Nox Inferno

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Part III: Devil’s Change

Chapter 49: Memories

I stretched my left arm for the first time in almost two months. Clementine helped take off the silver blue cast from my arm.

“Thanks.” I nodded to her while flexing my left arm.

“Be careful, it might still be sore.” She threw away the smelly cast.

“Big news!” Kai burst through the door of the Nox Home, “The Nox Knights have been given their first mission by King Alistair.” He said ‘King Alistair’ in a mocking tone.

As of right now, Alistair is safely hidden in the Inferno realm with Oziel. There was no coronation, many of the demons don’t think he will last as an Inferno Monarch for much longer.

This mission couldn’t have come at a better time. I haven’t been allowed to do anything since I got the cast. Which also meant I was surrounded everywhere I went so I haven’t been able to process anything about my hallucinations.

“Great.” Zephyr awoke from his nap on the couch, “Where?” He asked while rubbing his eyes.

Alvina smoothed down his bed hair before sitting next to him. Since Peter’s death, Mama Fra hasn’t left her room and she doesn’t let anyone in. The only way to be closer to her is to sit in the tiny living room.

Kai glanced at me, “Crescent Moon.”

I stood up, “I’m going home for my birthday.” I couldn’t contain my grin.

“Your birthday?” Clementine asked.

I rubbed my neck, “Did I not really tell you my birthday?”

“Ah no.” Alvina frowned and crossed her arms.

“Come to think of it.” Kai plopped down on the sofa next to Zephyr, “You haven’t told us anything about you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together, “I haven’t?” I have been so busy adapting to being a demon and then to being a crazy demon with hallucinations. I didn’t really think to tell them about my old life.

I ran into my room and grabbed my cell phone. I opened it and settled back down on the blanket that Clementine and I spread on the ground earlier.

I scrolled through my pictures, “This was my best friends. Jasmine and Adrian.”

Clementine grabbed my phone, “Adrian is cute.” She giggled and passed the phone to Alvina.

“Wow, are we sure he is human.” She passed the phone to Zephyr.

“Have you two dated?” Zephyr wiggled his eyebrows.

“No way.” I laughed. Why is it when a boy and girl are friends, people automatically assume they like each other or have dated. It is possible for a girl and boy to be just friends.

“He’s not that cute.” Kai rolled his eyes and passed the phone back to me.

“Someone’s jealous.” Zephyr laughed which caused Kai to push him off the couch. Zephyr got back up and winked at me. I could tell, we where both thinking the same thing. He didn’t deny it.

“You still didn’t answer us. When is your birthday?” Alvina asked.

I stated, “December fifth. I thought that would be in my file.”

“It probably is. But only those are only accessed by the principal, the dean and Satan. It allows everyone to have the choice on what to tell others.” Kai explained.

That makes sense. “Since we are sharing.” I decided to change the topic, “I don’t know anything about Zephyr.”

He leaned back, “What do you want to know?” Zephyr asked.

“Something.” I shrugged, “Anything.”

“Do you want me to go into my life story? Do some serious soul reflecting.” Zephyr mocked.

I rolled my eyes, “Sure.” I said as sarcastic as possible.

“Fine.” He groaned, “I was an orphan in the demon world. I met my mate when five. We grew up in the orphanage together. We realized we where mates on her eighteenth birthday. She was two days younger than me. She had a lot of ambition and I did not. She thought she was related to Satan, despite not knowing who her family is.” He rolled his eyes, “I just wanted to settle down with her. She began to rally up supporters. Since I was her mate, I couldn’t do anything but support her.”

Alvina grabbed his hand, “You don’t have to.” She whispered.

He smiled a painful smile, “But Twyla wants to know.”

“You don’t need to tell me.” I shook my hands, “I don’t mean to pry. Plus I was being sarcastic.”

“I want to.” Those three words shut me up, “Where was I? Oh right. But overtime I realized she didn’t love me. She was using me. I was strong and loyal to her. One night we snuck into the palace. She was going to kill Lamina and I was to kill Satan. But I couldn’t. I knew it was wrong. Satan, expecting me offered a position as a Nox Knight. I took it and didn’t look back.”

He paused but it didn’t feel like an ending to the story. I could help myself as the word, “Then?” spilled my lips.

Zephyr laughed, “I thought this was about you. How did the table reverse?” He ran his hand through his messy hair.

“Sorry.” I muttered and began to fiddle with my fingers. I didn’t want to talk about me. My life wasn’t anything exciting. The problems of my old life seem to be so simple than theirs. I didn’t deserve to tell my story.

“I was just joking.” Zephyr forced another laugh, “Anyways. On my second mission, my Nox Knight team was tasked with…” He choked out the words.

“I can take it from here.” Alvina said, ”After all I was there.” My eyebrows shot up. “We where tasked to kill her. She tried to kill Lamina on several occasions and failed. But that didn’t stop her from trying again and again. We tracked her to a cave. Most of her supporters left her. We split up to search for her. Zephyr found her. By the time, the rest of us got there. She was laying in a pool of her blood with Zephyr cradling her.” Alvina glanced at Zephyr.

Zephyr looked down at his had entwined with Alvina’s “But that was sixty-seven years ago. I have changed and the more I think of her. The more I realize what an idiot I was.”

Clementine cleared her throat, “So Twyla it’s your turn.”

Zephyr smirked at me, “Oh yes. I would love to hear this.”

I shook my head, “There’s nothing to tell. I haven’t lived an extravagant or long life. My story is only in the beginning faze.”

“That maybe true. But I, erm, we want to know more about you.” Kai said.

Zephyr patted him on the back, “Nice save buddy.” Kai pushed him off the couch again. With a laugh he plopped back onto the sofa.

“I grew up with mom and dad. Or should I say my stepdad. They always expected perfection. No matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough. I had the wrong friends. I didn’t get high enough grades. I didn’t have big dreams.” I sighed and laid on my back. Watching the ceiling was a lot easier than watching them.

“Then?” Zephyr teased.

I smiled but I still didn’t look at them, “Then I got accepted to Ravenwood. I moved away and I have never felt so free.” Finally I built up my courage to look at them.

“Wow.” Kai said.

“Yeah.” Zephyr said, “You where right. That was boring.”

Kai began to beat him with a pillow. I barked out a laugh. Alvina hit Clementine with a pillow.

“This is war.” Clementine shouted and lunged on top of Clementine.

Kai turned to me with a smirk. My eyes widened and I shook my head. But it was too late. The pillow smacked me right on the face. Kai howled with laughter only to be hit with another pillow. I ran and landed on top of a bunch a limb. The impact caused the sofa to tip backwards.

For a moment we all looked at each other for several moments. We suddenly burst out laughing and continued to hit each other with pillows. Leave it to them to make me feel better about myself. I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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