Nox Inferno

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Chapter 47: Massacre

We stood side by side, waiting by the Limo. Satan and his family descended down the palace steps for the last time before heading back into the Inferno Realm. The palace once filled with laughter and brightness seemed dark and dull. Looking around, the demons surrounding Satan looked saddened.

“Isn’t he coming back next year?” I asked Clementine. For a moment I forgot about my problems and focused on the gloominess before me.

“It’s always like this.” She whispered back, never taking her eyes off of the family.

Satan smiled at me, “Twyla darling, it’s been a pleasure.”

I smiled at him, “It was nice to meet you, Lord Satan.”

He turned to Kai, “Why are you standing all the way over there?” He asked looking between Kai and I. Kai chosen to stand as far from me as possible. As if I were a disease, he didn’t want to contract.

Kai didn’t say anything as he opened the door for Satan. Alistair grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised, which he only responded with a smirk.

“Well aren’t we cozy.” Zephyr laughed and followed us into the limo.

“You look absolutely miserable.” Alistair said quietly.

I forced a laugh, “Trust me, miserable is a nice word to what I feel.”

He shot me a worried look, but Lamina beat him to the question, “Are you okay?”

I forced a smile once more. Pretend. “Yeah, I’m just exaggerating.” I whispered. I wasn’t very good a lying. Even though acting and lying are practically the same thing. I couldn’t flat out lie but I could act. Which makes absolutely no sense, but that’s just me.

I looked around, no one seemed to believe me. I showcased my fake smile, which seemed to settle everyone a little bit.

“I thought you where mad at me.” I turned to Lamina.

She pouted and turned away, “Being upset at someone it bad for my skin. I chose to be the bigger person.”

I smiled my first real smile since this morning. I bummed her, “Thank you.” She huffed but I could see the smile fighting to get loose.

“Did I just step into a movie?” Alvina stated breaking up the last of the tension. Everyone let out a chuckle before falling back into silence.

“I have been meaning to ask.” I broke the silence to keep away my thoughts, “How come we are the only ones riding with you?” I looked at Satan.

“I like the Nox Knights the most.” He placed a finger on his lip, “Don’t tell anyone. The other groups are too intense for me.”

“When I’m king.” Alistair said, almost challengingly as he looked at his father, “I want to ride with the Dragons.” Alistair puffed out his chest.

I put a hand over my mouth, “You would leave your friend to hang out with a bunch of dragons.”

Satan rolled his eyes, “Those males are too pretentious. I almost chose you to be in that unit instead. To help loosen them up.” Satan looked in my directions.

“But they are only males.” I stated in case he forgot that. Kai let out a growl but didn’t say anything. He just stared out the window, a frown marring his face. Satan just shook his head.

“Exactly, those moody men needs a powerful woman to put them in their place.” I smiled. Lord Satan was a feminist.

“That’s exactly what they need.” Alistair laughed.

“I can imagine it now.” Lamina giggled.

The light mood hung in the air as the car pulled to a stop. Kai jumped out of the limo. Great, now he can’t even stand to be in the same car as me.

I jumped over Alistair and exited the car first. When I saw the dense trees, I grimaced. I forgot we had to hike. As if on cue, a mosquito landed on my arm. I hit my arm hard, hoping to kill the mini vampire.

“I hate bugs.” I grumbled rubbing my red arm.

Satan got out and began to lead. Other demons exited from other fancy cars and limos, ready to follow him. Even though Satan seemed very laid back, I could tell he was a really good leader. No one complained or grumbled about him. They all looked like they respected him.

The only noise I could here was the sloshing of the wet ground as hundreds of demons walked towards the portal. I don’t even think they where breathing at this point.

When we reached the clearing, Satan walked ahead while everyone hung back. The family turned to us. Satan, Alistair, and Lamina all bowed at the crowd. The crowd began to rumble with applause. I soon realized that it wasn’t the crowd that rumbled, it was the sky. I turned to look at the sky as did many others.

Suddenly there was a flash of blinding light. It struck Satan directly on the chest. I watched the whole thing happen in slow motion. He was dead before he hit the ground. The blinding light began to strike more rapidly. It hit into the crowd, but most where directed towards Alistair and Lamina.

I couldn’t move, I was frozen to the spot. I watched as the gold light hit Alistair on the side. Clementine rushed to his aide, not caring about her safety. I was helpless, I didn’t know what to do.

“Move.” Nyra instructed.

I began running towards Lamina, but I jolted to a halt when I saw the gold light hit her repeatedly. First, on the temple, then on the chest and finally her right leg. She fell to ground, the entire time she was looking at me.

I ran over to her, but I knew in my mind it was too late. There was more blood outside her body than in her body. She reached out to me and I held onto her hand. She smiled at me, never closing her eyes. No, no, no! This can’t be happening. She was so young. She had so much to live for, she couldn’t die.

Her lips began moving, “So this is what death feels like.” She whispered. As the last word left her lips her body went limp. Her hand felt cold in mine. I hesitantly moved my other hand towards her eyes. They where empty. She was dead. I swallowed a sob as I used my hands to closed her eyes. She deserved so much more. But I didn’t have time to mourn her.

Screams could be heard from above. They weren’t screams of despair but screams of war. I looked as I watched Angels descend down into what was left of the crowd.

“Time to kick some flying rats’ ass.” Nyra growled as she took control of my body. We lunged at the closest Angel.

A sword appeared in our right hand. We plunged the flaming sword into her gut. I watched as her eyes went round. It was like she thought she couldn’t die. Nyra slashed off her wings.

The rat let out a screech as it feel to the Earth with a dud. I landed on top of her and headed over to Clementine. She was leaning against a tree; she didn’t have any strength to hold herself up. She healed every warrior that came to her. Her skin looked paler and paler with each second.

“What do you need?” I asked her.

“Protection. I don’t have enough strength to fight off any Angels.” I nodded and half shifted.

Many Angels stopped and stared at my appearance. Slowly there gazed filled with hate.

“Abomination.” An Angel yelled as he lunged at me. I ducked and cut at his legs. The sword must have been really sharp because it cut through his bones and flesh. His legs laid several feet away from him.

“You think you are some big shot.” The Angel lunged again. He stuck his sword into my left arm. I barely registered the pain as I pulled back. He lost hold of his sword because it was still lodged in my arm.

“I don’t think anything other than killing you.” I swung my sword removing his head from his neck.

Two Angels grabbed both my arms and carried me away. I accidentally dropped my sword. I couldn’t call for help, even though I struggled in their grip. Heat exploded in both my arms and I yelled out.

I needed to set myself on fire. I inhaled and closed my eyes. I had to ignore the rush of adrenaline and focus on my magic. I felt the fire extend outwards. The Angel both dropped me at the same time. I pushed myself upwards with my wings.

“Your lucky we can’t kill you.” The blonde one spat as they examine their hands.

I barely registered the words as I lunged at her. I aimed my sword to her neck, but I was blocked. The other Angel had a weapon.

“You aren’t strong.” He said with smile.

I smiled wickedly, “I don’t need to be strong.” I moved away as three arrows lodged into his back, “I just need to distract you.” I nodded at Zephyr in the tree.

“Hadraniel!” The blonde shouted. She rubbed his golden blood on her face. She held out her hands and set out a pulse of magic.

I lost my balance and plummet towards Earth. The Angel followed downward with a triumphant smile. But she didn’t win yet.

Nyra helped stabilize my wings. She helped me push upwards, holding my sword. The Angel couldn’t pull up fast enough as I plunged my sword into her abdomen.

“Retreat!!” I heard an Angel yelled. I watched as the Angels flew up towards the sky. The sky flashed golden. The Angels disappeared as quickly as they came. If not for the carnage they left, I wouldn’t have believed they came at all.

I held onto my left arm. Blood ran down my hand. I didn’t have time to see a healer. Now we had to take care of the dead.

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