Nox Knights and the Inferno ruling family.” Sir Kennis explained.

I wanted to ask more about the class when Alistair’s voice interrupted, “Hey, Twyla!” I groaned and turned towards him, “What’s with that reaction? I thought we were friends.”

“Look I want no trouble.” I sighed.

“Sorry about that. It’s not that I think anyone is below me, I mean they are.” I raised my eyebrows at him but again, he couldn’t see it, “It’s just he acts so self-righteous, that I feel like I need to set him in place.”

“It doesn’t help to hold grudges.” I lectured him.

“As much as I enjoy your theatric, Mr. Alistair why don’t you show Ms. Twyla to her seat?” He gestured to the tables before walking off towards the entrance.

“Come on.” Alistair said, slinging his bag over his arm. I followed him to the table in the dead center of the room. The wooden table engraved in the center was the word, “Fire.” I took a seat across from Alistair.

I guess people hold each other based on factions to different esteems. I guess I lucked out when I got fire. The room began to fill up, one of the hauntingly gorgeous girls from my magic class walked over.

“Twyla, this is Whitney.” Alistair introduced.

Two identical male models walked over, “We are the Blazen triplets.” I was going to ask if they knew what triplets meant. When a girl with short curly black hair pushed the boys aside.

“My name Melody, those two idiots are Sebastian and Harry.” She introduced, “Our father is one of the high lords. So, if you ever need anything, let me know.” She winked as she slid into the set next to me.

“Okay.” I said warily. Something tells me I do not want to cross this girl.

“Good afternoon class, let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.” Sir Kennis clapped, capturing everyone’s attention. “Fire up your stations!” He shouted and the room was alive with noise.

Either Sebastian or Harry, hit the side of the table and a small fire danced in the center. Hovering right above the word ‘fire’. What am I suppose to do now? Alistair, noticing my confusion gestured at me to watch.

He put his hands into the flame and when he removed them. A small flame flickered in each of his palm. The clasped his hands together into a cup and the two small flames merged into one. He began rolling his hands hovering above the table like he was rolling dough. Slowly the fire began to grow beyond the stretch his hands. He blew on the fire several times until it looked solid. He picked up the small dagger and held it up for me to see.

“That was so cool.” I whispered.

He grinned, “You get impressed to easily. Your turn.” He gestured to the fire.

Here goes nothing. I closed one eye as I put my hands into the fire. Please don’t burn me. I chanted as I felt the heat lick my skin. I pulled my hands away and revealed two small flames. I smiled and mentally praised myself. But when I put my hands together for it to merge it wouldn’t. I furrowed my eyebrows and tried again but it wouldn’t work. So, against all reasons, I smashed my two palms together and held on tight. Little did I know that my both hands would light up on fire. I watched as the ring Oziel gave me melt away. When it was nothing more than a puddle on the table the fire began climbing up my arm.

“Calm down.” Melody whispered.

“I am calm!” I shouted.

“Nyra, help me.” I called to my owl.

“Breathe, Twyla.” Her voice sent a wave of calmness through my body. “Inhale.” I did as I was told. “Exhale.”

As I did, a bucket of water crashed down from above. It put out the fire and I was relieved for a moment. The coldness began to creep up my spine and I shivered.

“I said to get her hand.” Alistair growled at a small boy with blue eyes.

“Sorry, sir.” He whimpered before running back to his seat.

“Here.” Melody unwrapped the sweatshirt that was tied around her waist and handed it to me, “Put it on, you might get a cold.”

I pulled it on as fast as I could and let the heat wrap around me.

The rest of class was quite uneventful. I watched my table make dozens of daggers, only to be chucked back into the fire. Every time I tried; the fire hissed at me. Almost as if it were mad at me, if anything I should be the one who is mad. When Sir Kennis dismissed class, I handed the sweater back to Melody.

“Keep it.” She shoved my hand away, “Listen girlie, you need training and from what I can tell that ring didn’t do a thing to help you.” She gestured to the melted topaz ring that laid in a puddle on the table. “Since I am not about to let my friend go around being a menace to this school, I am going to help you. Are you free this weekend?” She asked.

Honestly, I have no idea, so I shrugged. I was grateful that she wanted to help me. But then against she could only be saying that, so I don’t accidently set her on flames. Either way, I was grateful for the help.

“Well let me know.” She smiled before handing me a piece of paper with several numbers on it, “It has all of our numbers on it. If one member of our table needs help, then we all will are going to help her.” Melody declared.

“I suppose I would have to cancel that date I had.” Alistair sighed, he reminded me of Adrian.

Whitney groaned, “Fine.”

Sebastian and Harry just nodded.

“Where are you going next?” Melody asked.

“Combat I.” I said off handedly.

“Me too!” She grinned as she slung on her gym bag.

I barely had time to grab mine before we ran out of the room. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to the others.

She turned to me when we reached to level three, “Something tells me that we are going to be good friends.”

I nodded, I had that exact same feeling too,

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