Nox Inferno

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Chapter 60: Kidnapped

The harsh rays of sunlight felt like daggers awaking me from my slumber. I groaned, trying to hide from the sun. But I could still feel it’s powerful rays. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up in bed.

Suddenly the events of last night came rushing in and I jerked off the soft covers. Where was I? I surveyed my surroundings. I was in a tent, sleeping on a very comfortable cot. I wasn’t tied up, isn’t that what usually happens when someone gets kidnapped. I peered down at this beautiful silk white dress. Who put this on me?

Jumping out of the cot, I flung the tent flabs open. Outside the tent stood two guards. Figures.

“Good morning miss.” The blonde one said with a nod. Despite her pleasant words, her eyes told me a different story. She looked at me with disgust and hatred. Which means I could be in only one place. Some sort of encampment of the Angels.

“Where are we?” I asked rudely. But I didn’t care, I was here against my will.

“Oh you are up?” A voice said. I turned to face the most beautiful man alive. His golden hair hung in curls stopping just before his neck. His golden eyes shone just as bright as his hair. His skin was pale white and free of any blemishes. For lack of any other words, he looked ‘godly’.

“Where am I?” I demanded again after a second to long staring at this beautiful man.

He wore a soft smile which differed from that of my guard, “As you can probably guess you are at our campsite.” He gestured around. For the first time, I took in the view. Beautiful men and women, strong in build, where sharpening swords and other objects of war. It was a small army.

“Why am I here?” I asked, nearly stomping my foot. I didn’t like being here.

“Nyra is there any way-“ I stopped when the beautiful man slapped a small golden bracelet on my wrist.

“That will prevent you from talking to your animal.” He said in disgust. “Until we can properly remove it.” He added.

“Why am I here?” I asked again. Despite asking questions it feels like he is only giving me the answers he wants me to give.

“You are a guest.” He said a strode off, “Come.” He turned to look at me. I hesitantly followed behind him. My guards falling in sync behind me.

“Okay…” I drawled out, “But that doesn’t explain why I am here.”

“It does and it will.” The man said before stopping abruptly, “Oh heavens forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself. Have I?” I looked at this man standing before e strangely. He is acting like a host to a will guest. Why?

“No you haven’t.” I said still peering at him questioning. What exactly was his reason for being so kind when not so much as a month ago they where trying to kill me.

He made an extravagant bow, “I am the Archangel Michael.” Where all angels this flashy?

“Nice to meet you?” I didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t know what to say about this whole situation. That seemed to satisfy him as he turned around and continued on walking.

“You must be hungry. I imagine being half demon does not erase your hunger completely.” Michael says gesturing to a feast laid out across several park benches. I caught glimpse of a name written on one of the benches.”

“Property of Crescent moon town park.” Was engraved in gold against it’s green backdrop. I pretended not to notice it and sat down on one side of the bench.

“Why are you being so nice to me? Is it because I am part human?” I asked gesturing for Michael to take a seat across from me. I needed them to trust me if I am to escape.

“That is not completely wrong.” Michael said sitting elegantly across from me. My two guards just stood behind me.

I turned to them, “Would you like some?” I held out my plate and tried to wear the most yearns face I could muster.

Michael laughed, “We do not eat food for necessity. It’s for simple enjoyment.”

“Just like demons.” I added. Michael frowned, he didn’t look pleased that he and demons shared a similar quality.

“I keep asking.” I said taking a healthy portion to the eggs sitting in front of me, “But you keep seeming to dodge the question. Why am I here?” I asked probably for the umpteenth time.

“Unfortunately, we cannot discuss it.” He said cutting a strawberry tart in half.

“So what can we discuss?” I asked trying my hardest not to sound annoyed.

“A partnership.” Michael nibbled on the tart. He wasn’t going to explain any further until I asked. We both knew it.

But my resolve was firm I wasn’t going to ask. So instead I said, “You realize if you treated all demons like this there wouldn’t be need for war.”

“Those demons have gotten you so twisted around. We aren’t the bad guys. They are.” Michael said in an exasperated tone.

“Last I checked you are the ones who attacked me. I was injured for two months because of it.” I gestured to my arm. With everything going on I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now that I am, I notice my arm was dotted with discoloration and red marks. How was I able to use it?

“So in your eyes we are the bad guys.” Michael finished for me.

“Exactly.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“But I want you to realize something for me.” He said.

“Okay what?” I asked biting into a very small bite of blueberry pancakes.

“During the battle didn’t you give us plenty of time to kill you?” He asked dabbing his mouth with a white cloth.

“I don’t know…” I said trying to recall the events of battle but they where hazy. One thing rang in my mind, ‘You are lucky we can’t kill you.’

I looked at him in shock. Was he the reason behind this? “I see you have finally connected the dots.”

“But…but...” I stammered out.

“I am not a reason behind that call. Let’s just say that it was a business deal.” He said crossing his legs.

“What deal?? I demanded. I needed to know the whole story. It feels like only part of this story is hidden and I wanted to find out what it was exactly.

“I can’t say.” He teased. I am starting to hate the Angel sitting in front of me.

“Can’t you give me something?” I asked. My hunger long gone. Replaced with curiosity.

“Sorry. But I do believe it is time for you to go to your tent.” Michael gestured to the stoic guards behind me.

The red headed guy yanked me up from the table, “Hey wait a minute!” I tried but I was instead picked up from the bench, “Put me down! I can walk.” The red head did as I asked. Surprisingly.

“Oh Miss. Twyla, there is a book in your tent if you are so inclined to read it.” With that Michael stood up and walked away.

I really wish I had thrown something at him. Just to mess up his perfectly smoothen tan suit.

“Come on miss.” The blonde said directing me back to my tent.

Once I was safely inside the tent, I sat down on the bed. On a small nightstand across the cot had two books. One was an old worn book but a familiar classic. I grabbed it with a smile. Underneath laid a book in mint condition. The bible.

“Hilarious.” I said out loud. I began to fiddle with the uncomfortable bracelet. It wouldn’t budge.

I began clawing at my skin hoping that I would be free of this beautiful little restraint. But it was to no avail and I knew that it was not my only problem. Even if I manage to get of the bracelet, there is no way to get past red and blonde.

“I believe I can help you with that problem.” A voice said.

I turned and fell to the floor with shock, “Gabe.” I whispered.

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