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Magic Show

Chapter 39: Magic Show

I let out a laugh, “A magic show done by a human?”

Melody laughed, “We usually take a mediocre performer from the human world and play pranks on him during the act. But that’s’--”

I gasped, “That sounds cruel.”

“We are demons.” Harry replied as we grabbed popcorn and headed into the purple tent.

There in the center stood a tall greying man in a black suit with a red sash tied around his waist. He held his typical black and white wand to his mouth and tapped on it.

“Is this thing working?” He asked and as he turned to face the crowd behind him, I saw a microphone tapped to the side of this mouth.

Alistair lead us to a big red booth where the others sat. There was an empty seat in the back next to Kai and a seat in the front next to Zephyr. I chose the seat next to Zephyr because I hate sitting behind people but that didn’t stop Kai from growling softly. I could feel his burrowing holes into the ack of my head. It took everything not to turn around, so instead I slumped down into my chair.

“I must admit I have never been to this town. But you look like a beautiful assortment of people.” The magic man said, “I am the wizard, Ruffalo” Ruffalo descended into a bow, “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Let’s start with something simple. “ Ruffalo says as he grabs a little demon boy from the audience. “See this coin?” The boy nodded as Ruffalo rolled his hands. When he finished the coin was no longer in his hands.

“Where did it go?” The little boy says as he giggled. He was up to something and I leaned closer to get a look at what he was going to do.

“Check behind your ear.” Ruffalo said with a smile.

The little boy pulled out the coin and gasped. Then he pulled out another coin. Then another. At his feet, a small pile of silver coins began to form. The magician opened his mouth in shock causing the audience to laugh.

“My, my is that where you keep your coins from mommy?” The magician said with a surprised laugh, but the boy held up one finger. As he opened his mouth hundreds if not more coins began to spill from his mouth.

“I guess you had one expensive dinner little boy.” Ruffalo stared at the pile of coins in bewilderment.

The little boy bowed and bounced back to his seat causing the audience to laugh. The audience began to clap. In that time Ruffalo regained his composure, as he walked over to the section to where I was sitting.

He tapped his wand against his palm and two roses popped out, “A rose for you and a rose for you.” He handed Alvina and I each a beautiful rose.

Alvina began to move her fingers ever so softly and suddenly Ruffalo’s wand was engulfed in roses. He began to pick each one careful not to prick himself against the thorns and handed them out. But he was not quick enough because roots began to form at the other end. The wand jumped out of his hand and began to walk away.

Ruffalo began to chase after the wand causing me to giggle a little bit. Though the audience where trying to gasp for air. When he realized he was the center of the joke. He straightened up and clapped his hands to get the audience attention.

“Well that was certainly interesting.” He said, “For my next trick I will make a person levitate.” Ruffalo dragged a table to the center of the arena. “Do I have any volunteers?”

Zephyr’s hand shot up as did everyone with similar colored eyes as Zephyr. The air faction. I couldn’t help feeling a little bad for the magician who was only doing his job.

“Don’t worry. Someone comes and messes with his memories. He won’t remember a thing.” Nyra added.

“You there.” Ruffalo pointed to Zephyr. Zephyr now grinning like the Cheshire cat stood up and walked over to Ruffalo.

Zephyr took a dramatic bow before turning to face Ruffalo, “Place your hand in mine.” The magician instructed.

Zephyr did as he was told. Soon Zephyr was hovering over the ground. But he wasn’t done there. Zephyr began to soaring up higher and higher.

“Help. Help.” Zephyr called out in fake horror, but his eyes twinkled with mischief. The magician began to panic as Zephyr grabbed onto his hand and he too was in the sky,

Together they where both floating in the air. Even though I knew it was wrong I couldn’t stop myself from joining the rest of the audience as they laughed again. When Zephyr got bored, he lowered the magician and them himself back down.

“Wow.” Zephyr said with fake enthusiasm, “How did you learn to do that?”

The magician didn’t miss a beat, “A magician never tells his secrets.” Ruffalo rolled his hands again and when he opened his hand, he had a lollipop. Which he handed to Zephyr as Zephyr walked back to his seat. The audience once again clapped at the small pranks played on an unsuspecting human.

“Now I will make a person disappear. Any volunteers?” A woman with lighting blue hair raised her hand. I squinted to realize it was the receptionist lady from Tunshaw mountain.

If Ruffalo was shocked by his appearance he didn’t show it instead he said, “I understand there is some sort of carnival. What are you suppose to be?”

“A demon.” The receptionist face broke out into a wicked smile.

“Well Miss. Demon, step into the box.” The magician instructed and the receptionist did as she was told.

Ruffalo untied the red bandanna from around his waist. He waved it around in the air as he knocked against the box. Then he stopped abruptly and opened the purple box. There was no one inside the box and the audience ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ at this magician’s fake magic.

“Now I shall make her appear again.” Ruffalo announced as he danced with is ribbon and knocked on the door. When the magician opened the box there was still nothing in it.

“Hello?” The receptionist voice called from above. I looked up to see her dangling almost helplessly onto ropes. “Help!” She called out.

The magician ran his hands through his hair, “What is going on?” The look on his face indicated that this was stressing him out. But the audience just kept laughing. It was when he curled up into the ball did the receptionist hopped down and walked away.

As he began to cradle himself, the audience began to leave. Did they get bored? Is this what they do to human being?

“Come on. Show’s over.” Zephyr said and everyone got up.

I looked between the group and the man on the verge of a mental breakdown. My heart panged and I couldn’t leave him there. But what would the others say if I go over. I inhaled and marched over to the man cradled in the center of the arena.

“Sir? Are you okay?” I asked as I touched his shoulder.

He snapped and his eyes turned towards me. But they weren’t that of shock or worry. There was genuine hate.

“Monster!” He shrieked and scrambled away from me. When the other’s approached he scooted himself onto the pole.

I reached out again but he slammed my hand away from him, “Stay away from me you filthy monster.” He jerked back and knocked himself unconscious.

“We are demons.” Kai put his hand on my shoulder, “Normal people can’t accept that.”

I turned to him, “You all where tormenting him!” I shouted.

“Every person we bring into our arena has done something bad.” Zephyr said softly.

“These people are usually on the brink of insanity when we bring them in.” Melody added.

“This man” Alvina seethed, “killed every person who volunteered to be in his act.”

“He was a traditionalist. Who wanted to make sure no one would know his secrets.” Clementine said.

“Sure we are demons, but we aren’t inhumane. We punish those who run unpunished. If they don’t change, we send the Grim Reapers after them.”

“This was his warning.” Kai said looking down to the unconscious human.

The hauntingly beautiful gleam in his eyes caused me to shiver. I’m not sure if it was because I was scared or excited. Maybe it was a bit of both. With a wicked gleam of my own I stood up and brushed away the sand from my clothes.

“So where to next?” I asked, disregarding the unconscious shriveled up human in the corner.

“It’s two am.” Alvina said checking her watch.

“I’m going back to the palace to get some sleep. We have the ball tomorrow night.” Clementine added and walked out of the tent.

“I’m right behind you.” I shouted and followed her out without a glance back at the human.

“Your embracing your demon side.” Nyra whispered softly.

“I guess I am.”

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