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A Blast from the Past

Chapter 50: A Blast from the Past

I picked up a bowl of cereal. It doesn’t matter how long I have been introduced to the demon realm. I am not eating their food. My left arm wobbled as I picked up the spoon.

“Let me help you there.” Kai took my bowl and spoon from me.

“You don’t need to.” I didn’t want to come across as rude, but I did want him to stop helping me. I needed to build up muscle in my left arm.

“I want to.” Three words. How am I suppose to tell him to stop if he says something like that? Since I got this cast, he has been attentive and kind. It could be because he thinks I’m crazy and he doesn’t want to send me into another spiral. But his behavior is giving me a fuzzy feeling in my chest and I need it to stop.

“Thanks.” I mumbled as he led me to the couch, “So when do we leave?”

“Tomorrow.” He placed a pillow on my lap and handed me back my bowl of cereal, “Do you need anything else?” His blue eyes peered into mine and once again the butterflies returned.

Stop it. I scolded myself. “Why would you do that?” Nyra asked

“Because.” I paused for a moment before I thought up my comeback, “Why do you want me to feel it?” I retorted. I had to give myself a pat on the back for that.

“Twyla?” Kai voice pulled me out of my subconscious.

“What? Oh yeah. I think I’m good. I am just about to start on my Demon literature homework.” I stared out of the giant glass window. I pretended not to feel Kai’s eyes tunneling holes into the side of my face.

“Mr. Macinnis is giving homework?” Kai asked, “That’s strange.”

“He started dating again.” I shook my head unable to hide my smile.

“Oh so he now he is trying to act like a responsible adult again. That’s good.” I could hear the mockery in Kai’s tone.

I took a mouthful of my cereal to hide the smile. He is very charming when he tries to be.

“Do you want help with it?” He asked. I shook my head; it was just a simple book summary sheet. A paper he doesn’t even grade. We fell in an uncomfortable silence. I could tell he wanted to talk about Triad Night. He has been trying for almost an entire month and a half.

“What exactly is our mission?” I asked.

He let out a sigh, “It’s not our mission. Remember you are still sidelined.”

I rolled my eyes, “Let me rephrase that. What exactly is your mission?”

“There is a lot of Angel activity near and in Crescent Moon. We are going in to check it out. Alistair- I mean King Alistair figured we should have this mission. It is your hometown which would make us the best candidates for the mission.” He looked at me and I nodded. He learnt that piling up information on me isn’t going to work. “Our cover story is due to our principal’s death they are giving us a week off. We decided to travel home with you to see your family.”

I laughed, “I hope you know, neither you nor Zephyr is allowed to meet my parents.”

He frowned, “Why not?”

I shrugged, “When I am in the presence of males, my dad gets overprotective. It was hard enough to get him to believe that Adrian was gay and before you ask. No he is not actually gay. He’s old fashion. Doesn’t believe straight guys ca just be friends with girls.”

Kai’s frown spread into a mischievous smirk, “You don’t want him to think I am gay? IS it because when you do introduce me, it will be as something more?” He wiggled his eyebrows and my heart fluttered.

“No.” I spluttered.

“I guess you and I are going to be something more too.” Zephyr’s head appeared in between Kai and I. Which caused me to yelp and spill my cereal all over the ground.

“I hate you.” I grumbled and stood up. Zephyr only laugh harder.

“You are a real pain.” Alvina bumped Zephyr with her arm.

“Aw but that’s what you love about me.” He cooed and wrapped his arms around her. She struggled in his arms before he finally let her go.

“I need to find my mate.” Clementine shook her head.

“Me too.” I commented, “Those two are too much to handle.”

Clementine looked at me dubiously, “Oh you are no better.”

I gasped. I am nothing like Zephyr and Alvina.

But the words I wanted to say where stolen by Zephyr, “Hey, that’s offensive. Kai and Twyla are way worse.”

I picked up the paper towel and chucked it at him. At least the Angel didn’t maim my good arm.

“You caused the mess. You should clean it up.” For once, Zephyr listened to me and began wiping up the spilled milk.

Kai winked at me. That’s it! I am going to die alone. People are to much work.

“Good thing Kai is not people.” Nyra added.

I growled and swung the door open, “I am truly starting to hate you.”

“Oh you don’t mean that.” Nyra cooed, “If you did you wouldn’t respond back.”

I wanted to prove my point, so I ignored her comment and pulled out my phone. I should call Adrian or Jasmine. Suddenly I realized, I haven’t called either of them since I began school here. Oh they are going to hate me.

Hesitantly I facetimed Adrian. He picked up after two rings.

“Well look who is alive?” Adrian frowned.

“I get that you are mad. I’m sorry.” I apologized.

He leaned his phone against a sink, and he began to comb his hair, “Of course I’m mad. No one has heard a thing from you in three months. You parents are worried. You father thought I was lying when I told him you haven’t called.”

I smiled sheepishly, “Sorry.”

He peered into the screen, “Did you put contacts?”

“What?” I touched my eyes. I gotten so use to my red eyes, I forgot it was not normal to have red eyes or magical abilities. “Oh yeah. A couple of us are going to a costume party.”

Adrian squinted, “In November?”

I let out a fake laugh, “Yeah, that’s how us Ravenwood kid’s party.”

Adrian laughed, “You. Twyla Chantelle. The girl I had to beg to hang out with kids we have known for years because she wanted to read a book instead. That girl is going to a party on Saturday afternoon.”

I made a serious face, “Yeah. Things are different here in the mountains. It changes you.” This time I was no longer kidding but rather dead serious.

He laughed once more, “Man, I have missed this. Hanging out with Jasmine is weird without you.”

“Me too.” I smiled. I missed my life when it was simple. But I wouldn’t change this life for anything. This life has helped me grow up and become a better person.

“Anything big happening?” He asked.

I had forgotten. “Yeah. I am coming home. We are leaving tomorrow so we should probably be there by tomorrow night.”

Adrian stopped playing with his hair and picked up the phone. “Did you tell your parents this?”

I shook my head, “They are giving us a week off. The principal died so they needed time to get everything back into order. I’m bringing some friends home too.” I hope he believe the lie; I spoon fed him.

Adrian frowned, “They aren’t pompous rich kids, are they?”

I laughed, “If anything. I come off more pompous than the rest.” It’s true. Everyone here has gone through such a harsh life while I complained about parental issues.

“Good. I was worried about needing to kick to rich kid ass.” I laughed, “So any romances?”

My face went red, “You know me. Why would I-?“

He cut me off, “So that’s a yes. Is he coming?”

“Wait a minute. How did you-?”

He cut me off again, “We may have been separated for a couple months. But I have known you all your life. We are practically telepathically linked. Which means he is coming. I can’t wait to meet him.”

My mouth hung open. He hasn’t changed at all.

“Close your mouth. Unless you are going as a frog for your party.” My what?
I laughed at his comment, “What about you? Dating anyone.”

He froze up, “I think we should talk about that when you get back home.”

“Okay?” He was acting weird. Don’t tell me, he settled down since I have left.

A voice called him. A girl’s voice yelled out his name from his side of the phone. “I got to go.” He waved at me.

“Okay bye.” I didn’t want our conversation to end.

“Oh word of the wise. If you call your parents, take out the contacts.” He hung up leaving me to stared at a black screen.

I let out a sigh. All I have to do is call my parents. Great.

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