Nox Inferno

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Chapter 5: Ravenwood

"Your Order."Adonia said breaking the silence. She also broke the intense stares directed at me.

Adonia passed Lyra a dark green wrap that had a multitude of colors peeking out from one end, before passing her a glass of water, "Thank you." Lyra clapped, while staring at her food.

She passed Dean Charles a plate filled red and blue string beans, which looked burnt, which I could only assume was Firecrisy and a dark red milkshake, "Thank you, my love." He whispered and she blushed.

"Don't think you are kissing me if you eat that." She sassed.

He pretended to be thinking before shrugging his shoulders and picking up the a blue stringbean and dipping it into the red milkshake.

"Rude." She muttered as she passed me a plate with a greyish looking pasta and the same red milkshake as Dean Charles.

This did not look appetizing, in fact none of the food did. But not wanting to offend anyone, I picked up my fork and plunged it into the grey pasta. It made a squishing sound causing me to wince, is this what other people ate?

Laughter arose from the other side of the table. I looked up to see Kai looking away with a smile on his face.

I scowled at my grey pasta and pulled at it, it was strechy, sort of like melted cheese. I quickly stuffed the fork into my mouth and took a big gulp of the dark red milkshake.

I quickly chewed on the food, trying not to let the food touch me tounge.

The flavors started to blend, I think the sweet taste came from the grey pasta and the bitter and sour taste came from the red drink. The pasta tasted so airy and light while the milkshake was dense and creamy. I don't know why but I was absolutely, without a doubt, head over heels for it.

"That good." A voice commented next to me, reminding me that I was not the only one at the table.

I opened my eyes, not really sure when they closed and surveyed all six pairs of eyes staring at me in amusement.

"Mmhm" I said, slowly swallowing my food.

I looked at the odd four and realised they all had the same thing, a greenish yellow blob with a foamy black drink.

"Do you mind?" The short guy, I mean, Zephyr asked.

Before I could reply he leaned across the table with his fork and took a bite of my grey pasta and then slowly took a drink of my red milkshake. He slowly moved to sit back down and begun chewing.

"Your right." He licked his lips, "It's good."

A quiet but threatening noise came from the other side of the table, it was Kai and boy did he look pissed.

His dark blue eyes, seemed to glow even brighter against his clenched jaw and flaring nostrils.

Zephyr laughed, "I was genuinely curious, don't worry dude." Before pouring the foamy black drink on the blob.

"Here. Try it, because once you do, you can never go back." He slid his plate over to me.

"Uh..." was all I could muster out, while the others just stared at me with blank faces.

Slowly, I picked up my spoon and scooped up a small piece of whatever it was, and cautiously put it into my mouth.

Slowly I begun chewing, and it melted into my tongue. It was bitter, and then it was sour. I don't know how they can stomach that, but I slowly swallowed and Zephyr looked at me expectantly.

"It was good, but I like my combo better." I lied, and but the look on his face, I could tell he believed me.

"Okay." He muttered happily and pulled his plate back before stabbing into the disgusting blob and happily eating.

After eating, Dean Charles, Lyra and I headed back to the limo, the odd four said their goodbyes and left.

"What do you think of them?" Dean Charles aske, once we were safely inside from the heavy rain.

"They were so cool..." Lyra fanned herself and fell back into the seat.

"They were weird." I said quietly and Dean Charles snorted.

"Get use to it." He said sarcastically.

We sat in comfortable silence for a while and I began to nod off to sleep but it was interrupted by Dean Charles, "Twyla, look outside, we are here."

I looked out and gasped at what I saw. At the base of several mountains, was a huge white one-story building and in front was a statue of a young girl with an owl on her right forearm and a sword on her left hip.

"This is Ravenwood?" I asked as the door opened and I stepped out.

"Your new home." Dean Charles said exiting the car.

"Why's it only one story? Are the classes and dorms on the same floor?" I asked, hoping that was not true.

"I can assure you the classes and dorms are in very seperate places, but there's only one building." He said with a secretive smile.

"Can we go in." Lyra said, not waiting for a reply rushed to the front doors.

"What about our bags?" I asked

"Do not worry, they will be delivered to your room." Dean Charles said walking ahead.

Nodding I followed after both Lyra and the Dean. As I entered the front door, I turned around and the Limo was gone. I frowned, I didn't hear it pull off and it's barely a minute walk to the front door. How'd it disappear?

"Wow oh wow." Lyra said and I turned to face the marble floors and ceiling. It was accented with a vintage gold and silver chandelier with real flames.

"Right this way please." He directed us to narrow hallway that differed from the rest of the mansion, where the mansion was pearly white and gold this hallway was black and obsolete. There was one door at the end of the long narrow hallway that seemed to glow red.

"That door, leads to the BOA. A way to decide which types of classes you would be taking. Inside you will meet a woman by the name of Oziel. Do not be disturbed by her appearance, and do exactly what she ask of you." He stopped walking, and turned to face us, "Now Twyla you need to go first and after Lyra could go. Twyla, after you have to take a debriefing interview."

"Yes Dean Charles." I whispered as I touched the red door knob.

"Oh Twyla." He said and I turned to look at him.

"Somethings you see in there, might scare you and do not be afraid to get bitten." Before I could say anything he flung open the door and me inside.

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