Nox Inferno

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Chapter 54: Drive

I hesitated. I didn’t want to get sick again and this time it could be much worse. I had to take the necklace off to feel better but if I drink this it would be in my system. What if I died?

Alvina rolled her eyes, “Zephyr.”

“Got it!” Zephyr said from behind me. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked on it.

“What the-“ I didn’t have time to process what was happening as Alvina tipped the glass and let the liquid fall into my mouth.

It tasted warm and fuzzy. It reminded me of Christmas and warm fires. The taste calmed me for only a moment. I headbutted Zephyr and stepped away from the crazy people.

“What on Earth!” I yelled, “I could have died!”

Alvina rolled her eyes, “You didn’t.” She stated.

“I think you broke my nose.” Zephyr cradled his bloody nose.

“I’m not apologizing.” I raised both my eyebrows, “She could have killed me, and you would be an accomplice.”

Zephyr grinned causing blood to run into his mouth, “But you are fine, aren’t you?”

He was right. I didn’t feel weak or tired. I felt normal. I pulled open the closet draw. Inside had a long reflective silver knife. I’m not going to even ask why that’s there. I held it up to my face and examined my eyes. They were brown. Dull, ordinary, nothing unusual brown.

“Here.” Alvina tossed Zephyr a cloth, “I don’t want blood dripping all over my kitchen.”

He grinned and wiped away the blood, “Why won’t you admit you care about me?”

She scoffed, “I don’t.”

Okay, it’s officially time to go. I turned and walked out the kitchen and back into the living room. Everyone was waiting there. Did they not hear me scream? Rude.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Mama Fra said as she looked over my shoulder, “Where is Alvina and Zephyr?”

“Making out.” I responded coyly.

I felt something hit me in the back of the head, “We were not! Are you trying to get us in trouble?” I picked up the bloody rag.

“Gross, Zephyr. That better not have gotten into my hair.” I touched the back of my head. Good, I don’t want his icky blood there.

“What happened to you?” Clementine rushed over.

“Ask her.” Zephyr nodded towards me.

“What did you do?” Kai asked and looked down at me.

“I was defending myself. Didn’t you hear me yelling?” I asked. Kai looked very confused.

“You yelled?” He turned to Zephyr whose nose was now completely healed, “What did you do?”

“Calm down.” I placed my hand instinctively on Kai’s forearm, “It’s alright now. But you seriously didn’t hear me?”

“If I did. I would have run to you.” I blushed a little and removed my hand from his arm when I noticed him staring at it.

“But she was so loud. How could you not hear it?” Zephyr said.

I scrunched my eyebrows, “That’s weird.”

“As much as I would like to go over what is weird and what isn’t we still do have to catch an airplane.” Mama Fra interrupted.

“Yes, ma’am.” Zephyr said sarcastically and he trotted out the house. Alvina following close behind.

I shook my head. It has been two months and his antics never cease to amuse me.

“Come on.” Kai grabbed my hands. My stomach did a backflip, he made me feel funny things.

“No way. I am not being fifth wheeling again!” Clementine grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Kai. She giggled as his smile failed.

“That’s nice.” Mama Fra cooed, “But airport!” She tapped a watched and pushed all three of us out the doors.

Despite it being the end of November in the mountains. I didn’t feel cold. Maybe the magic serum didn’t work.

“Nyra?” I called out to her in my mind. She didn’t respond. I didn’t feel any different. I could feel my magic still lurking just below the surface of my skin. I know it wanted to come out, but it just stayed still.

Clementine pushed me into the van and followed behind. I think she intentionally sat between Kai and me. I wanted to laugh. I knew she had a crush on him, she told me so herself. But for some odd reason, I knew Kai didn’t feel that way about her. Call me self-centered or whatever but I couldn’t imagine him liking anyone but me.

I shook my head at the ridiculous notion. This is why I can’t be left alone with my thoughts for a long period of time. I start to imagine the dumbest things.

“I can’t wait!!” Clementine buzzed extatically.

I looked over at her. I was caught off by her brown eyes for a quick moment.

“Why? You have gone on missions before.” I asked.

“Clementine has never gone to the mortal realm for a long period of time. Peter thought it was for the best.” Mama Fra explained.

I frowned. I didn’t peg Peter to be an overprotective parent. I guess because of my own personal experience I didn’t like overprotective parents. I get that they want their child to be nurtured. But there needs to be a point in between nurturing and flat out shielding them. Stopping a child from doing something can be good sometimes. But if parents stop their child from doing everything then the real world is going to hurt them a lot more than the small stuff they were protected from.

“Twyla! Are you sleeping with your eyes open?” Clementine waved a hand in my face,

“Sorry? What did you say?” I asked. How long did I space out for?

“What’s it like in the human realm?” I laughed at her question. She was just as naïve about the mortal realm as I was about the demon realm.

She looked only at me, “I don’t mean to laugh. I just found your question to be eye opening. But I think, there is no difference between the human world and this one except for the obvious lack of magic.”

She crossed her arms, “That’s not what my human environment teacher says.”

I looked at her incrediolously, “That’s a real class? Why am I not taking this class? I would be acing this class.”

Alvina explained, “Some demons don’t live in the mortal realm. That class is only provided for them because they need to know about the world, they are supposed to wreak havoc upon.”

“Demons do that?” I forgotten demons are technically the bad guys.
“Some do. They need to create balance. If not for them the Angels would take over and eradicate anything that’s not perfect.” Zephyr shook his head, “That question reminds me of how young you are.”

“Hey! I might be young, but I am old enough to kick your ass.” I turned around and gave him the evil eye.

“Name a time and place.” He challenged.

“I swear one moment you are super quiet and the next you are picking fights.” Clementine pulled me forward.

“I have to agree with my daughter on this one. The fire faction is one of the greatest mysteries on this earth.” Mama Fra said from the front seat.

“Just so I’m clear. You are not fighting Twyla unless you want to be sidelined for twenty years.” Kai glared at Zephyr.

“Wha?” Zephyr said, “She started it. You should sideline her.”

“She is sidelined.” I retorted. That wasn’t a good comeback. I’m grateful for the miracle drug, or I would hear Nyra laughing at me. My head feels empty without her constant presence or her opinions. I felt my arm buzz. It was Nyra letting me know she was still here. I stroked my arm. She hasn’t made my skin buzz like that since I first arrived to Ravenwood.

“Wow nice comeback.” Zephyr’s clapping broke me out of my thoughts.

Focus. I can’t focus without Nyra around. Or maybe she was the reason I can no longer focus.

“Thank you.” I said sarcastically.

“If I could, I would punch you in your arm.” Zephyr grumbled.

Kai growled, “You will do no such thing.” Great. Zephyr sent him into his random fit of rage, and I can’t calm him down.

“Relax.” Alvina said pulling off one headphone, “I can still hear you through my music.” She stuck the earpiece back in.

Thank Satan she knows how to diffuse a situation. Or else Kai would have killed Zephyr long ago.

“Hate to interrupt your knightly bonding and all-“ Mama Fra interrupted. Was she always this sarcastic, “We are at the airport.”

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