Nox Inferno

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Alvina's Story

Chapter 22: Alvina’s Story

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping a merely little tune. Rubbing my eyes, I surveyed my surroundings. I was back in my bed; how did I get here? As I stretched, I checked my phone that was tucked safety under my pillow; 3:30 it read. My muscles where a little stiff from yesterday, carefully I padded down the top bunk not to wake Clementine. I frowned, Alvina was not in the room. Quietly I opened the door to find Mama Fra sitting on the sofa watching television.

“Good morning dearie. Did you sleep well?” She hummed. I grunted in response to tired to form words, “Are you sore from yesterday?” She asked and I grunted again. She laughed, “Very chatty in the mornings.”

I could usually say that I was a morning person but if Mama Fra cheery disposition at three in the morning was what a morning person was like. Then I can say for certain I am not a morning person.

“How about you sit down, and I make you some chamomile tea? They are grown fresh from Alvina’s garden.” Mama Fra patted on the sofa next to her.

“Where is Alvina?” I barely formed the words as I plopped down into the sofa.

“She is out in the garden with Zephyr and Kai. How about you join them, and I will bring you the tea there?” I didn’t want to oppose, so I pealed myself off the chair and staggered to the door.

I paused, where was I going? “Um… Mama Fra where is the garden?”

Her voice jingled with laughter, “Sorry, I forgot you where still new to this. Go to the back of the house and follow the sign.”

I nodded and exited out the door. I went to the back of the house, but I couldn’t find no giant sign that said, “Alvina’s Garden this way” as I expected. Maybe it was smaller so the place could be kept private. I scanned the backyard until I came across a small piece of arrow etched into one of the trees. I guess that’s the sign.

I followed the arrow until I was knee deep in grass. I continued walking in the direction the arrow pointed towards but there was no other sign. Was this a fake sign? Or a trap? Am I going to die surrounded by trees where no one would ever find me?

“Relax.” Nyra calmed my tirade, “I’m sure we will find it.”

Just as I was giving up hope again, I heard voices.

“Seriously, Zephyr I wouldn’t touch that if I where you.” A voice warned.

“It can’t hurt me.” The other voice declared and then there was a squishing sound, “Ow!!” Zephyr screamed followed by a chorus of laughter.

I smiled and speed up until I made it to a small clearing. Kai was on the floor laughing, Zephyr was holding his hand glaring at a giant Venus fly trap. Alvina was crouched down with a shovel in hand, laughing at Zephyr.

“Stupid plant.” Zephyr growled at it and stalked towards me, “Oh hey, Twyla.”

Kai’s laughing stopped abruptly as he looked at me, his cheeks pink with embarrassment.

“Isn’t it a little to early to be up?” Alvina asked as she focused again on digging a hole.

I could ask them the same thing. But instead I asked, “Do you need any help?”

Alvina looked up at me, “You know how to garden?”

I fiddled with my fingers, “Sort of. My friend’s mom taught me, when I was younger.” Images of Jasmine and I learning from her mom appeared causing me to smile at the memories. I remember that my mom was so mad when I tracked the dirt in, she grounded me for sullying her house. But I didn’t care because I love gardening, unfortunately we did own a garden or even dirt. We had concrete and fake grass on top to make the place look perfect.

“Then sure, I would love the help. These two have black thumbs.” She glowered at Kai and Zephyr.

“Great.” I crossed over to her careful not to touch anything that looked like a plant.

She handed me a pair of gloves and a shovel, “Can you dig a hole right here and plant the elderberry seeds?” I nodded and begun digging.

“Not bad.” She mused as she sprinkled some white powder into the hole, “It’s for growth.”

“What else do you have in the garden?’ I asked taking the seeds from her before gently placing them in the hole.

“It’s better to ask what she doesn’t have.” Kai pipped up for the fist time. I turned to look at him, he flushed and looked away. I frowned; did I do something wrong?

“Don’t mind him, he is embarrassed because he carried you back to the house last night. Bridal style.” Alvina wiggled her eyebrows.

“Oh okay.” I said without a thought. Wait, he did what?! I spluttered and my whole face flushed with embarrassment.

Zephyr and Alvina cackled, I couldn’t meet Kai eye’s, so I looked down. How am I ever going to face him again?

“So how did you get into gardening?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

Alvina looked at me with a smirk, “My parents where immigrants from India. Yes, even demons can be immigrants. My mom didn’t trust the quality of the supermarket foods, so she had her own garden. Granted my family is one of the richest Water family in the world, we had maids take care of it. But for as long as I could remember I always felt a calling to the earth. So, I snuck into the gardens whenever I could, to help take care of the plants. The gardeners always let me work secretly with them because they said I had a natural knack with plants. So, it was no surprise when I was tested for my magical ability, I had the power of the earth.”

One thing puzzled me though, “So you don’t get the magic from your parents?”

A haunting echo filled the garden as grief washed over Alvina’s face, “Magic comes from within. It shows who you are not who your family is. Besides those fakes don’t all have the magic of water. They just changed their eye colors; they are just angry that I wouldn’t bend and try to fit in. They killed my mate as a result and tried to pawn me off into a marriage.” She said bitterly.

I pulled her into a hug, and she squeezed me like her life depends on it. Before breaking away and rubbing her face, “Then Satan recruited me to join the Nox Knights. There was nothing holding me back, so I took the offer. Now I have a better family…well maybe except for Zephyr.” She teased.

Zephyr laughed weakly before saying, “Ha, I way better than all of you plebeians.”

“You want to say that again.” Kai asked and flipped Zephyr over.

Alvina screamed, “Not my rosemary!”

“Look what you did.” Zephyr said as Alvina pushed him off a small green bush.

I laughed as Alvina begun to fret. “This is all your fault.” Kai accused, “I’m sorry Alvina.”

Alvina’s glare turned hostile as she tackled both Kai and zephyr at the same time. Which was kind of incredible. She began strangling Zephyr and Kai had to pull her off of him.

“Let me at him!” She hissed.

“Why are you strangling me? What about Kai?” Zephyr pointed to Kai. Alvina turned towards Kai and began pummeling him.

I was weak from laughing and didn’t have enough strength to stand up.

A loud growl stopped all the commotion. I looked up at the path I had just walked.

A black bear stalked closer and as it got closer, I noticed a monkey perched on it’s back. The monkey was holding something. I squinted, not quite registering the danger. The monkey wad holding a tray with a teapot and several teacups. What on earth?

The monkey got off the bears back when they where just a mere few feet away. The bear transformed into a certain pink eye person. Mama Fra took the tray from the monkey and walked into the garden.

“I have got chamomile tea. Who wants?” She asked cheerfully.

I was left gaping at her. How can someone so calm be a bear?

“I’ll take some.” A voice said from behind her, it was Peter. Peter was the monkey, holy cow! There is no way someone so uptight could be a monkey.

“Close you mouth.” Kai whispered into my air.

I yelped and stood up knocking my head into his chin.

“Ouch.” I rubbed my head.

“You are definitely very hardheaded.” He laughed rubbing his chin.

I grinned but I still couldn’t meet his eyes without blushing. Instead, I turned and walked over to Mama Fra, “I’ll take some tea.”

“Go right ahead darling.” She set the tray down on a giant wooden bench table.

How had I not noticed that before.

“There is a lot you still don’t know.” Mama Fra hummed.

Did she just read my mind? In response she turned and winked at me. I guess I should add that to the special abilities’ demons have. I can’t wait to find out more about them.

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