Nox Inferno

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Hello Satan

Chapter 33: Hello Satan

He wouldn’t let go. No matter how much I twisted my hand or turned his hand, he wouldn’t let go.

“Will you stop it!” He whispered and tightened his grip.

“People are whispering.” I twisted his hand, but he just twisted it back. He was too strong.

“So?” He whispered.

“This is going to be the first time meeting them without a veil. But all they are going to see is the girl who is cozying up to her Dux. So let go.” I yanked on my hand and to my surprise he let go.

We continued in silence before he grabbed my hand and put it in the crook of his arm, “I am escorting you.” He said before I could protest, “It would look weird if we just walked side by side.”

“I think he likes you more.” Nyra broke down the wall.

“Nyra, for crying out loud! I don’t need this, right now!” That came out way more aggressive than I wanted it too.

“Who are you yelling at?” She scolded and I blushed in embarrassment.

“Sorry. I’m just really nervous.” I brought my left hand up to my right hand, which was secured in Kai’s arm. I begun to twist with my finger.

Kai clapped his right hand on top of mine, “No need to be nervous.” He whispered as we approached a clearing.

I feigned a laugh, “I’m not nervous.”

“You are and it’s okay. I was nervous too. In fact, I distinctively remember wanting to pass out.” He laughed, “I wish someone would have told me that the hardest part will be later in the evening.”

My eyebrows shot up in alarm, “What do you mean?” I felt panic, or maybe vomit rise up in my throat.

“Relax.” His words did little to soothe me, “Remember the practice we did earlier. The show takes place later. Right now you just need to say hello.”

My heartbeat went back down a bit, “I just need to say hello? I don’t need to do the lighting up yet?”

“Yup.” He came to halt, “We are here.”

In front us laid an even clearing of grass. In the center of it all was a large raised silver platform with stairs carved into wither sides. It was too high to see what was on top of that clearing but from the sound. I could assume water, maybe a lake.

Kai let go of my hand and fell into a bow. I looked around, the other knights as well as a group of other people who where not here before did the same. I looked at Kai and he gestured to the staircase with his eyes.

“You need to walk up to the staircase. Don’t move past the second step.” He whispered and gestured to the stairs on the left.

I nodded and walked across the freshly cut grass. I could feel hundreds of eyes burrowing holes into my body. I exhaled and calmed myself as I approached the staircase.

As if on que, drums began to beat. I looked around, where was it coming from? I readjusted my headband so it would fall off before it was supposed to and that’s when I noticed HIM. His engine red hair slicked back unnaturally. His dark red horn where almost hidden in the exotic color of his hair. His red eyes rivaled that which now belonged to me, except his has cat like iris. He smiled at me, as if noticing my gawking through the mask.

Behind him was Lamina, who I only recognized from the head up. But the computer from which she used when we met, did not do her justice. Up close, she looked angelic in all ways except for the arrogantly smug smirk that marred her face. Which seemed to match perfectly with jet black horns.

To the right of her was someone who didn’t need an introduction. It was only now, standing in the shadow of his father did I realize Alistair was a carbon copy of his father. From the red slicked back hair to the glowing red eyes, though his did not have slits and he did not sport horns.

What I didn’t expect was Satan to pull me in a hug, like an old friend. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to hug back or not. So I just stood there, extremely uncomfortable. Finally he pulled back and examined me for the first time.

“It’s so nice to see you.” He smiled and I forced a laugh in response.

“Hello Satan…I mean King Satan. Or is it Lord Satan?” I began to ramble and once again I began digging my nails into my skin.

“Nonsense child. Just call me Satan. I feel like I have known you, all of your life.” I forced another laugh.

“Okay Satan.” I tested out the term that felt foreign in my mouth, “It’s nice to meet you.” He smiled at me before he abruptly straightened and looked up towards the crowd as if he just remembered they were there.

“Turn.” He whispered and I turned around as slow as possible. I didn’t want to look at the demon folk who looked like they where hungry enough to eat me. If I weren’t so nervous, I would be hungry too. I don’t think I have eaten all day.

Satan voiced echoed in my head, “Rise!” His voice left little room for argument.

“I guess that’s why he is the King of the Underworld.” Nyra snorted.

“Meet Twyla Chantelle, your newest Nox Owl!” His voice rang out once more, compounding my attention.

“Take off the veil.” He whispered and I gently pulled it off my face.

When the veil was completely removed from my face, I felt naked. A month ago, I would have laughed if someone told me that I would feel this self-conscious about my face. But I just wanted to put the mask back on. Even though, Clementine and Alvina applied a light amount of makeup. I felt like everyone could see the bags under my eyes from the hangover. See a pimple or two from the stress or maybe from exhaustion.

“Let’s not waste anymore time with the formalities.” Lamina called out in a very regal tone, “Let’s head back to Hollowmound and let the festivities begin.”

No one moved, they just looked at her funny. Was she not suppose to say that?

Alistair clapped his hands, “You heard the princess. Move!”

“Yes, crown prince.” The voices of the audience melted into one.

Satan, Alistair, and Lamina brushed pass me. When they reached their subjects, the crowd parted evenly down the center.

I forced air into my lungs. My legs began to feel like jelly, and I gabbed onto the staircase for dear life. Don’t fall! Don’t fall!

Kai rushed up to me and I grabbed onto him. I might have a better chance of not falling.

“Are you okay?” He whispered as he hoisted me to his side.

“Mmhm.” I said, I couldn’t form words.

“Is she okay?” Alvina asked.

I swatted in the air, “I’m fine. I didn’t realize how nervous I had been. My body is just recuperating from the nerves I was suppressing.”

’You shouldn’t be nervous now.” Zephyr laughed. “Just wait for later. When not only will the entire demon race but the royalty of other kingdoms are there for our routine?”

I gritted my teeth, “Not helping!”

“Ouch!” Zephyr growled as he rubbed his shoulder.

I shot Alvina a grateful look when Zephyr wasn’t looking. I just needed a moment to recollect myself.

“I’m fine.” I pushed myself away from Kai, “We better not keep Satan waiting.”

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