Nox Inferno

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Chapter 57: Kingston

“Don’t pay them any attention. They are just a little surprise.” Kai said. I tore my eyes off the retreating Adrian.

“I hope you are right.” I whispered. Despite his comforting words, I still felt like crying and I am pretty sure everyone knew it too.

“Come on. Don’t forget the real reason you are here.” Alvina said tugging me forward. Out the doors that my two best friends ran out of.

“You are right.” I beamed at her. It was fake but it’s the best thing I could offer her right now. “We came to kick some Angel butt!” I shouted.

I was quickly silenced by several shushes, “We don’t want everyone to know that.” Zephyr laughed.

I rolled my eyes. But I quietly added, “Besides this is Clementine’s first visit to the mortal realm. Where do you want to go?”

She clapped, “I have always wanted to go a restaurant. I want to try their food.”

I looked at her strangely. Alvina voiced my thoughts when she said, “But they would serve the same food Myrtle serves. It would probably taste even worse.”

“I know that.” She sighed, “But I want the real experience.”

“Fine.” I shook my head, “I know where to go.”

Despite never being allowed to go out without permission. I did know a good place or two in this small town. Only because there was only two good places anyone ever ate. Burger Shack is usually where the teens hung out and La Cherie is where people would go for fancy dinners, dates and family outings.

“A mystery.” Kai wiggled his eyebrows, “What is the name of the place?”

“I’m not saying. You are going to have to trust me.” I winked.

“Can you feel the love tonight-“ Zephyr began to sing off key.

“Put a sock in it!” Kai growled causing me to laugh. Zephyr totally deserved that.

“How are we getting there?” I asked, “Should we rent a car?”

“Please.” Zephyr snorted.

“We arranged transportation in style.” Alvina finished. Please don’t tell me they did what I think they did.

As we walked out the airport, I saw it. A huge white limo. My jaw dropped. That better be for someone else. Don’t tell me they actually rented a limo.

“What do you think?” Alvina asked Clementine.

“Is this what mortal usually drive?” Clementine giggled and ran to the limo.

“Nope.” I shook my head, “Do I have to remind you we in a very small town. A limo like that will attract everyone’s attention. What happened to staying incognito?”

“We are.” Alvina defended.

“Everyone expects us to be snooty rich kids. How else would rich kids get around.” Kai explained taking my suitcase and handing both of our suitcases to the driver. Who stuck them in the trunk.

“Couldn’t you have gotten a car. That would draw less attention. Won’t the Angels know about our presence now?” I asked frantic. How on Earth am I doing to downplay going to Burger Shack in a limo? Would La Cherie be a better option? I looked around. Several people where staring and taking pictures. Did they know what they were doing?

“It’s fine.” Kai said entering the car.

“It really isn’t.”’ I whispered and followed him in.

“Hello.” The man inside the limo said scarring me.

“Uh hi?” I sounded like I asked a question rather than introduce myself. Clementine sat down next to me.

“My name is Kingston. I will be helping you along your mission.” He sounded British or maybe Australian. “Your mission is very simple. No fake identities of false pretenses. Other than you are returning with Twyla because after the Principal and Dean died the school needed time to sort out the new management.”

I stared at him. My mouth slightly open. In other missions we get fake identities? That is so cool!

“You will be checked into a hotel a couple mile outside the town.” He said. But I couldn’t help imagine this slender old man with a monocle and a giant mustache.

“We need to make a detour before checking into the hotel.” Kai said from next to me.

Kingston tapped on the black tinted window, “Where will we be going?” Charles asked.

Everyone turned to look at me. Oh right! I’m the only one who knows where we are going, “Burger Shack.” I said after a moment paused.

“Burger Shack.” The typical butler-look alike said tapping on the black glass again.

“Sounds fun!” Clementine squealed.

“It’s a Sunday night. Hopefully not too many people will be there.” I said more to myself than to her.

“Why?” Kai challenged, “Do you not want me to meet dark brown har with killer green eyes and dimples?”

Who? It took a moment to click. The fake male version of Jasmine. Did he really remember what I said? “No.” I said with a straight face.

“No?” His smirk slip.

Wait what? “No. I mean I do want you to meet him?” What am I saying, “No, I mean I don’t want you to meet him.” Breathe Twyla. “I mean. I don’t care.” I shrugged it off like that was the purpose.

“Smooth.” Zephyr snickered.

“Oh hush up.” I pouted.

“We are here.” Kingston said the exact moment the car pulled to a lurch. Was it magic or did he just read the neon yellow sign?

“Thank you.” I said as I slid out of the limo.

“What time do you want us to pick you up?” Kingston asked.

Everyone looked at me. I shrugged, “I don’t know.” I looked to Kai for help.

Kai being my saving grace, and all said, “Come back in two hours. While you are gone pick up some contacts. Preferably brown.”

I smiled, “But not too dark. It has to resemble the color of my eyes right now.”

Kingston looked like he wanted to ask a question, but he didn’t “Right away miss Twyla.”

As I got out, I noticed the stares once more. I saw Miss. Ackerman, the woman who lives next to my parents, take out her phone and snap a picture. She was such a nosy neighbor at least she hasn’t changed.

“Twyla!” I heard my name called from inside of the Burger Shack. Seconds later one of Adrian’s exes came running over, “Twyla, girl. How are you?”

What was her name again? Who cares? “I’m good. You?” I asked.

“Great.” She twirled her blonde hair, “So who is this?” She was examining Zephyr like I imagine she would look at a fake hair extension.

I noticed Alvina’s shoulders tighten ever so slightly, “Taken.” I said sweetly.

“Oh that’s too bad. If it doesn’t work out, call me.” She winked and Zephyr before strutting back into the restaurant. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“Who was that?” Zephyr whistled. Alivina was getting more tense by the second.

I shrugged, “One of Adrian’s exes. I lose track of their names. Besides why would you be interested when you have someone better.”

I knew what he was going to say before he did. “Who?” Zephyr asked and I wasn’t sure who was going to end up hitting him first. Me or Alivina.

“I give up.” I said and walked into the restaurant.

“Wait up!” Clementine said and followed me in. The inside is exactly as I remember it. Dark wood with yellow lights. There was a small pool table that the jock hogged up and the booths close by is where the cheerleaders sat. Adrian usually had to drag Jasmine and I to sit next to his friends.

As I glanced over, I froze. Adrian and Jasmine where in the booth where we usually sit down. They where both looking at me. This was a really bad idea.

“It’s your friends.” Clementine said sarcastically.

“Hey!” I looked at her, “Please don’t talk about them that way.”

She shrugged, “Fine. But remember that they where the ones who left. Don’t forgive them easily.”

I smiled, “I won’t.” Be even as I said the words, I knew they weren’t true. Somewhere deep within me I knew I would forgive them without a second thought. After all, I was the one who changed not them.

Kai and Zephyr walked in and chatter seemed to stop. At least I wasn’t the center of attention. But Kai knew what I was thinking. Before I could stop it, he slung his arm around my shoulder.

“What are we getting, babe?” He winked at me ever so subtly.

I really hate his guts. Well not really. My heart won’t let me have feelings of hate for him. I don’t think it ever will.

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