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A Plan

Chapter 36: A Plan

After our performance, we were allowed to watch the other performances. I must say, some of the performances where truly breath taking. Like the Dragon Unit, they actually turned into dragons that breathed fire. I hope we where just as beautifully coordinate as them. The Order of Reapers, I was told where faction-less because they didn’t use any elemental fire. They are trained at a school not too far from Ravenwood, the only difference was it was an all boy school that also allowed Mortals to enter.

“You where amazing.” Kai whispered into my ear and I blushed.

“Not really.” I tucked a loose strand behind my ear, “I almost died, and you had to catch me.”

“I will always catch you.” He said softly causing me to shiver.

I cleared my throat uncomfortably, “So…I’m going over there now.” I pointed to Zephyr and Alvina huddled in the cornered talking.

“Wuss.” Nyra teased as I hurried to the corner.

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked as I approached.

“Gabe.” Alvina didn’t look up as peered at a paper, “I found this in palace’s archives.” Alvina moved the paper closer I inspected the paper closely. It was a map littered with red circles and handwriting.

“It’s a map of Ravenwood.” Zephyr explained and pointed to a big circle, “This is where Noxanne disappeared.” He then pointed to a bigger circle around the smaller one, “This is the region where you disappeared and came back with the burns.”

I scratched my head, “So?” I couldn’t connect the dots.

“Noxanne was killed by angels. It could be possible that Gabe is an Angel.” Alvina said quietly.

Suddenly all the pieces fell into place, “But he has been all around school. Wouldn’t you have known? Like when the Angel I fought roamed the school.”

Alvina looked up, “Maybe he has evolved. Many of the Angel’s powers are still unknown. Lucifer took an oath of silence before he fell. He couldn’t break it, so we don’t know much about Angels and their magic.”

“What’s the handwriting say?” I pointed to the handwriting, either it was to sloppy or it was in another language.

Alvina shrugged, “It’s angel’s tongue. Angel’s are born with ability to know this language because of that no translation are ever made.”

“They are born with the ability!” I smiled triumphantly, “We know an Angel don’t we.

“The Angel we captured was executed.” Zephyr said.

“No, not him. Lamina!” I exclaimed and several head turned in our direction. I slapped a hand over my mouth. I whispered quietly, “She’s half-angel. SO wouldn’t she know it.

“I guess.” Alvina shrugged, “But she’s a half-breed. Not trying to sound prejudice or anything. But she might fully understand the language.”

“Still.” Zephyr said, “It’s worth a try.”

I grinned and surveyed the crowd. In a long satin white dress wearing was Lamina. She was standing next to Alister. A plan began to form as they begun clapping at the performance on the stage.

“Wow, since when where you this cunning?” Nyra asked.

I shrugged, “I read one to many books.” I thought back.

I turned towards Alvina and Zephyr, “I’ve got a plan.”

Alvina smirked, “I’m glad you aren’t such an air-head.”

The announcer spoke, “That concludes the night. I hope you enjoy the festival in the village.”

Slowly the crown began to disassemble, I began my march towards Alister. But Kai appeared in front of me, “Do you want to walk around the village? The fair is always such a fun.” I nodded as I peaked over his shoulder. Alistair and Lamina where getting up. I needed to get to them fast or the plan wouldn’t work.

“Yeah sure. Just let me invite someone.” I said to Kai as I dodged around him and hurried over to Alistair.

“Alistair!” I called out.

He and Lamina stopped and turned towards me. As well as the rest of the royalty in the red booth. Should I have called him, prince?

As I approached his grin widened, “You calling me by first name. Are you trying to get the court talking?”

I rolled my eyes, “Of course.”

“What did you need?” Lamina said quietly.

“I was wondering if you wanted to join us.” Alistair raised an eyebrow, “We are taking a stroll around. I mean you don’t have too. I completely understand if you don’t want to.”

“Are you talking to me, or him?” Lamina asked.

I blinked a couple times, “Both?” It came out as a question.

“You know you are a good friend to me. But I don’t like you like that?” Alistair said warily.

It took a second to register and when it did, I barked out a laugh, “Oh no.” I shook my hand in the air while laughing, “I was inviting you both. I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t think I could ever see him that way.

Lamina began to giggle, “Brother, not every girl wants to date you.”

Alistair went red in the ears, “But she called out to me.” He spluttered, “You stared at me during dinner!”

“Is that how people flirt?” I asked trying to compose myself, “I called out to you because you where leaving. I stared at you because you didn’t tell me you were a freaking prince. I’m still mad at you for that by the way.”

“So why did you invite me?” Alistair raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

“I wanted to make a peace offering with you. Since I got mad at you earlier.” It wasn’t a complete lie, so I didn’t smile too much. Which often is my give-away when lying.

“I would love to come.” Lamina spoke up.

I nodded, “Cool. Are you ready?” I turned to leave.

“Wait I didn’t give my answer!” Alistair called out.

I turned to him with a smile, “You are a good friend to me. But I don’t like you like that. So I rescind my offer.” I teased.

He let out a humph noise, “You can’t do that. I’m coming.”

I gasped, “Are you sure? You might give me the wrong idea.”

“Shut up.” He grumbled and he stalked ahead towards the other knights.

Lamina and I giggled as he walked by, “I’m glad you offered. Many people don’t talk to me because I’m a half breed. Those who do wants something from me.”

Something twisted in my gut, but I forced a smile anyways. I felt bad and I don’t think I could go through with the plan.

“You can’t back down now!” Nyra complained.

“Let’s just see where the night takes us.” I thought back to her. And to Lamina I said out loud, “We should catch up with him or else he might mistake the market-sellers as people flirting with him.”

“I heard that!” He called out even though he should have been out of earshot.

“Good!” Lamina shot back causing us to giggle again. We raced to catch up with the group.

When we arrived Kai and Alistair where glowering at each other. “Will you cool it with the male testosterone!” Alvina snapped, “it’s stinking up the place.”

“Um... Alvina you know we are outside.” Zephyr said sarcastically.

“You too!” She pointed to him, “You know what let’s split up! Girls go one way the guys the other.”

“No!” Clementine, Zephyr and Kai protested at the same time.

“Don’t you agree?” Alvina asked and Lamina and I nodded

Zephyr fell to the ground and wrapped his arms around Alvina’s leg, “You aren’t going anywhere.” He hugged it while she tried to escape from his grasp.

“What are you a child?” Alvina kept pulling on her leg.

I turned to Kai, “Don’t you dare!” I warned.

But it was too late, Kai wrapped his arms around me like a bear. “You are stuck with me.”

I tried to break free, but he just picked me up off of the ground. My arms where in an uncomfortable position but he wouldn’t let go.

“Fine!” Alvina snapped and Zephyr let go, “We won’t split up.”

But Kai still wouldn’t let me go, “Fine.” I muttered. He placed me back down on the ground and opened his arms.

“Thank you!” I muttered.

He smiled and kissed my forehead, “No problem.”

I gasped and ran behind Alvina for protection. She turned to me with an amused smirk, “What was that?”

I glared at her before straightening and began to walk ahead.

“Wait!!” A voice called after us. I turned and looked back at the three figures running towards us.

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