Nox Inferno

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Nighttime Visit

Chapter 2: Nighttime Visit

Mom interrupts, “She can’t go, you tell her Tomas.”

Dad rubbed the back of his neck, “Can we talk about this later, darling.”

Mom huffed and flung the principal’s door open. Dad looked back, “Let’s go. You need to start packing. You leave tomorrow.” With that he turned on his heel and walked out the door.

I shrug my shoulders already accustomed to their mood swings, “Sorry.” I apologized to the shaking principal and walked out.

Quickly, I grabbed my book bag from my locker. At least I don’t have to go to geometry. Slamming my locker shut, I headed to the parking lot. Mom and dad where already waiting in the car.

The car ride home was quiet and short. If mom was angry, everyone was angry. From what I could tell she was seconds away from flipping out. She slammed the car door and walked into the house. Dad followed her. He was either going to yell at her for embarrassing him or try to make her feel better.

I walked into my quiet and neat house. The house was shape to pristine but at the same time it felt cold and empty. I have lived here all my life, but I didn’t have any emotional connection to it. I climbed the stairs to my room. My room was just like the house cold, big, and painted in white. It looked like a hotel room, there was nothing distinct about this room than any other room in the house.

I padded over to my bed and crouched down. I pulled out a hard-white suitcase with a rose-gold handlebar. Placing it on the bed, I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and put on Disney music and danced around my room while I packed. Freedom was only a few short hours away.

While the song, “Arabian Nights” started playing there was a soft knock on my door.

“Come in.” I respond while pausing the music.

Mom gracefully entering my room, her footsteps looked unseeingly perfect but to a trained eye she looks more like a siren. Leading sailors to their death with her beautiful song.

Surveying the almost empty room, she asked, “Are you sure you want to go, sweetie?”

To a normal person, it sounded sincere and almost innocent, “Of course mother.” I replied in a honey like tone.

Her smile twisted into a scowl, “You are an ungrateful child. We have provided a roof for you and all you want to do is leave.” She turned on her heel and mesmerizingly stomped out of my room.

I rolled my eyes, it is not the first time she switched her mood like you switch a light on and off, and it certainly will not be the last.

Dad soon enters my room, so after, “Hey, don’t mind your mother. She is just being a bit temperamental.”

I wanted to say, “Pot meet kettle.” But I bit my tongue and just nodded.

“Do you know if I need to bring my own mattress?” I asked, changing the subject.

“No, it’s a high-end school. They will provide you with your own mattress.” He drawled out. He always treats me like a mindless child, it’s one of the reasons I feel so suffocated here.

“Okay.” I respond tersely, I just wanted to end the conversation with him, because when either of them is around, I am at risk of triggering a bad mood.

My phone started to buzz. it was a call from Adrian. With a quiet sigh of relief, I picked up the phone and answered.

“What happened?!” He whispered. He was sitting down in a classroom. Leave it to him to facetime me in the middle of class.

“Oh.” I get it, “I got accepted into Ravenwood. Before you ask, I didn’t apply. Apparently, some talent scout was interested in me and was adamant I joined.” I respond, still incredulous that I was happening to me. Like some angel watching over me.

“What talent did he scout?” He snorted.

“Gee, thanks my ego feels so much better.” I said dryly.

“Just, knocking it a few notches down.” I glowered at him causing him to laugh.

“Like your one to talk.” I shot back, my frustration began to unfold, and I don’t know why.

Sensing my bad mood, he asked, “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow.” I shrugged.

“Where you not going to tell me?” He looked hurt.

My eyes began to water at the thought of hurting him. What is going on? I am not a crybaby.

“I didn’t mean to not tell you, I didn’t know.” I said barely holding back tears.

“Woah! Why are you crying? Did something happen with your parents?” He asked

I rubbed away the unshed tears and took a deep breath, “I’m fine.”

“Okay, I’m coming over later. Oh Jasmine is listening. She is coming over later and she is kind of angry.” And with that he hung up the phone.

He did what? I glowered at my phone. Forget it, I don’t feel sad anymore just angry. I’m going to kill him. Hopefully, before Jasmine kills me.

I surveyed my room. I guess dad must have left sometime during my conversation. I shrugged and hit “play” on my music and once again Disney music filled my room.

Time flew by and I could only tell changing of the sun through my bedroom window and the decreasing number of objects that where not packed away. There was only a small ray of sunlight entering my room when I finished packing. I skipped lunch and dinner because I was excited to eat.

I headed over to the door while jamming out to, “Un Poco Loco.” When my door is swung open and I jumped back. The door barely missed my nose by a couple of centimeters.

“How dare you.” One voice began

“No let me.” Another voice said, “How dare you.”

I blinked a couple of times the two voices were Jasmine and Adrian.

“Hey guys.” I smiled, feeling like a cornered prey.

“Don’t ‘Hey guys’ us, missy. Why are you leaving so suddenly?” Jasmine snarled.

“I only found out this morning.” I offered weakly.

“Hey Jaz, don’t you-” Adrian jumped to defend me.

“Don’t you try and save her, or you are next on my kill list.” He placed his hands in the air and shut up.

If this were another situation, I would have laughed at this. Adrian, a 6"2′ football player was terrified by a 5"1′ book worm. It was comedy goal, apparently, I did not hide my emotions well enough because Jasmine turned to me. Her rage multiplied tenfold.

“Listen Jaz, I really didn’t know. I got scouted by some talent scout.” I offered and some of her anger melted away.

“I’m going to lose my best friend.” With that her anger transformed into grief. Just then, ‘Un Poco Loco’ ended and “You’ll Be in My Heart.” started to play.

I do not know if it was the music, or the timing or maybe both but my eyes started to water again. When did my life turn into some underrated movie?

“No, we will stay in touch.” I choked out pulling her into a hug.

“You better.” She sniffled as tears bled into my shirt and Adrian cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable.

Adrian began, “This is so comforting but-”

“What are they doing here!” Dad shouted as Jasmine jumped out of my hug.

“Did you guys sneak in?” I asked. Guilt riddled their faces.

“They came to say goodbye.” I defended.

“They can say it tomorrow. Don’t forget you are still grounded.” Oh, shoot I forgot about that.

“Can’t you make an exception this one-”

“No.” He said with a voice that clearly meant he was not going to change his mind. Not even this one time.

“Bye.” I whispered to my friends and pulled them both into a group hug.

“Don’t forget us.” Adrian whispered.

“Yeah or I’ll kick your ass.” Jasmine stated and I snorted.

With that the hug broke and turned to walk out. They hung their head in shame as they walked out my room.

Dad looked at my watery eyes, “Well...uh...get some rest.” He turned and marched behind the two of them, probably to make sure they leave.

I went over to my phone and turned off the music. I then pulled on a tank top and shorts and lay down in my bed for the last time. I groaned and remembered that I had to turn off the lights. I rolled my off the bed, which resulted in me falling to the ground with a thud.

“Oomph.” I rubbed my butt as it received the biggest impact.

I got up and walked over to the light switch, then emotions hit me like a tidal wave. I was leaving, and I will not be back for a long time. I won’t ever feel like doll ever again. It’s finally time for me to fly.

With a smile, I walked back to my bed and plopped down. I pulled my stuffed dolphin closer to me and cuddled into my warm blue comforter. The sense of familiarity washed over me, as I subconsciously fell into a dark pit of sleep.

Sleep was not very comforting tonight.

I was standing in front of a metallic silver pond looking at my reflection. It was peaceful at first, I was wearing a white billowy dress and the wind felt to calming against my back, but suddenly it stopped. I looked up and saw something emerged out of the center of the pond, it was covered in a goo-like substance. It slowly began to take the shape of a man; the color red painted his skin and his eyes were completely black.

Under normal circumstances, I would have been terrified, but the presence did not affect me.

“Do you accept?” The voice boomed.

“Accept what?” I asked monotonously as he held out his arm. Slowly I began walking closer to the dark figure. As my feet hit the metallic water, it stung at first, but I kept walking forward at a steady pace. Almost in a trance I could not look away.

“To be one of my protectors. My knight.” He boomed.

I reached the center of the lake, now waist deep in the silvery fluid. My dress was plastered to my skin and the metallic goo began to feel more like mud that water.

“I do.” I said, feeling compelled to say so.

“Receive the power of the Nox Knights.” He boomed even though I was right in front of him.

Suddenly the man like figure disappeared in its place stood a fire, that burned the metallic water, though it never left its spot from the center. The smelled filled my nose and lungs, but I did not care.

I reached out, towards it with one hand. The flame refigured itself into the shape of an owl.

“Receive.” The word boomed from every direction; I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

I inched closer to the owl on fire and it inched closer to me. I touched the head of the flamed owl and it burned my fingertips. But I could not move away, slowly the flames seeped into my skin. A warm comforting glow that raced up my arm, but as it crawled down my back it began to burn.

I screamed out in agony as the burn became intense, but never unbearable. Then it suddenly stopped, panting in relief, I looked around the metallic pond. But the pond was no longer metallic silver but a burnt red.

I waded over to the edge of the pond, still feeling the warmth on my back, and sat down on the edge of the pond.

“Welcome, Twyla. The Nox Knight Owl.” A voice boomed and then I fell back into a dreamless slumber.

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