Nox Inferno

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Chapter 42: Relations

As we enter the green and white shop, I saw something I didn’t expect. A woman, her black hair hung in a braid. She looked like a teenage, but her grey eyes held her true age. In-between her eyebrows was a small wrinkle, probably from constant frowning.

“Hello.” Kai called out.

The woman who was now taking an order from an elderly man, snapped her head over to us. She barely glanced at anyone but Kai. Her face erupted into a gigantic smile as she squealed.

“Kai!!” She yelled and threw herself in her arms.

“Hi mama.” Kai said as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Mama?” I accidentally said out loud.

Kai mom pulled back and turned to look at me, “Oh I don’t know you.”

“That’s a first.” Nyra’s voice echoed in my voice.

“I’m Twyla, ma’am.” I extended my hand. She pushed my hand away and pulled me into a hug.

“Ma’am? I’m only forty-two. Call me, Theodosia.” She moved away and hugged Alvina, “How are you, auntie?”

Auntie? I thought in confusion.

“I’m good, Theodosia. What about you? Any dates?” Alvina asked.

Theodosia giggled, “I really shouldn’t talk to you about this. I mean you are older than me.”

“Oh please, you know I hate the fact you call me auntie. I’m not that old.” Alvina giggled and linked arms with her.

“Yeah, but you are double my age.” Theodosia teased as she seated us in a booth.

“Zephyr.” She said with distain.

“Are you still mad at me?” Zephyr asked bashfully.

“What happened?” I asked but Alvina shook her head.

“I use to date him.” Theodosia said unbashful but Kai just groaned out and hit his head against the table.

“Think about it. I could have been Kai’s step-father.” Zephyr winked at me.

My mouth fell open. Talk about complicate family relationships. Kai proceeded to hit his head against the table again. I couldn’t suppress the smile that broke out. I could no longer feel be mad at him.

“There, there.” I patted him on the back and scooted in the seat next to him.

His head snapped up, “I shouldn’t have come.” He groaned out.

Theodosia pinched his cheek and he swatted her hand away, “You love me.” She cooed.

“So what do you want to eat?” Theodosia turned to me.

“I’ll have a croissant, egg and cheese.” Zephyr piped up. Theodosia just turned her head in the opposite direction but still scribbled it down.

“I’m guessing you want a vanilla chai with that?” She gritted out.

“Oh Theo, you know me so well.” Zephyr cooed and took a seat.

“Shut up.” She growled and turned to me, again, “I’m sorry you have to see this.”

I shook my hands in the air, “It’s no problem. I don’t mind, really.”

“I’ll have a chocolate milkshake and six Nutella pancakes.” Alvina said with a smile.

“It’s 10 o’clock.” I said from the other side of the booth in shock.

“We only have 1 hour. I need something filling and sweet. Banquet food especially demon banquet food is stiff and not all that filling.” Alvina defended while crossing her arms.

“Oh then I will have umm…” I scanned through the menu taped on the table, “I guess I will the eggs, pancakes and turkey bacon. To drink I guess I will have hot chocolate with whip cream.”

“That’s what Kai usually has too.” She kissed Kai’s head.

“Ma...” He protested and buried his head into his arms. He was acting like an embarrassed schoolboy. It was kind of adorable.

“Fine, fine. I meant to ask. Where’s Clementine? That girl has a big crush on you.” Theodosia asked.

“She left us to fend to the wolves.” Zephyr pouted.

“We need to get back soon.” Alvina glanced at the clock on the wall.

“Oh right.” Theodosia scuttled off and Kai let out a huff.

“Thank you.” Kai groan before turning to me, “Sorry.”

I smiled at him and turned to Zephyr, “So you dated Kai’s mom?”

Kai let his head drop again. But I didn’t like it when people hit their head. Out of reflex, I stuck my hand out. His head fell into my cushioned palm.

“It was one year after Kai was born. His father split a long while ago. Of course she didn’t tell me about Kai. We were young and in-love. It only lasted a couple months.” Zephyr said with a .

“Months? What happen to love?” I asked.

“Almost all love fades.” Zephyr glanced at Alvina ever so quickly, but I still caught it.

“Here you go.” Theodosia handed everyone except Zephyr their plate.

Zephyr grinned at her, “Saving the best for last?” H asked with a coy smile. Is he flirting? My eyebrows shot up as Theodosia turned beat red.

Kai groaned again, “I’m not coming here with you ever again.” He whispered. Still not taking his forehead off my hand. My sleeve was touching his egg and my fingers where feeling slightly numb. But I didn’t complain.

Theodosia looked at us with a knowing smirk as she shifted weight from one foot to the other, “Are you dating my precious baby?”

Kai’s head snapped up as he whipped his head in his mother’s direction, “Mom!” He shouted.

“Kai Milcom! That wasn’t an answer! Are you?” Her eyebrows wiggled.

I want to disappear into the floor. Her brashness left me speechless, all I could do was shake my head furiously.

She looked at us warily but turned to Alvina, “Actually I did meet a guy. But I swore off all men unless they where my mate.”

“Mom…” Kai groaned, “I don’t want to hear this.”

“Oh hush up. He is tall with purple hair and blue eyes. We met just the other day. His didn’t leave a name. But he had this straggly boy. I think his name Lir or something just as strange.” She said while I took a spoonful of whip cream.

I had to force it down, “You met Lord Lir?” I asked.

“Lord? Well isn’t that a prestigious tittle.” Theodosia said, thinking I was talking about King Leviathan.

“Whose Lord Lir?” Kai asked as he turned to face me.

“You should say your date to the ball.” Nyra said making me smile.

“No way!” I couldn’t help but laugh at Nyra.

“He’s that special?” Kai’s voice took on deadly note.

“No…I was talking to Nyra.” Even though it was true, the way I said it made it sound like a lie. I really need to work on talking when surprised or when I’m lying.

“Fine, don’t tell me.” Kai turned back to his food, “It’s not like I have any right to know.” He grumbled out the last part.

“Kai stop being so sore. Girls have the right to their privacy.” Theodosia scolded, she then turned around and smiled, “Coming.” She turned back to us, “Well duty calls. I will see you all tonight.”

“It was nice meeting you.” I called to her. I looked at Kai, “I like your mother.”

He smiled, “I thought you might.”

“Wow, introduction to the parents so early. Is the wedding next week?” Alvina teased.

“No way!” Zephyr said loudly before taking a sip his drink, “She hasn’t introduced him to her parents.”

“He’s not meeting my parent.” Kai turned to me with a frown, “None of you are.” I amended.

“Why not?” Zephyr purred.

I gave him a deadpan look, “You might try to date my mother.”

His mouth fell open and Alvina giggled, “Nice.” She held up her hand and I high fived it.

“I forgot about Zephyr and my mom. I shouldn’t have taken you here.” Kai groaned and leaned his head against the wall.

“You have been saying the same thing since we got here. But I think you just wanted Twyla, to have sympathy for you. So she would stop being mad at you.” Alvina deduced as she ripped apart another pancake.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I did.” Kai rolled his eyes, “We should hurry. We only have a couple more minutes left.”

“Yes DUX.” Zephyr said before adding, “Or should I say almost step-son.”

“That’s it! I’m sideling you for another month.” Kai declared and pouted.

I laughed at them, “Come on, Clementine is probably waiting for us.” I tugged on his sleeve. An action which was not lost on either Alvina or Zephyr.

I cut them a glance warning them. Thankfully, they decided to keep their mouths shut as we exited the small building wedged into a town full of demons.

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