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Just Dinner

Chapter 29: Just Dinner

“This is your suite.” Mistress Elizabeth clasped her hands together before bowing, “If you need anything, feel free to find me.”

“Thank you.” Kai nodded to her and watched her walk away before turning to us, “Boys in one room, girls in the other and Mama Fra and Peter will be in the third room. Bathroom schedule will be posted later today, as to ease any awkward encounter between the opposite gender.”

I stared up at him, I could imagine him wearing an army outfit and saluting. He turned to me and winked. What was that suppose to mean? He let go of my hand and threw the doors open.

I quickly glanced around the room; it had a rustic charm to it. But I made a beeline towards the center of the room where a comfortable sofa sat. I dropped down into it and buried my face into one of the pillows. This sofa felt like heaven. I guess I shouldn’t say things like that anymore since I’m a demon.

Peter clapped his hand and I looked up, “We need to get ready for tonight’s dinner. Ladies you have the first hour to use the bathroom and men you have the second hour. Girls you get 15 minutes in the bathroom each and men you get twenty. I am not being sexist; I just divided the hour up into the amount of people for each gender. I suggest you clean up and get ready.”

Zephyr groaned, “Why do the girls get to go first?” He plopped down on the seat narrowly missing my head.

“Why are you complaining, you have longer in the shower?” I shot back as I glared at him while he took my pillow and put it on his lap.

“I’ll go first.” Clementine raised her hand up as she sprung into the bathroom. Did she take a towel? I tried to wrestle the pillow away from Zephyr, but it was t no avail.

“I can go second; I have to put on makeup.” Alvina groaned.

“I guess I can go third.” I said while I gave in and laid my head on the pillow on Zephyr’s lap.

“Aw, I always knew you just wanted to get close to me.” Zephyr teased as he stared straight into Kai’s eyes.

Kai growled quietly but looked away instead. I have to admit, it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.

“Do I have to wear something fancy?” I asked while I accidentally hit Zephyr in the stomach with my elbow.

“Don’t worry, your outfit is all prepared.” Mama Fra replied and I frowned. That didn’t answer my question.

Two hours flew by quickly and much to my dismay my stomach couldn’t stop making noises. I blushed as I cradled my stomach for the umpteenth time it growled since getting ready. I realized that with all the excitement getting to the palace, I skipped lunch.

“Well how do I look?” Clementine asked as she stepped away from the changing room divider and I gasped. She wore a soft pink off the shoulder, the sleeves where see through lace. The gown fell down to the floor with little pink flowers adorning it. Her hair was stacked up on her head only a few black strands where loose from the intricate up do. It looked like it was purposely done to highlight her cute baby face.

“Wow! I thought we where having dinner, not going to the ball.” I exclaimed still in my bathrobe. At least my makeup was already done.

“My turn.” Alvina said as she stepped out from behind the same room divider. She wore a simple one shoulder dark green dress. It hung down to the floor just barely above the ground. It clung to her and made her look like a model especially with her snake wrapped around her arm. When she spun around the dress caught the light and begun to sparkle. Her hair hung loose in an intricate braid embedded with small green gems. She looked fierce and fabulous at the same time; Zephyr was going to freak out.

“Go get changed.” Clementine urged as she yanked me away from the bed.

I stumbled behind changing divider and opened the bag. I didn’t really glance at it as I struggled to put it on. When I felt like dress was neither revealing anything nor put it on wrong, I stepped out.

“Oh Twyla.” Alvina said as she guided me to the mirror.

I blinked twice to confirm that the reflection in the mirror was actually me. It was a beautiful sleeveless dress that puddled on the ground. The top part of the dress was black lace, but the bottom part was a deep ruby red that was covered by a sheer black covering to make the dress look mysterious.

“Now for the final touches.” Clementine tip toed and put on the veil. This veil only covered my eyes and nose but left my mouth exposed. It was mostly black but the ends where the same dark ruby red as the dress. Alvina pulled the front strands of my hair away from my face and tied it with a deep red ribbon.

“I have to say it.” Clementine giggled, “We look hot.” She struck a pose.

“Wow you are vision.” Nyra commented.

My laugh was cut short by a knocking on the door, “Ladies we are waiting on you.” Kai said from behind the door.

“Coming.” Alvina flung open the door to reveal Kai in a shiny black suit. His jest back hair was slicked back, and he wore a tie that matched the color of his eyes.

“Did the cat catch your tongue?” Zephyr asked as he walked in view. He was wearing a similar black suit but sported a grey tie and handkerchief instead. He yanked on his collar as he gazed at Alvina.

“Yeah, we are amazing. Let’s go.” Clementine said as she grabbed Alvina and my hand.

“Wait!” I protested, “I’m not wearing shoes!”

Alvina laughed, “If I had your dress I would just go barefoot.” She said as she showcased a dazzling pair of green stilettoes.

“No way!” Mama Fra protested. She wore a long shapeless fuchsia gown. There was no sleeves, which made her look like she was wearing a cape. The ends of the gown was highlighted with a golden embroidery.

“Here.” She handed me a pair or small black heels. I quickly slipped them on, almost losing my balance in the process.

“Don’t you look dashing my love.” Peter said as he sported a similar suite as the other guys with the same color tie as Kai. Did the guys have to wear a uniform?

“Why don’t I escort my beautiful daughter and lovely wife to dinner.” Peter extend3e both his arms.

“But Kai usually-“Clementine protested.

“I’ll take Twyla.” Zephyr pipped up.

“Not on your life.” Kai threatened but it was to late because Zephyr had me by the arm and we ran out the door/

“Slow down!” I called trying to get him stop. When he stopped, I bumped into him and almost fell down.

He quickly grabbed my arm and yanked me back up, “A lady doesn’t fall.” He teased.

“A lady doesn’t get yanked around either.” I grumbled.

“So, are you admitting you aren’t a lady?” Zephyr raised an eyebrow.

“I have never said I was. “ I shot back.

“Zephyr, that was unproper!” Mama Fra called out as she and the rest of the group caught up.

“My mistake. I just wanted space with my date.” He teased Kai with a haughty smirk.

“She isn’t your date. You are just her escort.” Peter clarified.

Kai and Alvina starred daggers at us. I felt the urge to apologize to them, but I didn’t do anything wrong. So, I begun to play with my fingers.

“Let’s go down for food. I’m starving.” Zephyr exclaimed while he tucked my hand into the crook of his arm.

Kai and Alina lead the way and Zephyr I followed them. Occasionally I’d catch either Alvina or Kai quickly glance back at us.

“Laugh.” Zephyr said quietly.

“What?” I looked at him incredulously. How could he expect me to laugh on command?

“Do you want to have some fun?” Zephyr asked with a wink when he saw Kai look over at us.

“If you don’t do it. I will make you regret it!” Nyra threatened.

Why is there so many threats going around? “Fine.” I tried to laugh but it came out forced. Zephyr gave me a look, but I couldn’t fake a laugh. Which doesn’t make sense because I use to fake laughs for the musicals, I was in.

“For Hell’s sake.” Nyra growled and then rubbed her wing against my side causing me to giggle.

They both glanced back quickly, almost colliding their head together. I let out another laugh as their faces turned red and they looked ahead. I guess I’m going to have to listen to zephyr now.

We approached a giant door, similar to the one’s a Ravenwood. But this one was closed and had a guard standing on either sides. They gave us a quick nod before the doors magically opened.

As we entered, I couldn’t help but gape. In the center of the room was a long singular table. At one end a giant throne stood ominously above the other fancy chairs. The table was designed with simple plates and hundreds of maids and butlers. Each holding plates that looked so delectable it made my stomach lurched.

I’m glad I didn’t have lunch or else I wouldn’t be able to sample all the food on the table.

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