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Chapter 56: Realization

I choose to sit as far away from Kai as possible. But that didn’t stop his eyes from reaching me from wherever I sat. I tried sleeping but my entire body felt electrified. I was nervous and excited to go back home. The entire plane ride, I prayed no one would see my red eyes beneath the sunglasses. But the sunglasses only attracted attention. A couple people snapped pictures of me. Zephyr was right, they probably thought I was famous or something.

As soon as the plane landed, it took everything to wait to exit the plane. I needed that tea and I needed it now. I had a bad feeling and Nyra wasn’t helping.

“That girl!” Nyra interrupted my thoughts.

I turned to look at a girl with soft pastel blonde hair and brown eyes. She looked like she applied her makeup professionally. I didn’t think people actually wore that kind of makeup in real life.

“She was looking at us!” Nyra accused.

“So?” I thought back, “I look very suspicious.” I defended the clueless girl.

“She looks like an Angel.” Nyra said and I smirked.

“Nyra, you do realize people pay money to look like that here in the mortal world.” I shook my head. Reminding myself Nyra hasn’t seen mortals before. Last time I took a plane she was in her suppressed state.

“Why?” Nyra asked and I almost laughed out loud. But that would have earned me some more odd glances.

“Who knows.” I shrugged. The man next to me looked at me suspiciously. I glared at him. He shouldn’t judge me, he tried to take a picture of me thinking I was famous.

Slowly the other passengers began to stand up. Quickly I shuffled out, allowing the man and his wife to exit. Kai grabbed onto my hand as we exited the plane.

“What are you doing?” I whisper-yelled.

“We got word your friends reached the airport. So we are going to bee-line to Alvina’s bag as quick as possible.” Kai whispered back.

I turned my head. The others where no where to be seen. But the biggest question still lingered inside my mind. How did we get word? There is no service on the airplane. I know it was most likely magic but how did Kai preform magic surrounded b a bunch of mortals?

“Come on.” Kai tugged my arm as we headed to baggage claim.

Alvina was holding her bag waiting for us. She held the tube of tea mis in her hand. While Zephyr was running over with a hot cup of water.

“There is no cinnamon.” Zephyr said.

Of course there wouldn’t be. I rolled my eyes. We where in an airport. What airport has a cinnamon?

“No matter.” Alvina poured the tea mix into the water, “That was only to mask the taste of the tea.” She began to slosh the liquid around since there was nothing to stir the tea with.

“Twyla!” I heard my name being called. I quickly turned to see Adrian and Jasmine running to me.

“Quickly.” Alvina handed the cup of tea to me. I downed it all in one gulp. Though the tea barely touched my tongue I still wanted to gag. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. But my mortal friends where coming over and I can’t afford to have red eyes. It’s bad enough Adrian has seen me with red eyes, but he thought I was going to a party.

“Hey.” I smiled at my approaching best friends. I hid the cup behind my back, and I noticed from the corner of my eye Alvina tucking the tube into her purse. “Are you even supposed to be here?” I asked.

Adrian shrugged, “Probably not.”

“Oh good.” I said sarcastically.

“Aww my favorite couple back together!” Jasmine cooed and Kai growled. “Or maybe not.” She added and gave me with a funny look.

“What?” I asked faking innocence

“Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?” Adrian asked.

I forgot to take them off! “I wanted to look like a celebrity.” I said sarcastically, not giving them a real answer.

“You are one.” Zephyr added and I rolled my eyes. He thinks he is so funny.

I took off the sunglasses and handed them back to Zephyr. I quickly glanced at Alvina who gave me a small nod. Okay at least my eyes where back to normal. I handed Alvina the cup which I used to drink my tea from.

“Hey, you really muscled up.” Adrian began massaging my arms. At least he changed the subject and not me. That would have been to suspicious.

I laughed and moved away, “Cut it out.”

A throat cleared and I turned to find Kai with his hands crossed. Oh right.

“Guys. This is Adrian and Jasmine.” I gestured to my two mortal friends, “Adrian, Jasmine this are my Ravenwood team…I mean friends.” Crap! I hope they don’t notice. I should just play it off, “This is Kai, Zephyr, Alvina and Clementine.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kai said narrowing his eyes at Adrian.

Adrian shot me an amused look. I could almost hear him ask. Is this the guy?

I shook my head trying to deny it, but a smile erupted from my face. I just gave myself away.

“Any way!” Clementine said breaking the tension growing in the air, “It’s so nice to meet you!” She giggled and held onto Adrian’s arm.

Adrian prayed his arm away from her, “Yeah… uh… you too.” I barked out a laugh.

“I heard you went to party.” Jasmine said as I grabbed my suitcase from Zephyr.

“What party?” Zephyr asked. I glared at him. Was he trying to get me in trouble?

Adrian frowned, “The one where you guys dressed up.”

“You told him about Triad?” Kai said menacingly. I wanted to hit myself on the forehead and then Kai. Maybe, I should reverse the order.

“Triad?” Adrian said, “Is that some sort of cultic thing?”

I forced a laugh, “No he was talking about the party we went to Saturday.” I gave Kai a pointed look. “The one where we dressed up like demons. He saw me with my red eyes.”

“Forgive the boys.” Alvina interjected, “They where too drunk to remember.” She explained. I was so happy she caught the clue.

“Yeah.” Kai rubbed his head in embarrassment.

“Drunk?” Jasmine said and looked at me questioning, “Have you gotten drunk before?”

Laughter rang through part of the group. I hung my head in shame. I really don’t want to remember that night. Especially since Kai told me I kissed him. I quickly glanced at Kai. He was blushing just as hard as I was.

“Oh you should have seen her.” Zephyr laughed. ’Very commanding!”

’You know what.” I said loud enough to silence the laugher, “How about we talk about something else.”

“Fine.” Jasmine said, “Let’s talk about the thing you just drank.”

I looked at her dumbfounded, “Wh-what?” I stammered out. I tried not to fiddle with my fingers.

“Don’t play dumb we saw you.” Jasmine accused. “Didn’t we?” She elbowed Adrian.

“Yeah we did.” He said softly.

“It was nothing. Don’t worry about it.” I said.

“Are you on drugs?” Jasmine asked softly.

“What! No! You know me.” I looked at her shocked. I felt a little betrayed by that. I would never do drugs. Though I was far from perfect, I tried to be the best I could so my parents wouldn’t get angry and do something rash.

“I thought I did.” Jasmine whispered and ran off.

I looked at her retreating figure, “Give her time.” Adrian said, “You know how hot headed she is.”

“Yeah.” I smiled weakly.

“But Twyla, you really did change.” Adrian looked me in the eyes. It was as if he was looking at a stranger. He was right, I did change.

“Hey!” Clementine shouted. “She might have changed but that’s not a bad thing.” She grabbed my shoulder offering me a sense of friendship.

I knew I changed. But I didn’t think it would be to a point where my own best friends didn’t recognize me.

“You are right.” Adrian said, “Welcome home.” Adrian added softly and took off after Jasmine.

Something bitter curled in my chest. This wasn’t my home not anymore. I didn’t belong here.

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