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A Glimpse of Today

Chapter 41: A Glimpse of Today

For the first time in a while, I didn’t dream. I wasn’t rudely woken up either. For the first time, I got up on my own without some sort of pain.

“Good morning.” Clementine said softly nodding her head to the unconscious Alvina.

“Morning.” I yawned and stretched my arms, “What are we doing today?” I asked stuffing my feet into fuzzy bunny slippers.

“I love today.” Clementine said softly as she followed me out of the room, “Today we are going to get pampered for the ball.”

“Pampered?” I asked as I plopped down into the sofa.

“It’s torture.” Alvina groaned out, rubbing her eyes.

“Sorry, did we wake you?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, I was already up.” She yawned and stumbled onto the sofa.

“We are primed, shaved and groomed in beautiful ladies for the ball.” Clementine giggled and twirled around the room.

“This is why I want to be a boy.” Alvina’s voice was muted by the pillow she had covering her face.

“That’s why I’m glad I’m a boy.” Zephyr’s voice rang out causing Alvina to groan, he ignored her and sang out, “Good morning.” Before wedging his way in between Alvina and me.

Alvina rest the pillow onto his lap and fell asleep. As if by instinct, he place his hand on her shoulder to prevent her from falling.

“Oh good, you are all up.” Kai said while clasping his hands. Under normal circumstances my heart would flutter, or I would blush. But right now, I’m pretty annoyed. So instead, I rolled my eyes and looked away.

“I was thinking of training today. Anyone care to join me?” Kai voice took on a harsher tone as he burrowed holes into the side of my head. But I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of glancing at him. I mean, who sidelines a person for doing nothing.

“You where doing something.” Nyra reminded me.

“Well, not what he was thinking about. That’s different.” I huffed as I replied to her, telepathically.

“Are you crazy?” Clementine exclaimed drawing my attention to her, “We have to get ready and you want to mess around in mud.”

“It will take me all of five minutes to get ready. I don’t understand why you girls need a full day to get ready for some stupid ball.” Kai rolled his eyes, but he didn’t take them off me. Oh shoot, I looked!

“Facts.” Zephyr said as he pointed Kai. I responded by not so subtly elbowing him in the ribs.

“Just for that you get to come with us. Then you will see why we, girls like to pamper ourselves.” Clementine huffed as she looked between Kai and me.

“Sounds just fine to me.” Kai said and I knew his laser eyes still didn’t leave my face.

“What’s first. A mani-pedi?” Zephyr pretended to check his nails.

“Oh shut up.” Alvina said with the usual growl in her voice.

“Actually first you all need to get changed into a robe. We are going to take a communal bath.” Clementine said, yanking everyone from the couch onto their feet. It took several tries to get Alvina up, but she got up, nevertheless.

“Together!” I squeaked out. I know I accidentally flashed everyone on the team when I shifted, I even did so last night. But by taking a communal bath that would mean I’m flashing them on purpose. No way! Nope! I guess I’m not showering today.

“Not happening.” Kai said and crossed his arms. I reprimanded myself for staring at Kai again. Remember, you are mad at him. You aren’t going to be nice for him until he stops sideling me and Zephyr.

“No together, together.” Clementine says as if by saying the word twice would give it a different meaning. When she realized no one understood what she was saying she sighed out, “There is a girl communal bath and a boy’s bath. Girls and boys aren’t allowed to shower together inside the palace unless they are mates.” She raised her eyes suggestively.

When no one said anything, Clementine then added, “After the bath we get a massage. Which is meant to loosen our mussels up, so we don’t look stiff for the ball. Then our facials. The body treatments and nails. After we take a cold shower, so we don’t sweat at the ball and then we get our hair and make up done. By then it will be almost time for the ball. We will then get ready for the banquet part of the ball –“

“How long is this going to take?” Zephyr asked raising his eyebrows.

“Let’s see the bath is for thirty minutes. There are two types of massage is but together it will take three and a half hours. Facials takes about two hours because while they do the facial, they body treatments. The nails will take forty minutes and the shower should take us each twenty minutes. Hair and makeup should take two hours. So maybe.” Clementine began to count on her fingers, “9 hours.”

My jaw dropped, “What time is the ball?” Do we even have time to all that?

“It’s at seven o’clock.” Clementine said with a shrug. What time is it now? I think I want to be a boy too.

Alvina groaned and plopped back down, “I’m tired already. Do we have to?” She kicked her feet in the air like a child throwing at tantrum.

“Yes, we are meeting Lamina and Melody in at eleven o’clock. You have an hour to eat your food and meet up at the spa room.” Clementine instructed and walked out of the room.

“Is it too late to change our minds?” Kai called out.

Zephyr began to laugh, “Ha, I didn’t agree to anything. Sucks to be you.”

“Oh you are going, Zephyr unless you want me to tell them about-“ Clementine was cut off.

“Fine!” Zephyr exclaimed all to quickly. What did Clementine have on him?

“You know I thought she was too good hearted to be a wolf spirit. I guess I was wrong.” Nyra giggled, “Now go and enjoy your pruning.”

“Ugh. Do normal people do this when they are getting ready for prom?” I thought back. My old school only allowed Seniors, to take Seniors to prom, so no underclassmen knew what prom was like. I really hope that this is the demon’s way of being a bit extra rather than the normal way of getting ready.

“By the way!” Clementine shouted out, “This hour is the only time you get to eat until tonight. So I suggest heading downstairs for food.” She giggled as she re-emerge in jeans. She took off running towards the door before anyone could say anything.

I blinked several times before registering what she said. Did she just say what I think she did?

“Oh hell no!” Zephyr said and ran into his room.

His reaction kick started my own as well as everyone else’s. Alvina and I ran into our room and changed into normal clothes. By the time we both came out of the room the boy’s door flew open. We pushed into each other as we squeezed out of the door.
We all sprinted out of our suite and headed to the buffet. I didn’t really know where I was going so, I just stayed in the middle of the pack. I watched and copied where the others turned to.

Suddenly we where halted by a giant line. I groaned, please don’t be the line to the buffet. The line was so long, I could barely smell the food wafting through the corridor.

Clementine waved at us from the far end of the line. How was that possible? We where only a few seconds behind her.

“Come on.” Kai said as he grabbed Alvina and my arms, “I know a place in town.” We ran out of the line. The line almost doubled in size from the two seconds we remained in the line.

We followed Kai out of the palace. No bothering how we looked we dashed out of the palace opened gates through town. If the adrenaline weren’t rushing through my veins I could have remembered, we could taken a car instead.

We continued running for thirty consecutive minutes. Wedged into a little corner was a green and white shop. It had no sign that addressed what it was nor did it leave an aroma to indicate that it was a restaurant or café.

“Kai are you sure that this is a place with food?” I asked but he just ignored me. I turned to look at him, but he just stared ahead.

Without bothering to reply he pulled open the door. The smell of breakfast, human breakfast hit my nose. What exactly is this place?

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