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Burger Shack

Chapter 58: Burger Shack

I could hear the whisper that broke out and I could feel their stares as we walked to the cash register.

“Isn’t that Twyla?” Someone said

“Who are the hotties?” Another asked.

“She probably a rich prick now.” Another declared.

I wasn’t a stranger to gossip. Especially because of Ravenwood but their words seem to hurt more. At Ravenwood, I didn’t know anybody who was talking about me. But here, I knew everybody since birth. My families knew theirs and word was going to spread like wildfire.

“Breathe.” Kai whispered. It was like his voice broke through all the commotion that was suffocating me.

“Right.” I mumbled and stood in front of the cash register.

A girl with blue hair stared at me, “Twyla?” She asked.

I didn’t socialize much but I did know enough people, “Hey Chrissy.” I smiled.

It took her a second to snap out of the funk she was in, “What can I get you?”

“I will have ten-piece chicken nuggets and an Oreo milkshake.” Despite its name the burgers at Burger Shack where terrible.

“I will have two cheeseburgers and a Sprite.” Kai ordered.

Chrissy shook her head, “Ooh rookie mistake.” We shared a laugh, no one would dare correct him. It was a simple fact telling someone they can’t have something will only make them want it more. Every teenager here could relate. So it was best to let them make the mistake and deal with the consequence of it.

“And you guys?” I turned to Zephyr, Alvina and Clementine.

“What do you suggest?” Clementine bounced up to the register.

“How about a snack wrap and some fries with our famous Oreo milkshake?” Chrissy asked.

“Sure. I’ve never had any of that!” Clementine admitted.

Chrissy looked taken aback, “But you look like the cheerleader type.” Chrissy leaned over and whispered, “And they don’t eat anything.”

“I don’t like cheerleading.” Clementine shook her head, “Our school doesn’t have cheerleaders.”

“What?!” Chrissy yelled. Drawing the attention of the rest of the room. Just as things where getting back to normal. “How is that possible? No cheerleaders. So who cheers on the sports players.”

“We don’t have dumb sports.” Alvina rolled her eyes and walked up, “I would like fries and a vanilla milkshake.”

“So what do you guys do?” Chrissy asked while adding Alvina’s order.

“Boxing and several forms of fighting.” Kai replied winking at me. That’s one way of putting it.

“We aren’t that different. Trust me.” I gave all three of them the death stare. Are they trying to blow our cover? Why are they being so open about everything?

“What about the other guy?” Chrissy motioned to Zephyr with her head.

“Same thing as me.” I said. My food was the safest choice to eat here and since he hasn’t said anything, this is his reward. I hope he appreciates it. I handed her some cash, I’m pretty sure that it was the exact change.

“Okie dokie. Take a seat, your order will be delivered shortly.” Chrissy said turning around to make our food.

“Where should we sit?” Kai asked. His arm still slung over my shoulder, “Babe.” He added.

I shrugged off his shoulders, “I’m not sitting with you.” I teased and walked over to a seat as far from the pool table as I possibly could.

“What are you doing silly?” Alison said as I sat down. My eyes widened. Alison was talking to me! Alison Martinez, the most popular kid in our grade. The really pretty, slender, blonde was talking to me. We have not once interacted since elementary school.

“Sitting.” I said dumbfounded as she grabbed my arm and yanked me up. Wow, she is really strong!

“Come sit with us.” Alison said as she guided us over to the pool table. Some of her other cronies shepherd Kai, Alvina, Clementine and Zephyr to the ‘cool side’.

I was quickly plopped down at one of the middle booths. Right next to Adrian.

“We missed Twyla so much!” Alison said and hugged me. I felt myself go stiff as a board.

“So tell me how she met you?” Alison said looking at Kai. I felt my blood pressure rise at the way she ogled at Kai.

“We live together.” Kai shrugged.

Milkshake sprayed across the booth. Narrowly missing Alvina, who in turn glared at Adrian.

“You what?” Adrian shouted.

“We all do.” Kai smirked at Adrian. I tried my hardest to kick Kai, but I couldn’t find his leg.

“Really? How does that work?” Alison said leaning closer to Kai. I think I am starting to understand why people call her a bitch.

“We have dorm parents who watch over us, so nothing happens.” Kai wiggled his eyebrows. Was he flirting back? Nope. Not going to get jealous.
Instead I turned to one of the jocks nearby, “So Matthew.” I smile faltered but only for a second. Matthew had brown hair and green eyes.

“How have you been?” I asked sweetly.

I could feel Kai’s mood sour when Matthew responded, “Great. Missed having you hang around.” Matthew quickly added, “You know to keep Adrian in check.”

“Of course.” I smiled. Matthew was Adrian’s football best friend. We only ever talked when we where teaming up against Adrian. But then again, Kai didn’t need to know that.

“Your food.” Chrissy placed our food down.

“Thank you.” I said instinctively. When I looked up, I found a grinning Zephyr.

“Don’t start.” I mouthed to Zephyr. Clementine was barely holding back a laugh as she looked over at the brooding Kai and Alvina looked very amused.

“I heard your parents don’t want you home. Where are you staying?” Alison asked as she tilted her head. I squinted; I am so glad I haven’t talked to her in a long time.

“We are staying at some hotel. Kingston didn’t tell us where.” I shrugged.

“Kingston?” Alison rolled the name off her tongue, “Is that your name?” She asked Kai.

Something nasty curled in me. Calm down. I can’t let myself get riled up.

While trying to calm myself, I almost missed when Kai added, “No that’s our butler. We are going to the Royals Hotel.”

“Wow.” Adrian said, “Isn’t that place really expensive?”

Zephyr shrugged, “Is it?” He sounded like a rich prick but then again that is what we are going for.

“Will you be staying all in one room?” Jasmine asked quietly. She hasn’t even looked in my direction. I munched on a chicken nugget.

“No way!” Clementine shouted, “We don’t stay in one room. We always in different rooms.”

This spiked Jasmine interest, “Have you gone other places?”

“Yes.” Alvina dipped a fry into her milkshake, “The school chose us to speak with the school’s board. We stayed in an almost palace like hotel.” Not once did Alvina really lie. She just bend the truth to an extent where it seemed plausible.

“Why you?” Alison asked looking at me like a flee once more.

“We.” I said in such a sugar sweet voice, I could feel the cavities coming in, “Are very special.”

“Why is there so many people here?” Clementine said changing the topic, “Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

“We have the day off. School didn’t say why. So that means we could hang out tomorrow if you wanted.” Alison said, her gaze still fixated on Kai.

I watched at Clementine played with her milkshake quietly. For some odd reason, her finger snagged on the side of the cup and it tipped over. Splaying all it’s contents on the table and Alison’s lap. I watched as a smirk grew on Clementine face before it quickly disappeared in a mask of concern.

“Oh my!’ Clementine said as she stood up and picked up as many napkins as she could to dab the table, “It seems I messed the table.”

“And me!” Alison shouted standing up.

Clementine leaned on one foot and crossed her arms. She looked Alison up and down, “See I care more about the table than you. This table has my respect while you try to flirt with a guy that’s obviously taken. Honestly, that’s kind of pathetic and very desperate.”

I looked at Clementine in complete shock. I have never seen her act like this. She turned a slightly winked at me but played it off as rubbing her eye. Was it all an act?

“What’s it to you?” Alison said. Was she still acting all high and mighty? “Are you jealous too?” She sneered.

“Of course not. A jealous person wouldn’t do this.” Clementine took my drink and dumped it on Alison’s head.

I scrunched my eyebrows. Wasn’t she taking this too far? Then I saw it. A pink glimmer in her eyes. Was her demon side just like mine? Does she loose control of her demon like I do with mine? It’s probably worse because she is a full demon and I am only half.

“We should leave.” I said and push past the soaking wet and crying Alison.

“Oh but the fun’s just beginning.” Clementine’s voice came out hoarser and deeper.

“Come one.” I said and tugged on her arm, “Wouldn’t you rather attack an angel than this pathetic human?” I whispered ever so softly.

“You are right.” Clementine said and strode past everyone.

“I think the limo is here.” Kai said wiping his mouth, He only took one bite of either of his cheeseburgers.

I looked at him with a smile, “Like the burger?” I teased as Alvina and Zephyr stood up.

“Walk.” Kai said pointing to the door.

“Yes boss.” I saluted, I turned back to see many shocked faces. But the only two faces I cared about looked at me with indifference. Did I just loose my best friends? “It was nice seeing you again.” I waved not looking at anyone but them.

I gave them both a small smile. A smile I wished would convey the emotions I didn’t know I had. I turned around and walked out of Burger Shack, knowing I would probably never go back there again.

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