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A Royal Shock

Chapter 30: A Royal Shock

I can now check having a fancy dinner with someone important off my bucket list. As Zephyr pulled out the seat for me to sit in, one of the guards came in.

“Presenting Satan’s heir to the throne, His Highness Prince Alistair Caspian Marshfield.” The guard shouted out and everyone rose from their seats and turned to the door.

The door swung open revealing a familiar redhead as he strutted into the room. This veil did little to cover up the falling of my mouth, while he just winked at me. He did this on purpose.

“You may be seated.” He says with a grin while looking me straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the end of the table where the large throne like chair sat. I felt a sharp nudge in my stomach, I turned to Zephyr who motioned for me to sit and close my mouth. With the shock wearing off I sat down and stared at my empty plate.

“So, Twyla.” Alistair said while sipping some red liquid out of a sparkling red glass, “I trust your ride here was alright.” He smirked into the cup.

“Oh, yes your highness. It was okay.” I stumbled over my works while I began playing with my fingers.

Zephyr placed one hand on my fingers for me to stop. When I looked up at him, he used his head to point in the direction of Alistair. When I looked over, Alistair was gazing intently at me. I gave him a small wave and then quickly cringed. Why am I acting so stupid?

Alistair chuckled before clapping his hands, “Let us eat. My friends are hungry.”

As the words left his mouth the servants took to off in a flurry of excitement. As one of the servants slid a plate that looked like two crackers with cream cheese and tomato on it, a man appeared in front of us.

“Presenting your amuse bouche. An herb infused cream cheese spread onto a toasted crostino. Garnished with a juicy tomato.” He said in a regal British voice.

I watched as everyone picked up the cracker and nibble on it. I followed suit, but the hardest part was it tasted really good. I just wanted to stuff my face, but I had to eat it slowly. When Mama Fra was done, she carefully wiped the side of her mouth. I followed her and return I end up almost tipping the glass with the red liquid onto the table.

Alistair clapped his hands once more and the plates where taken away. Even though there was still another cracker on the plate. Where we not supposed to eat that one?

“Presenting the soup course. A warm and creamy lobster bisque.” The British man, who I think I am going to call Charles said.

When the servant girl put the amber soup onto my plate, I looked at her for help. On one side of the table setting was three different spoons. One in front of my plate, the other two on the left behind the knife. Which one did I use? Even though she couldn’t see my eyes, her fingers grazed the spoon on the outside. I nodded my head to thank her quietly. I grabbed the round spoon and dipped it into the bowl.

A quiet chatter broke out around the table. I looked up at Alistair who was playing with his soup. Was he bored? I stared at him while taking a small sip. The creamy soup slid down my throat and I pinched my lips in disgust. I have never like soup, I find it too watery. It feels weird to eat, so I never ate it. I didn’t want to take another mouthful, but I felt it might be rude not to eat it. I digested the soup as quickly as I could without it touching my tongue.

Alistair raised his gaze towards me and offered a small smile. I forced a smile, trying to hide my distain for the soup. His eyes crinkled with understanding as he straightened up and clapped again. I let out a small sigh when the soup was moved away. A small cough drew my attention to Kai. He was quickly looked between Alistair and I before giving a dissatisfied smile.

“What? I didn’t do anything wrong.” I groaned in protest in my mind. Too scared to say it out loud.”

“He’s being annoying, ignore him.” Nyra instructed with a yawn, “Man this dinner is boring.”

Charles motioned to the round grilled chicken with mayo and leaved, “Presenting the appetizer course. Salmon cakes with Artichoke Tartar sauce.”

So it wasn’t chicken. Great, what am I suppose to use here? I looked between the fork two forks on the left. The girl who helped me out before, grazed her finger over the outer and smaller fork.

I took a quick bite but began choking. I coughed quietly as I reached the red liquid. I took in gulp after gulp trying to dislodge the fish from my throat. When I was finished, heat raced to my face.

Zephyr looked at me with concern, quickly glancing between Kai and Alistair. Alistair clapped his hands, “Bring us some coffee. Now!”

I hiccupped and giggled, “That tasted good. What was it?” I hiccupped again.

“Red wine.” Zephyr commented with a laugh, “I’m pretty sure you are drunk.”

I found that absolutely hilarious, “This is what drunk feels like. I thought it would feel cooler, at least that’s what I heard.” I began fanning my face.

“Where did you hear that?” Kai growled but didn’t move. Was it me, or was it getting really hot in here?

“Adrian. We use to be best friends, you know. Everyone thought he was going to ask me out. But I think that he and Jasmine would be so much cuter. “ The words began to spill from a mouth.

I began to pull at the mask, “I want to take off this stupid veil. It’s hot!”

“I wouldn’t.’ Alistair commented.

I stood up and almost toppled back into my chair, “You1” I stuck my accusing finger out, “You are an actual prince! But did you tell me? No, no you did not!” Zephyr guided me back to the seat.

“We can have this conversation when you are sober.” Kai interjected.

I stood up once more in a rage, “You! You are more bi-polar than a polar bear. Ha! A polar bear. I should be a comedian. No!” I shook my head, “You.” I started again, “When we met you where an absolute jerk. Then you were nice and now you are mean.” My words began to break off and from the look on his face he didn’t understand a word I was saying.

“It just got interesting.” Nyra chimed in.

“I’m going to bed!” I announced and moved away from my seat. Then the delectable smell of chocolate hit my noise.

I pointed to the girl who helped me out, “I want chocolate! Gimme!” I extended my hands.

“You know what you want?” Zephyr asked and I turned to him with a smile.

“Oh Zephyr! You are so nice to me!” I threw my hands around him and the world began spinning.

“I bet you want to try demon coffee.” Zephyr said while leading me to the chair.

“Demon coffee!” I clapped and fell into the seat.

“Enough!” Kai shouted but I just flipped him off instead. I want demon coffee.

Several giggles erupted, or where they coming from me.

“I wish I had arms to video this.” Nyra laughed.

“Shad up!” I growled as Zephyr handed me a cup of demon coffee.

“Here you go.” The black coffee filled my throat. It was bitter. I don’t like bitter. So I spat it up.

“Maybe someone should get her to bed.” Mama Fra suggested.

“Make sure she isn’t seen. The gossip that flies around here is bad enough, she doesn’t need more.” Alistair interjected.

“I got her.” Zephyr says as he picks me up. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. I extend my hands waiting for the giant drop.

“Give her to me.” Kai commanded, “Now!”

I fell from one hand to another. I booed; this ride was boring! We kept moving straight for a really long time. Then I fell and I sprayed my hands out. A soft cushion hit my back as Kai pulled up the blankets.

“I’m not tired!” I protested as I sit up.

“Go to sleep.” Was all he said but his face was so close to mine.

I grabbed his face and we stared at each other. I smushed my lips to his. They felt warm. I pushed my face away and stared at his shocked one.

“I have always wanted to try that!” I laughed and then laid down.

As soon as my head hit the soft pillow I was out.

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