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Last Minute Practice

Chapter 31: Last Minute Practice

The sound of laughter jarred me from my sleep. I groaned while rubbing m eyes. The world was too bright today. Clementine’s laughter once again rang out through the room. Why do I feel like this?

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Alvina called in an obnoxiously loud voice causing me to groan and swat at the air.

“That what you get for getting drunk.” Clementine sang as she pulled me off the bed.

“Drunk? When did I get drunk?” Suddenly the memories flood in a haze. I was choking. The red liquid that was wine. But what happened after that? Did I do something dumb?

“You where such a lively spirit and yes you did something stupid.” Nyra’s voice rang through my head causing me to groan.

“What time is it?” I asked while clutching my stomach. Was it normal for my insides to feel like they wanted to come out?

“it’s only three thirty .” Alvina laughed as she looked back and forth between two white dresses.

“Three thirty! In the afternoon?” I shouted and shot out of bed. I regretted it the moment that I did. The world began to spin, and I fell back down on my bed.

“Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time.” Clementine added while picking up a white lace dress, “I like this one.”

“Plenty of time?” I didn’t understand. Was today something important? Oh no! Did I miss it?

“Did you forget, today is the first night of Triad. Dawn’s night to be exact.” Alvina laughed and held up another white dress.

“Oh right.” I mumbled. Why is all the dresses white?

“Dawn’s Night is meant to signify the fall of Lucifer. A dawn of new beginnings for demon kind. Though it starts at dusk which is kind of paradoxical.” Alivina explained while walking over with a couple white dresses.

“To show a new beginning we wear white to greet Satan and the rest of the royal family. Since white being the origins of color and Lucifer’s start as an angel.” Clementine added from the far side of the room.

“All you need to do is freshen up. I will style you hair and don’t forget that today’s your performance.” Alvina says dropping the dresses on the bed and pulling me off the bed.

“Today’s the performance! No, I’m not ready. I have never shifted while lighting myself on fire. I don’t think I could do this.” The words vomited out of my mouth.

“You did a half shift while on fire.” Alvina reminded, “Which, I say is harder than a full shift.”

“But-“ I began again while she pushed e to the door.

“Don’t worry. We have Kai waiting outside for you to begin your practice.” Alvina said with a harder push to the door.

“Wait!” I shouted and she stopped. Which almost made me tumble back and fall if I didn’t catch my footing. “I need to change. I’m still in yesterday’s clothes.” I motioned down to my red and black dress.

“Oh right.” Alvina laughed and walked away.

Clementine handed me my uniform which I changed into with haste.

“Here.” Clementine handed me the veil. The one I grew accustomed to and hid every part of my face not half of it.

I tossed the fancy veil onto the bed and slipped on the familiar one. I quickly tied my hair into a ponytail.

“Go on! You only have half an hour best before the guest start arriving. With people everywhere, someone will notice you. Causing gossip to start.” Alvina pushed me at the door.

“Where is Kai?” I opened the door to find the answer to my question.

“Right here.” He nodded as he kicked off from the wall. “Come on. We don’t have much time.”

“Yes, sir.” I saluted and followed him out of the suite.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Kai asked as we descended down a staircase. I thought we were on the first floor, why is there a staircase?

“Fine. Though, I do have a headache.” I tapped my head trying to ease the rhythmic drum in my head.

“It happens when you are hungover.” Kai mumbled when reached a wooden door. I pulled at it, but it was stuck, Kai grabbed the iron handle with my hand inside and yanked the door open.

“Okay, Kai!” Nyra exclaimed with laughter. What does she know?

“What do you remember from last night?’ He asked while rubbing his neck.

I shrugged, “Bits and pieces. But I can’t really remember what happened after Zephyr told me it was red wine.”

“Okay.” He said quietly. Did I do something? Was it so embarrassing he doesn’t want to tell me?

“Listen, I’m sorry if I did anything weird. “ I apologized and walked through the door. It revealed a large green garden. Was I working on my training here? It’s too beautiful. I don’t want to ruin it.

“It wasn’t weird.” Kai muttered following me out, still rubbing his neck.

“Now you are scaring me. What did I do?” I cringed, waiting for the horror story that was my drunk experience to unfold.

“I’ll tell you later. First, lets work on your shift.” Kai waved off the question.

I frowned but didn’t say anything. It couldn’t have been that bad, could it.

“I kind of want to tell you. But I’m not going to.” Nyra teased.

“If you aren’t going to tell me, then don’t hand the knowledge over my head like that.” I growled back.

“First, let’s try transforming into an owl.” Kai broke my thoughts.

I nodded and rolled my shoulders. Soon my whole body began to pop and dislocate. There was hardly any pain which made the transition so much easier. I’m fairly sure that it was faster too. I guess I should thank Zephyr for throwing me off the mountain.

“Can you try flying?” Kai asked while folding his hands behind his back.

I gave a little hoot and began flapping my wings. It took a moment before the wind helped pick me up.

“Now, I’m going to throw this wooden ring up in the air. I want you to fly through it and light it on fire.” Kai pulls out a giant wooden hula hoop out of no were. Where was that even hiding?

Why would I need to do that for my presentation? As if sensing my question he smiled at me and responded, “It’s not you alone giving the demonstration. It’s a giant choreography but luckily all you have to do is shift, fly, light this hoop on fire, shift back and catch it. Sounds easy right?”

Why on earth would they wait this long to tell me. It’s bad enough that if I fail, every single demon will see it. But now if I fail, I will embarrass the rest of the team.

He didn’t let me think for another second before tossing the ring up vertically. “Now!” He shouted and I rushed through the ring.

“Angry thought! Sad thoughts!” Nyra reminded me.

I felt heat rush out of my body. This better be fire, and no sweat! I flew down and transformed back as my feet touched the floor.

“Catch it!” Kai urged and I opened my hands. The dimly lit hula hoop fell perfectly into my hands, “Now absorb the fire.” Kai commanded.

“Do what?” I haven’t learned this yet. Why is this all sprung on me the last minute. Shouldn’t I have had more time? This isn’t fair.

“Life isn’t.” Nyra interjected, “Now imagine the fire is part of you like your tongue. The same muscles it is to put your tongue back in your mouth are the ones that helped stick it out in the first place.”

I imagined the fire running back up my arm and seeping into my skin. When I opened my eyes the hula hoop was no longer on fire.

“That’s great!” Kai clapped me on the back, before grabbing my shoulder, “Now do it again!”

I groaned as I tossed him the hula hoop. “But this time.” Kai added, “Try jumping from the ground when you transform. It might help you with momentum.”

I nodded and leaped into the air. I extended my wings into the air, catching the wind. I soared up as Kai threw the hula hoop up into the air. I raced towards it, thinking negative thoughts. Heat erupted out of the center of my back and soon engulfed my entire body. I graze my wing against the wooden ring and watched it catch on fire. I soared to the ground and transformed as my feet hit the ground. I open my hand and caught the ring which was still on fire. The fire ran back up my arm and buried itself back into my skin.

Kai began clapping, “That was almost perfect. Now we do it with a smaller ring.” He produced a ring that was two times shorter than the hula hoop in my hand.

Where does he keep getting these rings from?

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